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C5 Fire Spirit Pill

He watched Jin Zhu's back as she left.

Liu Shun was also calculating in his heart.

"The person behind this Lee Zongjiu must be stronger than a Primary Master. He must be at the level of a Primary Master."

"Jin Zhu's strength is at the level of an eighth-grade Primary Beast. It is enough to deal with him! If Jin Zhu is defeated, I will definitely be able to find traces of this person. If Jin Zhu succeeds, it will naturally be the best. However, after this matter is over, I must make Jin Zhu shut up completely …"

For his own plan, Liu Shun could only do this.

All of this was the fault of the disobedient Lee Zongjiu.

One day later.

At this moment, Lee Zongjiu was living extremely comfortably in the back mountain.

This was a dangerous place for ordinary people. However, before Lee Zongjiu's methods, it had already become a paradise. In the Heavenly Void Divine Body Record, there was a piece of Mind Controlling Heart Sutra.

Although it was not very profound, it was still enough to deal with some of these low-intelligence Primary Beasts.

At this moment, there was a fifth-grade Primary Beast, a Steel Claw Black Wolf, sitting on Lee Zongjiu's seat.

"Over here."

Lee Zongjiu grabbed the fur of the Steel Claw Black Wolf.

Instantly, the Steel Claw Black Wolf turned around and roared towards a valley.

"Found it, Fire Spirit Grass!"

In Lee Zongjiu's eyes, he quickly discovered the Fire Spirit Grass hidden behind a huge python. This Cold Spirit Grass was also the last herb that Lee Zongjiu needed to find.

With this Fire Spirit Grass, Lee Zongjiu could refine a first-grade medicinal pill, the Fire Elemental Pill.

The python also saw Lee Zongjiu and the Steel Claw Black Wolf rushing over, and its eyes immediately widened as it glared at them.


As it breathed, a powerful Fire Elemental Energy erupted, forming a wave of air that swept towards Lee Zongjiu.

"The seventh grade of the Primary Beast?"

Lee Zongjiu smiled disdainfully when he sensed it.

A mere seventh grade Primary Beast, so what if I take a spiritual herb from you!

The wave of air that the python rolled up seemed to form a storm that wanted to devour Lee Zongjiu.

Lee Zongjiu immediately patted the Steel Claw Black Wolf and soared into the air, instantly rushing to the top of the python's head.

"Blood Fiend Palm!"


As he struck out with his palm, the familiar Blood Dragon Soul Power once again surged out.

This Blood Fiend Palm was considered the peak of the first-grade Primordial Skills. Now that Lee Zongjiu could use it, it could unleash a powerful force.

When the Blood Dragon Soul Power was infused into it, the power of the Blood Fiend Palm instantly increased by ten times!

The palm landed on the python's body.

The terrifying Blood Fiend Palm instantly tore the python apart.


The python's head was instantly split into pieces. Lee Zongjiu grabbed the python's gallbladder and threw it to the Black Wolf. With a single bite, he swallowed the gallbladder.

A dignified seventh grade Primary Beast.

It was actually unable to withstand a single move from Lee Zongjiu!

The blood of the python splashed all over Lee Zongjiu's body. Only then did he pluck the Fire Spirit Grass from the python's body.

"There are actually three of them. That means that I should be able to refine three Primary Beasts in the next few days."

Lee Zongjiu thought to himself.

After the black wolf finished eating the snake's gall, it also began to search for any other place on the python's body that it could eat.

Ever since it was subdued by Lee Zongjiu yesterday.

It had been eating until it was full. Its originally slightly shriveled stomach had now become bloated.

It had always been wandering around the edge of the forest to hunt for food. Today, it finally ate the meat of a Primary Beast in the depths of the forest.

It was indeed so delicious.

"Let's go!"

Lee Zongjiu brought the black wolf and rushed into the depths of the forest. With his rich experience, Lee Zongjiu chose a cave on a precipice and used it as a temporary resting place. Even now, if Lee Zongjiu were to move at night, he would still encounter danger. It was better to be careful than to be careless.

After Lee Zongjiu and the black wolf left.

The smell of blood in this bloody place spread out.


A figure descended from the sky, causing the ground to tremble twice.

Jin Zhu carried a wolf fang iron rod that was nearly one and a half meters long on her shoulder. She looked at the python's corpse that had exploded, leaving many marks on the ground. It was obvious that it had just left not long ago.

"One palm strike?"

Jin Zhu looked around, and even the traces of the python's struggle were not too obvious. From the place where it left, it had already been killed. Such a domineering power.

She picked up a piece of snake meat from the ground.

Mixing it with the burnt smell, she put it in her mouth and chewed.

She ate the snake meat raw.

"Pui, palm energy is like a knife, the cut is clean, three times ripe, sixth grade elementalist?"

Through the chewing of the snake meat, Jin Zhu could also judge the rough strength of the person who attacked. When he attacked, he directly tore the snake man apart. When he tore it, the friction between the snake meat and the palm energy instantly heated up the snake meat and cooked it.

If someone could split the python apart with one palm strike, and the snake meat at the point of impact was cooked, then that person would at least reach the level of an elemental master.

An expert of that level might only be able to deal with it if an elder attacked. But now, it was only three times ripe, and at most, it was only the sixth grade elementalist.

However, this palm technique was a little strange. It could actually kill a seventh grade elementalist with one palm strike. It must be a little strange.

"Hmm? Wolf dung?"

Jin Zhu also found that there was actually a ball of wolf dung around. She immediately went forward and poked it with her finger. She put it into her mouth and tasted it.

"It's still hot! I didn't walk too far!"

Jin Zhu's eyes immediately lit up. She pulled herself up and rushed forward.

If Lee Zongjiu knew that there was such a top-grade being following him, he would probably be very speechless.

Lee Zongjiu naturally did not know about Jin Zhu's existence.

Instead, he looked at the small cauldron in his palm that was condensed from the Origin Energy in his palm. The few spiritual herbs were burning continuously.

"If my cultivation was still there, why would I need to be so careful!"

Lee Zongjiu could not help but sigh. This process was indeed very painful for Lee Zongjiu. He had clearly become an alchemy sage, but he could only use such a basic method to refine pills.

As the Origin Energy continued to be poured in, the power in the cauldron was also continuously condensing.

The medicinal herbs were slowly burned.

The medicinal liquid merged with each other, and three crystal-clear medicinal pills gradually appeared in his hand.

The cauldron dissipated, and the medicinal fragrance spread out.

The black wolf that had been lying down suddenly raised its head. Its dark blue eyes stared intently at the medicinal pills in Lee Zongjiu's hands.

The medicinal pills were gradually solidifying.

Three small fiery-red medicinal pills appeared in Lee Zongjiu's hands.

As the medicinal pills took shape, the spiritual energy and fluctuations that belonged to the medicinal pills also spread out. Just one medicinal pill in his hand was enough to make a Primary Beast at the Origin Master Level go crazy.

"It's done! Fire Spirit Pill!"

Just as Lee Zongjiu was pleasantly surprised, the black wolf guarding the cave entrance suddenly let out a wail.


A black shadow flew towards Lee Zongjiu.


It smashed into the cave wall, and a tall and sturdy figure blocked the cave entrance. It seemed like he was still waving the mace in his hand.

"You made me suffer..."

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