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Godly Luck Upgrade System/C6 Xu Haotian's Answer
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C6 Xu Haotian's Answer

However, the elder Xu Chengfeng remained unmoved. His face was still as calm as before.

"Idiot, don't you know that lying on the side will not allow others to sleep soundly? Without the Qin family in the front checks and balances, the Xu family was a toothless tiger that anyone could bully. Moreover, the Xu family was not a tiger. At best, they were just a sick cat. How could the Bei Clan give up on such a great opportunity? I'm afraid that the day the Qin Clan attacks the city would be the day the Xu Clan is exterminated. "

Xu Haotian secretly looked at Sun Zijun's tactics, while pouting at Xu Song's suggestion.

With the approval of the crowd, and with the approval of the Patriarch, Xu Song stood there proudly with complete confidence and confidence.

"Reporting to the elder, junior Xu Haotian has a plan that he doesn't just care about."

Just as Xu Song was feeling pleased with himself, a loud voice echoed in the surrounding area.

"Xu Haotian, what good idea does a thief like you have? Don't embarrass the Xu family."

When Xu Song saw this, a mocking expression immediately appeared on his face.

"Xu Haotian, if you have any good ideas, feel free to tell me." You must know that you are still a child of the Xu. "

Xu Chengfeng looked at Xu Song with a sharp gaze and said with a gentle voice.

Although Xu Yun's expression was calm, his eyes revealed a look of anticipation.

Xu Haotian lowered his eyebrows and looked at her obediently. However, a cold light flashed in his eyes.

"Elder, may I ask how strong the Bei Clan is?"

"Do you even need to ask? Of course he's the strongest."

Xu Song quickly said. After that, he glanced at Xu Haotian provocatively.

"Brother, when did you become an elder? Congratulations!"

"You … you are slandering me. I … I am not a clan elder."

Hearing Xu Haotian's words, Xu Song's face changed. He quickly explained.

"Although the Bei Clan is powerful, but he still needs to form an alliance. This junior would like to ask how many of the Northern Family's allies are there? "

"Isn't this nonsense? Xu Haotian, you …"

"How dare you, Xu Song, interrupt me again and again. Don't you know that you are discussing the big plan of the family?" Or did you not put the Patriarch, the elder, and the other clan members in your eyes at all? Do you still have the Xu Clan in your eyes? "

When Xu Haotian saw Xu Song interrupt again, the corners of his mouth slightly curled up. He then shouted out in a righteous tone.

"You, I …" "I have not, Father, I …!"

Xu Song panicked. He never thought that Xu Haotian would become so bold today. He quickly tried to explain.

"Xu Song disturbed the auditorium. Where are the disciples of the Mage Hall? Open your mouth and speak for me!"

"Xu Haotian, continue."

Xu Chengfeng became angry out of embarrassment. Earlier, he had endured it out of respect for the Patriarch, but this child's repeated provocations made him unable to endure any longer. This was clearly not putting him, a clan elder, in his eyes.

Patriarch Xu Yun sat on the large chair. He did not say anything to stop Xu Chengfeng's actions. As he looked at Xu Haotian, the light in his eyes grew brighter and brighter.

Pa, pa!

"Ah! It hurts!"

"The North family has only one ally, the Sun family of Xinzhou. And it's even an unyielding ally. "

"Xinzhou is the gateway to Yunzhou, and it is very important. Then the Sun family was even more important. I wonder if this junior's analysis is correct. "


This answer was given by Patriarch Xu Yun.

"Then, if the Sun family were to be attacked by unknown forces, and the entire family is facing a life and death crisis, would you dare to ask Old Man Bei what would happen to them?"

"The Bei Clan will not hesitate to withdraw their troops and will use all their strength to save the Sun Clan."

With a 'hu' sound, Xu Chengfeng, Xu Yun, and the other elders stood up at almost the same time. They excitedly looked at Xu Haotian, who was standing at the back of the crowd with a determined expression. His face was filled with disbelief.

"Good, good!" Haha, Xu Haotian, that is a good idea! "

"Good, this is great. Such a secretive method could not only save the Qin family, but it could also take the opportunity to cut off one of the Northern family's arms. Wonderful, wonderful. "As expected of my son."

"Hiss, what a vicious plan!" This person was truly a genius. "He is the pride of the Xu family."

"Third Young Master, this idea is really wonderful!"

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