Dan Martial Evil Sovereign/C18 Fight!
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Dan Martial Evil Sovereign/C18 Fight!
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C18 Fight!

"This Earth Fire Hall is a forbidden area of the family. Without the permission of the patriarch, no one is allowed to enter. Furthermore, in such a place, no one can come back alive!"

Lee Jiuyan tried to persuade him. Although he did not know where Lee Zongjiu had gotten these things, no matter what, he was only at the Elemental Realm.

"Don't worry, I have my own way. The patriarch only needs to open it."

Lee Zongjiu said.

Lee Jiuyan had no choice but to bring Lee Zongjiu to the entrance of the Earth Fire Hall. Even though they were separated by this door, they could still feel the heat coming from it.

It was said that not only was there a source of intense flames under the Earth Fire Hall, there were also powerful and strange fire beasts inside. That was why it was necessary to seal it. No one was allowed to approach it.

"Have you thought it through? This is a Fire Repelling Pearl. If something happens, it can hold out for a while. I will report this to the patriarch."

"No need."

Lee Zongjiu stepped forward and pushed open the door of the Earth Fire Hall. What entered his eyes was a fiery red color.

Lee Yan and Lee Jiuyan, who were behind him, were also blushed by the red light. Their eyes were only filled with the raging flames.

"Be careful."

Lee Yan couldn't help but say.

Lee Zongjiu stepped into it.

The scorching power was almost burning Lee Zongjiu's body, and the clothes on his body were also burned away.

Lee Zongjiu released all of the elemental energy in his body.

In front of him was a bottomless well.

Through the well, he could feel waves of heat continuously surging towards him.

Lee Zongjiu paced around the well.

Finally, he retreated three steps away from the well and sat down cross-legged.

"Fire Body Refining!"

The elemental energy in Lee Zongjiu's body trembled slightly. Immediately, the flames around him gathered towards Lee Zongjiu and continuously surged into his body.

In this process.

Lee Zongjiu's body could not help but tremble.

His skin was scorched red, as if he was a cooked crab.

Last night, he had just used the Dragon Bone Body Refining Liquid to temper his body, and now, he was immediately adding fuel to the fire. It could be seen that Lee Zongjiu was eager to become stronger.

As Lee Zongjiu cultivated, the dragon soul in his body did not appear.

But Lee Zongjiu did not forget about them. He continued to search for a way to summon them. Only then could he assist in his cultivation.

The surging power of fire entered Lee Zongjiu's body.

Lee Yan was standing at the door. Lee Jiuyan had already gone to inform the Patriarch, but there was still no movement. Lee Zongjiu did not seem to be in any condition either. Only Lee Yan seemed to be a little empty.

Just as Lee Yan was anxiously waiting, she suddenly heard a muffled sound.

Then, the surrounding elemental energy began to boil.


"Eh, this fluctuation, could it be that Zongjiu has broken through?"

A trace of surprise flashed across Lee Yan's eyes. Lee Zongjiu's talent was extremely poor. Even if he was sent to the Misty Snow Pill Sect to cultivate, his condition still did not improve at all. However, when she saw Lee Zongjiu's attack just now, it was not as bad as the rumors said. He had already reached the sixth level of the Origin Stage.

Normally, if a sixth level Origin Stage cultivator wanted to break through again and become a seventh level Origin Stage cultivator, it would take nearly half a year. Back then, Lee Yan had spent three months to complete this step of breaking through, and that was already considered a genius.

Could the current Lee Zongjiu really be able to break through?

The branches!

The Earth Fire Hall's door was opened, and Lee Zongjiu walked out. His face still carried a faint sense of confidence and arrogance. She really did not know where this brat came from. He always had an arrogant appearance.

However, when Lee Yan looked at Lee Zongjiu's condition, the aura that had not completely calmed down, her eyes widened.

"You... You broke through!"

At this moment, Lee Zongjiu's elemental energy had advanced by one step and reached the seventh level of the Origin Stage.

"Yes, a small breakthrough."

Lee Zongjiu nodded slowly.

The person who spoke was calm and collected, as if he did not think much of it. However, the person who heard it was like a thunderclap. There was actually such a person. He had just broken through, and it had only been less than an hour.

What exactly had happened here?

When Lee Zongjiu and Lee Yan walked out of the Pill Refining Building.

They discovered that the people around them were in a hurry, as if something urgent had happened. Even Lee Gui, who had been sent to Lee Zongjiu, was not in the family at this moment.

"What happened?"

Lee Yan stopped a person. This person was not a disciple of the Pill Hall, but a disciple of the Martial Hall. However, Lee Yan's reputation in the family was relatively high, so she stopped him.

"It's bad. The Sun family has invited a very powerful alchemist. He is currently causing trouble in our Spirit Pill Hall. Even..."

The disciple was stammering as he spoke.

"What happened? Tell me!"

"Elder Jiuyan was also defeated by him!"

"Now, both sides are fighting."

The disciple said. He saw that Lee Yan's expression was not right, so he quickly said goodbye, "I, I'll go inform the Patriarch..."

"No need!"

Lee Zongjiu reached out and grabbed the other party.

This person was just a disciple of the side branch of the family. As one of the four great families in Luoxia City, the Lee family had developed for so long, so it was natural that there were many factions.

As for Lee Zongjiu, the young master, he was also very low-key. This was because his talent was not very good, so he tried his best to lower his fame. However, this disciple still recognized Lee Zongjiu.

"You are... Young Master?"

"Just take me there."

Lee Zongjiu said. This disciple had originally come back to ask for help, but he was caught by Lee Zongjiu. It was said that this young master was a complete piece of trash. He did not know how to refine pills, nor did he know how to cultivate his elemental energy. He only read a lot of books. However, what was the use of studying these days? Would your pen be able to block a knife?

"But, the Patriarch..."

"Stop talking nonsense."

Lee Zongjiu said.

"Let's go. I know where it is!" Lee Yan was the first to walk out. This injured person was her father.

She was not in a hurry.

Lee Zongjiu followed her. As for this disciple, he had no choice but to walk in front of Lee Zongjiu to lead the way. Because the Patriarch was in seclusion now, he did not allow anyone to disturb him. Since Lee Zongjiu was so confident, he decided to take a look.

The three of them walked out of the Lee family's gate and rushed towards the Lee family's Spirit Pill Hall.

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