Infinite: Super Low Rank Soldier Commander System/C1 I Only Know How to Summon Soldiers
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Infinite: Super Low Rank Soldier Commander System/C1 I Only Know How to Summon Soldiers
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C1 I Only Know How to Summon Soldiers

[Soul form confirmed, highest authority binding completed]

Hello, the only host, lord Chen Ling.

[Infinite Beyond Time and Space Army Commander System, serving you wholeheartedly]

[From now on, you can analyze a specific target and record it into the system archive, forming various types of Army module, so that you can carry out mass production plans that ignore the upper limit of the scale at any time and place.]

[Analysis Mode is divided into two types, 'Observer' and 'Direct Contact.' The former will generate a progress bar based on the difficulty of analyzing a specific target, and the latter can be completed in an instant.]

[Please remember that this system has a partial analysis restriction on the selection of a specific target. The specific rules are as follows:]

[First, the designated target must have a general name, and it cannot have a special title that belongs solely to the current individual]

[Second, the target must be within the world it is in, and there must be a 'more than three' existence that is extremely similar... or even exactly the same individual]

[Three. The target must have the lowest degree of autonomy and can be moved by the host and the current legions under his command.]

[Prompt: However, all the various types of legion member produced by the system will absolutely obey all the instructions given by the host. Furthermore, on this basis, the host can completely erase its existence at any time and ignore distance.]

[The host has the right to choose whether or not to share memories with a single or multiple individual. Temporarily forming the Clone Consciousness that originates from the duplicated soul, and then meet the basic requirements for the implementation of remote control, information transmission, and burden isolation...]

[The System has a pan-dimensional space and time teleportation function. User can randomly head to any fantasy world]

[When User stays in a fantasy world for 30 full days, he will be able to completely record the time and space coordinates. From now on, he will be able to enter and exit freely.]

[Current Army Model Number: 0]

[May the host walk further and further on the road to rise in the future and eventually reach the true peak.]


Chen Ling had been very busy recently.

Half a year ago, he had just passed his 21st birthday and officially started his university internship.

However, unlike his peers, his schedule for the past few months seemed rather strange.

Every morning, he would go out to the various pet shops, zoos, aquariums in the city, and even the breeding grounds in the suburbs.

During this period of time, he also bought a large amount of strange goods online.

For example: mosquito repellent.

Another example: rat trap.

The elders in the family didn't know what he was going to do.

They had asked, but they were all blocked.

Until today...

[Analysis successful, recorded in System archive, serial number: 1379]

[Please name this legion's module]

"Big Brother Rat!"

In the simple and crude kitchen of the cheap rental house, Chen Ling heard the [Naming Successful] sound in his mind. After the notification sound, he put down the rat trap in his hand.

At this moment, a rice rat the size of a palm was trapped in the cage, shivering.

"Thank you."

Chen Ling held the rat trap with his left hand and knocked on the cage with his right index finger with his right hand. His face was full of a satisfied smile.


He threw the cage and the rat into the garbage bag next to the stove and carried it downstairs quickly.

A few minutes later, Chen Ling had just walked to the garbage station in the neighborhood when a sanitation worker stopped him at the door.

"Come, young man, let auntie see what kind of garbage you are."


Chen Ling, who was speechless in his heart, handed over the garbage bag in his hand.

Although he knew that the old auntie was going to teach him how to classify trash, hearing this...

He felt that it was strange.

Half an hour later, Chen Ling, who went to the community station to pick up a few packages, returned home with big and small packages.

He directly threw the burden on his body into the living room...

"The last batch of supplies."

Chen Ling poured himself a glass of cold water. Before he could drink it, he was still breathing heavily. "It should be ready."

"At least, I have already made the appropriate arrangements for the precautions I can think of."

A few months ago, on the day of his 21st birthday, he had already become the sole host with the highest authority to control the 'Infinite Beyond Time and Space Mixed Soldier Army Commander System'.

However, up until now, he had not even transmigrated once.

All he wanted was stability.

What was wrong with following one's heart?

In half a year, Chen Ling had gone around and analyzed over a thousand types of animals. Birds, beasts, insects, marine creatures... and even microorganisms.

At the same time, he had also spent a lot of money to buy a lot of survival supplies.

As for where the money came from...

Well, beeping station video blogger is a very good way.

Recently, Chen Ling had accumulated a lot of fans who liked to watch cute pets perform on the Internet.

At the bottom of it all, only he could make videos such as' Cat playing piano 'and' Erha Fighters'.

Cough cough, it was too far away.

All in all, after half a year of preparation, Chen Ling felt that he could set off now.

Of course, there was another reason.

He was almost unable to suppress his curiosity towards a 'brand new life'.

"Prepare your luggage."

Chen Ling made up his mind. "We'll set off tonight."

That night.

"Change of clothes, daily necessities, and sufficient drinking water to sustain one month of living conditions."

"Bring one portable small water purifier"

"Vegetable food can be taken away, vegetables and fruits can't be stored for too long, compressed biscuits and military rations are kept close to one's body, this thing can't be eaten much, but it has a miraculous effect in emergencies"

"As for meat... I've already analyzed the 'meat pig'. When the time comes, I'll directly summon it to slaughter and cook. I'll get as much as I want."

"Yes, in that case, I also need to bring a set of portable kitchen utensils and kitchen utensils."

"Considering that it is possible to sleep in the open, I will also have to bring tents and campsites with multi-purpose lights, insect repellant..."

"I'll bring two sticks with me, a set of protective knives with me, and a bottle of chili spray with me."

"It's a pity that we can't get any firearms in the country, at least I don't have the means to do so."

"Arrows are useless to me, but I can bring an 'explosion-proof shield' with me."

"A light, hard material protective gear will at least make it easier for me to fall and injure myself, making it easier for me to escape the danger zone."

"Antibiotics, painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, gauze, disinfectant alcohol, portable medical kit..."

"There's also a bunch of miscellaneous things."

"Lastly... It's the fully-enclosed protective suit that just arrived with an oxygen tank. Shallow area diving won't be a problem."

At this time, Chen Ling was no longer in the cheap rental house. Instead, he came to a small warehouse.

This was also the place that he had rented recently.

Right now, he was wearing casual clothes, a hard material protective gear, and a fully enclosed protective suit on the outside. He was standing beside an electric tricycle that was filled with supplies.

According to the system prompt, when the host activated the teleportation function, he would form a ball of light with a radius of two meters with himself as the center.

At that time, all objects within the ball of light that could be moved would pass through time and space, cross planes, and head to another world that existed in a different dimension.

In other words:

"If the area it covers can be bigger, I really want to drive a RV through time and space."

Not only that.

To be honest, if it wasn't for the fact that Chen Ling really had no other way... In fact, he wanted to change the fully enclosed protective suit he was wearing into a space suit that could work in the universe.

But with his current condition, unless he directly dedicated his mind to exposing himself on the ground, he would not be able to obtain these high-end materials at all.


"Since I can travel to various major fantasy worlds, I will have these things sooner or later."

With such a bright future in mind, Chen Ling sat on the electric tricycle that was full of supplies and activated the time-space teleportation function of the infinite super spacetime mixed weapon Army Commander system.

The next moment...

[Universal Dimensional Random Search completed]

[Heading: An anime Dr.STONE World]



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