C10 Origin Plan

For Chen Ling who had just stepped into the New World...

The descent of the Last Days had brought him endless despair.

Although relying on the illusory energy conversion technology of the 'Moonlight Throne', he had sealed nearly 30% of the Law of Destiny's collapsed energy on the moon, and on this foundation, relying on the power of the strongest Fusion Warrior, kEVIN, he had temporarily stopped it from moving.

But after 12 hours, the Law of the End would rise again.

This time, the Moonlight Throne had already been overloaded and destroyed. There was no way to stop her.

The destruction of civilization was already a foregone conclusion.

Right now...

"That's why I said, if you want to come up with a grand follow-up plan, take advantage of the fact that you still have time. Hurry up and add an iron rule inside."

"We absolutely can't let the green hat man named 'Bo Apollo' know of any results."

"Because at the bottom of it all, his goal is completely different from you pioneers."

Within the destroyed laboratory, Chen Ling had already left the return cabin.

However, he was still wearing his spacesuit, and he didn't even take off his helmet.

There was no other way.

If he remembered correctly, there should also be 'Collapse Energy' in Dr. Mei's body.

To be honest, if it wasn't for the fact that the current situation was special, Chen Ling would have fled long ago with a floating cannon beside him.

All in all...

"You said you came back from the 'new civilization' fifty thousand years ago to the present Future."

After Dr. MEI woke up, although her body was still very weak, she held on and talked to Chen Ling for a long time.

During the conversation with Chen Ling, she already knew a lot of incredible things.

For example, the new civilization did not have an independent collapse organization like the Fire of Moths. Instead, there were several opposing forces that were fighting against each other openly and secretly at the same time.

Another example was: The person she trusted the most was the leader of one of the forces. The force was called the World Snake, and his subordinates all called him a Supremacy.


"The Heng Sha Project that the SU is in charge of is unknown, and it's even suspected to have encountered an unknown life form. The Tinder Plan that the HUA and the others arranged is completely useless. Accelerating the progress of civilization will only make the collapse happen faster, and it might even sacrifice Danzhu and Cang Xuan."

"The Ark Plan implemented by Kal will be completely lost. We don't know if it will succeed or not, but in the end, kEVIN will carry out the Stigmata Plan."

"The First Law of the New Civilization will stand on the side of mankind."

"And born in the New Civilization. Her hometown is also another MIE (Mai) in Long Sky City. She is suspected to be my reincarnation. She will be the Third Law of the New Civilization. After awakening, she will join the World Snake established by KEVIN and fight against the collapse together? "

He did not know if it was an illusion or not.

Chen Ling kept feeling that when Dr. MIE repeated the last sentence, the corner of his mouth seemed to slightly raise.

At this moment...

"You are lying."


Chen Ling was shocked.

Seeing him like this, dr. Mein's tone softened a little and continued, "At least he didn't tell the truth."

She raised her hand and pointed at a virtual screen floating beside her, "When you introduced yourself, your heart rate increased by quite a bit in a few seconds"

"Therefore, I can assume that your identity as a 'future person' is fake. But the following messages... mm, at least you think that it's true. "

"Uh, what do you mean?" Chen Ling was really not good at talking face to face with people with high IQ.

Also, was the lie detector at this time so high-end?

Did it test him silently?

On the other side, after a short silence, dr. Mei raised her hand to support her chin and said, "What I mean is, if the 'future information' you mentioned is fake... Then you have the possibility of being 'controlled'."

"Modifying memories, infiltrating consciousness, mental hints, there are many ways."

"For 'collapse', these methods are not worth mentioning at all."

"I can do it even if I spend some time here."

Dr. Mike's tone was firm. "However, if I really do that, then it won't be 'collapse'."

From the tone of her voice and the look in her eyes...

It was as if he was silently declaring, no one understands collapsing better than me. JPG


Chen Ling carefully raised his hand and pointed at the 'Fifth Saint's Relic' floating cannon beside him, "Can you withdraw this thing?"

"I will take my leave now. Just pretend I have never been here, okay?"

Hearing this...


Professor MI sneered, "You destroyed my research on the 'Stigmata Plan', and now you want to leave like this?"

Chen Ling could not sit still anymore.


He made a 'pause' gesture with both hands. "Don't treat me like a little white. How can you researchers directly put it in a few computers with such important information?"

"There are definitely several servers in this base, and there might even be servers that are completely isolated from the outside world."

"You were only slightly stunned when you suddenly saw me, plus the overwork... and the other effects, you didn't manage to react in time. A grand plan of crossing eras, just because I smashed a few computers, it was completely GG?"

"Do you believe that?"

Hearing what he said...

"The grand plan of crossing civilizations naturally won't fail just because a few computers are destroyed."

Dr. MEI seemed to be smiling. "But what you said just now, isn't it the same as announcing that all these plans have failed?"

"If that's the case, then you didn't just destroy a Stigmata Plan."

"You've destroyed all of the efforts and preparations I've made over the years."

"Meow, meow, meow, meow?"

After hearing these words, Chen Ling was stunned for a moment.

Then, he understood.

En, absolutely don't try to reason with a beautiful woman with ulterior motives.

Especially since this woman's IQ was rather high.

You won't understand her logic.

As for the theory of finding her boyfriend...

Uh, Chen Ling felt that if he really met Kevin, he might be even more unreasonable.

After all, men who were protective of their own people could not communicate normally.

The deeper the love, the greater the protection.

The cycle of death.


"Then what do you want to do?"

Chen Ling couldn't help but speak in a dialect.

Obviously, this was what Dr. Meis was waiting for.

"I hope you can join my 'Pioneer Plan'."


A few hours later.

The battle plan against the Endkeeper had completely failed.

The few surviving Fusion Warrior had already returned from the moon.

By this time, ordinary people like Dan Zhu and Cang Xuan had already entered the fallout shelter and started the hibernation chamber.

Among the Fusion Warrior, kEVIN and SU came to the base that Dr. MI was in charge of, and HUA went to the fallout shelter where Dan Zhu and Cang Xuan were.

Among them, hUA, who was in charge of the 'Tinder Plan', had already entered the hibernation chamber on its own.

As for KEVIN and SU, they found a letter left behind by Doctor MI in the final base.

It wasn't a will, because they couldn't find Dr. Meter's body.

In the base, there was one less hibernation chamber.

As for the message in the letter:

First, the Stigmata Plan was completely canceled. The Ark Plan was to change the route and let Kal return to Mars to wait for departure.

Second, the Sand Plan was maintained. The original plan did not change, but no matter what happened, the second god key could not be used to sink into the depths of the quantum sea.


"The list of pioneers has been updated. New member: Ling, responsible for executing the 'Origin Plan'."

Kevin frowned slightly. "In the future, all plans will be run with the Origin Plan as the core."

"The details are as follows:"

"The ultimate goal of the plan - replacing the Ark Plan and finding the New World that is truly suitable for humans to live in?"

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