Godly Luck Upgrade System/C13 Mammoth Blood
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Godly Luck Upgrade System/C13 Mammoth Blood
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C13 Mammoth Blood

Xu Duo's face was full of smiles. He felt that he didn't come out for nothing this time. He unexpectedly discovered that his clan had produced a young hero who seemed to be of mammoth bloodline.

Mammoth bloodline is a kind of pure strength type bloodline. Those who possessed such bloodlines had bodies as hard as steel. It was the best bloodline to cultivate in a supreme spirit body. From ancient times till now, all those with mammoth bloodline had established a mighty and illustrious reputation in the Xuan Wu Continent.

This was not a small hall. In the center of the main hall were three densely packed tablets. These tablets all had the surname Xu written on them. It was clearly the memorial tablet of the Xu family's ancestors.

"Tian'er, give our ancestor an incense stick, it means that from today onwards, you will officially be a core member of the Xu Family."

Just as Xu Haotian was looking at the ancestral tablet, he suddenly heard Xu Yun's voice.

When Xu Haotian saw this, his expression turned serious. He walked to the front of the crowd and stood still, then he obediently burned an incense stick.

"Come come, Tian'er, come sit beside Third Grandpa."

After Xu Haotian finished his incense, Xu Duo smiled as he pulled Xu Haotian over and placed him on the chair beside him.

"Third Grandpa, I'm just a junior, how could I have the qualifications to do this? This isn't good!"

"Bullshit, which bastard would dare to say that you don't have the qualifications? I, the Third Grandpa, will beat him up. It's fine, just sit here and chat with the Third Grandpa."

"Ding!" The host had successfully captured the sincerity of a Spirit King powerhouse. They have been awarded a chance to turn the wheel of the bootlicking lottery. "

"Alright, Third Grandpa, please sit properly. Your grandson will give you a massage to comfort you."

Xu Haotian happily left his seat, put his hand on Xu Duo's body, and began massaging. As he massaged his third grandpa, he moved the wheel of the Lottery.

When the Xu family saw this, the corner of their mouths twitched. They all said that this Third Grandpa was unrestrained and had a playful attitude. He was known as an old urchin. Seeing him today, he truly lived up to his name.

And these three brats were indeed impressive. In this palace hall, not only was he not afraid of the stage, he was also very skilled. He spoke and laughed; he was very relaxed. His flattery had reached a level of perfection.

Compared to Xu Haotian, if those juniors of his family were standing here, they would have already been scared stiff. How could he perform so brilliantly?

"How is it, third grandfather's and grandson's hand strength is not bad, right?"

Xu Haotian stood behind Xu Duo, massaging with all his might while obediently asking.

"So, so, so comfortable! It had been a long time since he had such an ethereal feeling. These brats have never been massaged by me before, they are unfilial! "

When the people sitting down heard this, they rubbed their noses in embarrassment.

"Ding!" The big wheel lottery draw was successful. 100 growth points. "Would you like to receive it?"

"Receive." Xu Haotian said excitedly.

"Dammit, flattering actually has this sort of benefit. It's truly great!"

"Cough cough. Alright, let's discuss how to implement the three youngsters' plan to save Zhao."

Shortly after, Xu Chengfeng coughed and slowly said.

Two hours later, after much discussion, they finally decided to send out the Eagle Master of the Xu family to raid the Sun family in Xinzhou two days later.

The Xu family's hidden forces were divided into tiger master, leopard master, wolf master and eagle master. It was under the direct control of the Patriarch.

"Father, all the seniors are willing to follow Master Ying and fight on the battlefield for our family."


"Thank you, father. Thank you for your trust, seniors. This junior will not disappoint everyone's expectations. "

"Good, as expected of my good grandson, a good son of the Xu family. This is for you. This is a Grade Two and Three Talisman, Fire Cloud Steal, that Third Grandpa gave you. Put it on your person for future use. "

"Thank you for your gift, Third Grandpa." Your grandson will live up to your expectations.

"Ding!" Host, would you like to use the 100 growth points obtained from the lottery? "

"Use it."

"Ding!" "Please select your growth option, host."

Xu Haotian left the discussion hall. As he walked, he called up the host template and began selecting it.

"What is the purchase option?"

"Selective store." Any item that the host needs can be bought from the shop. "

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