Reclaiming the Throne

Reclaiming the Throne

Strike It Rich
333 Chapters
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A car accident completely changed his life. How will the once-rich young man turn everything around?

Zhao Qian, 23 years old, an ordinary employee with a monthly salary of 5,000 yuan. Everyone in the company looked down on him because he was too stingy. Even his ex-girlfriend couldn't stand him. Now she was Manager Wang's girlfriend. But no one knew the truth.

He was actually the son of Zhao Fu, the richest man in the world. Five years ago, after attending a party for his college entrance exam, he got drunk and drove, a girl was hurt in the traffic accident. Plus, he lost his mind due to drunkenness and shouted crazily in the police station. The video of him going crazy while drunk was secretly filmed by someone. The video was uploaded to the internet and caused a lot of public opinion. The effect was very bad. Zhao Fu had no choice but to use some methods to delete all the videos online and spend a great deal of money to seal off the news about his son. Zhao Fu felt that if he didn't teach him a lesson, such a big business empire would definitely be destroyed by him in the future. Thus Zhao Fu kicked him out of the Zhao Family. He asked Zhao Qian to earn money to compensate for the medical expenses of the girl, which i s 200 thousand Yuan, and when the mission is complete, he would be able to return to his family.

In the past five years, Zhao Qian endured the humiliation and lived a frugal life. He finally paid the medical expenses and regained his identity. At this point, his first investment was to buy the company where he worked.

"Manager Fang, I'm willing to inject 3 million yuan into our company. However, I have a condition. You are not allowed to tell anyone about my investment in the company. Otherwise, I'll have to withdraw my funds. "

"Understood. You are a low-key person, I understand. "

"Hehe … As long as you understand. Right now, there's a problem. You know Manager Wang wants to kick me out, what do you think I should do? "

"Simple! I'll kick him out and make you a manager. "

"No, he must stay. When I'm done playing, he can leave."

About the Author

Qi Heng San, an excellent online novelist, his novel style is unique, his language is humorous, and he is deeply loved by readers.

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