Godly Luck Upgrade System/C1 Lucky Upgrade System
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Godly Luck Upgrade System/C1 Lucky Upgrade System
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C1 Lucky Upgrade System

"Hey, hurry up, get the trash up and get the water for your grandpa. The entire one hundred and seventy vats of the Xu family will be filled up. If you keep one less, don't even think about eating tonight!"

The cold voice came faintly, causing Xu Haotian's closed eyes to tremble and slowly open.

Vaguely, Xu Haotian seemed to see a white-bearded old man wearing a black robe glaring at him.

"Impudent! He is, after all, the third young master of the direct line of descent of our Xu Family. You are just a servant. What right do you have to shout so loudly? Get the hell out of here!"

"Yes, Ninth Miss. "This old servant will take his leave."

At this time, another voice sounded. Although it was dignified, it was clearly a voice that was a bit more delicate. It was a girl.

Xu Haotian opened his eyes. Beside him, there was a pure young girl wearing a blue dress looking at him with concern.

Then he found himself lying on a worn wooden bed in the woodshed.

Following that, waves of intense pain came from all directions of his body.

'Tch, why are there so many bruises on my body? '

What was going on? Wasn't he working? "Because I was waiting for a document to be used, the stingy boss asked me to work overtime. Afterwards, he seemed to have drifted off to sleep, so why did he come here as soon as I opened my eyes?"

However, at this moment, a heart-wrenching pain suddenly came from the depths of his brain, causing Xu Haotian's skinny face to instantly turn pale.

As a commuter, he actually crossed over to another world.

"Don't you have a sense of camaraderie? This guy who was transported by me is too pitiful. Not only was he stripped of his successor status, but he was also stripped of his status as the successor."

Furthermore, he was framed of stealing the family's cultivation resources and was beaten up until he almost died. His cultivation also dropped to the lowest first rank of a Spirit Apostle. "

After he finished looking through the memories in his head, Xu Haotian was speechless. Everyone said that the people who crossed over were either rich or powerful or were peerless geniuses. Why was it up to him to be a loser?

Suddenly, a series of clear notifications sounded in Xu Haotian's mind. This caused Xu Haotian's dull eyes to suddenly widen.

"Ding!" Activating Lucky Upgrade System! "

"Ding!" The Lucky Upgrade System has started to bind programs with the Host. "

"Ding!" The Lucky Upgrade System has completed its binding with the Host. "

Host: Xu Haotian

Race: Human

Bloodline: None

Rank: Level 1 Mortal Sea Realm (Xuan Wu Continent Realm), Mortal Sea Realm, Profound Pass Realm, Spiritual Transformation Realm, Earth Stage, Heaven Gate Realm, Wang Ji Realm, Royal Realm, Royal Realm, Saint Realm, Emperor Stage, Heavenly Immortal Realm, True Immortal Realm, Golden Immortal Realm. Each level can be further divided into nine levels.

Skill Path: Sunflower Dagger

Divine Powers: Water Arrow Technique

Weapon: None

Skills: None

Intelligence: Seven

"Congratulations to the Host for successfully activating the Lucky Upgrade System. Because this is the first time that the Lucky Upgrade System has been activated, the Host has been rewarded with a special gift pack, which gives you a chance to draw from the big wheel once."

The big gift pack contained a low-grade Heaven rank cultivation technique: "Undying Zombie Skill, one Yang Reversion Pill."

The series of system notifications caused Xu Haotian to be dumbfounded.

"Hahaha, your father's golden finger is here! From now on, please call me Xu Ri Tian!"

Before he could continue his imagination, the girl beside him shook his arm and anxiously urged him.

"Third brother, hurry up and get up. Today is the day of our Xu family's younger generation's assessment. No matter if it is the branch or the direct descendant, they all have to participate."

If you can stand out in the exam, then you won't have to suffer so much. "

"Ding!" "The system has issued a lucky quest: Revenge: First place in the Xu family's assessment. Mission completed: Reward 10 growth points, time based on the Black Tortoise Continent, 6 hours."

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