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Godly Luck Upgrade System/C19 Profound Entrances
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C19 Profound Entrances

This person was the Sun family's young master, Sun Buyi. They were under the orders of the clan leader to guard the clan's important areas. He did not expect such a thing to happen. He cursed in his heart.

"Could it be that this group of people knew that father and the other clan elders were stationed at the Bei Clan, and took advantage of the family emptiness to make a sneak attack?" If that's the case, we should hurry up and inform father to come back. "

Thinking to this point, Sun Buyi called two of his best guards to rush as fast as he could to the North for help.

"Ding!" "Congratulations for successfully killing a first rank mystical gate, Rewards of 100 growth points."

"Ding!" "Congratulations for successfully killing a third grade profound entrance reward of 150 growth points."


"Awesome, awesome, what a great feeling."

"Ding!" "Host, would you like to use your growth points now?"

"Use it!"

"Ding!" Please select a use item. "

"Cultivation base, intelligence."

"Ding!" "Congratulations to the host, you have reached the late stage of the ninth level of the Vast Ocean Realm."

"Ding!" "Congratulations to the host, you have reached the great circle of the ninth level of the Transcending Mortality Stage."

"Ding!" Congratulations to the host for advancing to the first level of the profound entrance. "

A series of system notifications rang out. This made Xu Haotian extremely excited.

The joy of advancing two levels consecutively made him extremely happy. He didn't want it anymore.

"Hehe, kid, where are you looking? Your grandpa has been waiting for you for a long time." If I catch you, I won't be afraid of that Sun Ke Xiong going back on his word. "

Xu Haotian suddenly appeared in front of Sun Buyi with Barrett behind his back. He shouted at Sun Buyi while pulling at the duck's throat, causing Sun Buyi to be shocked.

When he came back to his senses and saw that a seventh grade Profound Entrance was actually suppressed by a first grade Profound Entrance, he immediately became angry from embarrassment. He raised his fist and rushed forward.

When Xu Haotian saw this, a cold expression flashed across his face under the mask, and he threw out a Zombie Fist.


Violent spirit energy began to wreak havoc, Sun Buyi's figure instantly turned around, while Xu Haotian still maintained his fist posture, not moving an inch.

Because Xu Haotian had already advanced to the Xuan Yuan level, his Zombie Fist was already at the peak of the third level. The power of one punch from Xu Haotian, who had the strength of nine stiffness, was strong enough to fight against a profound entrance expert.


Sun Buyi's body crashed into a rock garden not far away before he stopped moving back. However, under his charge, the rock garden, which seemed to be quite sturdy, collapsed. It turned into a pile of rubble.

Sun Buyi was dumbfounded. He looked at Xu Haotian with a face full of disbelief. He couldn't believe that a first rank mystical gate would be able to force him back with a single punch.

"How can you be so strong? Can't you … "Wa …" Sun Buyi didn't even finish his sentence before he spat out a mouthful of blood. The clothes on his chest were dyed red, shocking everyone who saw it.

Because Xu Haotian had already advanced to the Xuan Yuan level, his Zombie Fist was already at the peak of the third level. Xu Haotian, who possessed the power of nine rigidity, could use one of his fists to brutally attack a profound entrance expert. Sun Buyi was only able to knock down a fake mountain and spit out a mouthful of blood. He was already lucky.

"Damn it, I don't believe that a seventh grade profound entrance wouldn't be able to kill you."


A long sword cut through the sky, directly heading towards Xu Haotian's majestic head!

"First-grade Dharma treasure!" "Hehe, it's mine now."

Seeing that Sun Buyi took out a first-grade Dharma treasure, Xu Haotian was overjoyed. Facing the oncoming sword light, he roared out loud and used the Greater Teleportation!

The sword shadows that filled the sky vanished in an instant. Sun Buyi, who was about to slash down at Xu Haotian with his magical equipment, felt his hands lighten. The magical equipment instantly disappeared without a trace.

Just as he was overwhelmed with shock, a pitch-black fist the size of a bowl suddenly appeared near him. Before he could react, he felt a sudden pain in his head, and his entire body was enveloped in darkness.

Seeing this, Xu Haotian chuckled, took a step forward, and pulled off the storage bracelet on Sun Buyi's wrist without any hesitation.

Although all of this took some time to describe, it all happened in the blink of an eye. Not only did Xu Haotian steal the first grade magical equipment from Sun Buyi's hands, he also destroyed Sun Buyi's fist.

"Ding!" Host successfully killed Sun Buyi. The mission was completed perfectly. Special reward of 3,000 growth points. Reward: A lucky chance to summon a Black Level bodyguard. "

"Ding!" Task completed due to host overage. Special reward of a random lottery chance. "

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