C11 Trade

Chen Ling and Dr. Mei made a deal.

The result was... very profitable.

After all, from the beginning to the end, Chen Ling had only made a promise that he might not be able to fulfill. There was no mandatory verbal promise.

As for Dr. Mee...

She gave Chen Ling what he needed the most, or rather, the thing that he needed the most at the moment.

That was, the products of various mass-produced technologies that were kept in the Fire of Moths.

Among them was:

The current civilization era many years ago, the Armed Puppet prototype machine left behind by Professor Einstein of the Mu Continent - Eins

Including the Fifth Saint's Relic, there were many mass-produced autonomous weapons.

Also... Quantum computers that recorded a large number of cutting-edge science and technology of this era.

En, it was also the thing known as the Book of Dark Green (No Armed Puppet) in the future.


This thing itself was a type of weapon. Apart from having the computer function as its core, it could also be used as a suspended cannon.

According to the user's operation, it could transform into three types of attacks: lightning, fire, and ice.

As for the technological information stored within...

Ultra-limited-armed technology, chimera Super Variant Formula (Related to Fusion Warrior), collapse Energy Armor Technology (The prototype is a blank key), anti-Collapse Energy Technology (Moonlight Throne), divine Music Technology... etc.

Apart from the various' keys of the gods', the Fire of Moths's entire wealth was in the air.


To be honest, although Chen Ling knew that this information that could be called 'black technology' was very precious, he actually wanted to directly analyze more things.

Unfortunately, in the base where Professor Meng was at, in addition to the Book of Mysterious Cang, which had the ability of a floating cannon, there were also many mass-produced weapons and Mechs. However, considering that the Law of Destiny could be used at any time, Chen Ling did not want to stay in Collapse World for too long.

Hiding in a difficult place?

Ah, isn't that the same as handing his life to Dr. Mein and letting him do whatever he wants?

After his experience in Stone World, Chen Ling, who had always wanted stability, wouldn't do such a thing.

Therefore, before the professor died, Chen Ling only gave his own Golden Finger System a hundred more model soldiers.

Uh, actually, this kind of harvest wasn't small.

However, due to the lack of time, there were more mass-produced models and weapons that he could not get his hands on.

He could only first record the information on the manufacturing methods of these black technological products.

He would more or less feel that it was a pity.

Of course, Chen Ling had undoubtedly gained a lot from this short trip to the Collapse World.

Because, in the end, Chen Ling had even come into contact with a goal that was' most attractive 'to him.

It was a large number of hibernation chambers that were sealed in the deepest part of the base.

Inside were all young girls who had been deliberately adjusted by Dr. Mei.

These people were originally preparing for the 'Stigmata Plan'.

But now, with Chen Ling's interference, the Stigmata Plan would directly die in the womb. These young girls who were in a dormant state might be able to welcome a different life fifty thousand years later.

Chen Ling was very clear that based on the original track of the Collapse, The former civilization's Dr. Mei was definitely not an 'innocent and naive' person.

There was probably only one difference between her and Luto in the new era.

This was also the reason why Chen Ling did not choose to hide in the hibernation chamber and avoid the Law of Destiny. Instead, he left Collapse World directly.

In short, when he made the deal with Dr. Mei, Chen Ling was naturally very cautious.

On this basis, in fact, the moment he came into contact with the Book of Dark Firmament, Chen Ling had already analyzed it and recorded it into the module database of the mixed army system.

After this trip, Chen Ling had recorded the records of the mixed army of soldiers from the Book of Dark Firmament to No 1508 Valkyrie and completed the naming process.

As for how Chen Ling got his rewards, dr. Meis had no idea.

In the eyes of the latter, Chen Ling only asked for a spatial equipment, and like a child collecting handsigns, he picked one of each of the items and put them away. He did not do anything else.

Without a doubt, Chen Ling only revealed his' transmigration 'ability.

And this was just a supplementary function of the infinite time and space mixed weapon Army Commander system.

There was even a possibility that after completing the analysis of the model, Chen Ling would not bring these 'prototype' along with him.

If Dr. MEI wanted to use these prototype technology products to monitor Chen Ling, it would be completely impossible.

In short, when everything was arranged, before Dr. Meis' died...

"You came from a world outside the world and have the ability to travel to and fro the major planes at will. I hope that these rewards that I will pay in advance can be exchanged for a promise."

"From now on, if you find a suitable land suitable for humans to live in, and a place where there won't be any disputes, please leave behind a hope of 'origin' for the humans of this world"

This was the content of the deal between Dr. Mei and Chen Ling.

Originally, dr. Meter would not be able to hold on to his own life form at this time.


"At this stage, due to excessive usage of Collapse Energy and overworking yourself, your life has already come to an end."

"The technology of this world is unable to save you"

"But in another world, I found a very special technological product"

"[It can heal all wounds through a special method]"

"[Perhaps it's also effective for your situation]"

"I believe that with your personality, you won't be able to completely rest assured about the future development of the plan."

" Therefore, you can choose to enter the hibernation chamber first and maintain at least a 'false death' state for a period of time to keep your life. "

"From now on, I might be able to help you extend your life"

Chen Ling's idea was very simple. "I do not wish for the deal that I have made to die before it is completed."

"This is very inauspicious."

At this point, after Dr. Mei agreed to Chen Ling's suggestion, she went into a small hibernation chamber. Before the Law of Destiny recovered, she was teleported to Stone World by Chen Ling.

Because of this, when Kevin and SU returned to the base, they only saw Dr. Meter's letter and did not see her.

There were two parts to the conversation.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

Stone World was still the center of the deserted island.

At this moment, several wooden houses had been built here.

Chen Ling had no choice but to have more people under his command.

Therefore, it wasn't difficult to start up some of the projects of the Wooden Age.

He had already made up his mind to use Dr. Mei's hibernation chamber to maintain the 'fake death' state on this deserted island.

At the same time...

"Next, I plan to head straight to South America to obtain the Eye of Medusa."

Under the strange gazes of Shamir and the others, Chen Ling tilted his head slightly and looked at the Book of Dark Firmament floating in the air beside him. "As for you, you will stay on this deserted island and wait for my news."

"Objection. My duty is to accompany and protect..."

"Don't say such polite words anymore."

Chen Ling waved his hand. "Although Dr. Meter told me that the Book of Mysterious Blue only carried the most basic artificial intelligence, at the last moment, she still copied the AI data of Prometheus into it, right?"

"I don't want to be monitored all the time. Since you are a super artificial intelligence, you should know what it means to stop when you see something good."

"After all, this is the deal that I made with her."

"You and I only want to 'win together' as the target of the deal, not the relationship between superiors and subordinates."

"That's it."

As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Ling, who had not taken off his spacesuit, snapped his fingers and summoned an unmanned aircraft next to him. He jumped on it.

Seeing this, when Chen Ling controlled the drone to fly away from the deserted island, the super artificial intelligence 'Prometheus' stored in the Book of Dark Green Mystery wanted to connect to the back door of the drone.

But after a moment...


Prometheus was surprised to find that she had failed.

Even the mass-produced spatial equipment made from the Second God's Key on Chen Ling's body could not be connected.

Because, she didn't know...

After Chen Ling drove the system and completed the module recording project, he did not take those things away from Collapse World at all.

All of his harvest had already been recorded in his golden finger.

In short, the products from Collapse World that came to Stone World were the Book of Mysterious Cang that carried the super artificial intelligence, prometheus, and the hibernation chamber that provided the sleeping environment for Dr. Mei.

Other than that, all the other harvests had been converted by Chen Ling into information on the System module.

Outsiders were unable to interfere and control it.

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