Infinite: Super Low Rank Soldier Commander System/C12 Continuous Transmigration Arriving in the World of Powerhouses
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Infinite: Super Low Rank Soldier Commander System/C12 Continuous Transmigration Arriving in the World of Powerhouses
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C12 Continuous Transmigration Arriving in the World of Powerhouses

According to Chen Ling's understanding of the following plot of the Dr.STONE, he knew that the preservation measures of the Eye of Medusa were not perfect.

At least in the current world, there was no one who could resist Chen Ling, who had the black technology of the Fire of Moths.

Therefore, when he successfully arrived in South America, not long after, with the help of a large pile of Eins Armed Puppet, he found the whereabouts of the petrifying weapon in his territory.

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After that, in just half a day's time, he successfully pocketed the weapon.


However, Chen Ling did not plan to immediately revive Professor MI.

Without a doubt, as a partner who had already paid the transaction in advance, dr. Mei had indeed provided him with too much convenience.

However, from her nature, the existence of this woman was simply too worrying.

Therefore, Chen Ling did not even plan to return to the deserted island. Since it was still early and he did not waste too much time in Collapse World and Stone World, he directly took the petrifying weapon and started the third random teleportation.

This time, unlike the awkward situation where he had to forcefully weld the tow truck with the return cabin, Chen Ling directly summoned a three meter tall human-carrying autonomous mecha (not the Titan Daddy).

This thing was similar to the anti-Hulk armor in Marvel Cinematic Universe. It could allow the carrier to survive in a vacuum environment.

It was anti-radiation, anti-heat, anti-poison... and it also had high-tech weapons such as tracking missiles.

In short, it was safer than the return cabin.

"Finally, the transmigration process became more stable and convenient" Chen Ling thought.

The third random transmigration had brought Chen Ling to a different world that he had never set foot in before.

However, as he was inside the autonomous mecha, he only took a glance at the outside world.


"Random teleportation, start again now."

After a few seconds, a white light flashed and Chen Ling directly teleported away from the current world.

There was no other way.

He was determined to be stable, but he actually saw a group of zombies in the autonomous mecha's head.

Oh, that's not right. It didn't seem appropriate to call those zombies' zombies'.

That was because the hearts of those zombies would light up.

Without a doubt...

This was the world of the Kabaneli in Iron City.

The different world, which Chen Ling was the least willing to step foot on, was the place where the Catastrophe Virus existed.

Although he had the protection of the autonomous mecha, if he brought this virus back to Earth, he would become a sinner.

Therefore, from his standpoint, Chen Ling chose to directly start the fourth random teleportation.

However, it was worth mentioning that in the few seconds that he stayed, Chen Ling had already used his' vision 'to analyze the two types of mixed weapons in the world of Steel Armor City, which he had directly given up on exploring.

First, the system number 1509, named: Prominent Gold resting point warrior.


Second, kabane, system No. 1510.

There was no need to explain the latter, but the former...

"A katana, a short katana, a steam rifle connected to a steam engine that can shoot steel balls, and three self-sustaining bags."

Chen Ling thought to himself, "They really deserve to be called 'soldiers'."

He was very open-minded.

In any case, the infinite time and space mixed soldier Army Commander system did not have a total upper limit of recording the number of models. That was naturally 'more skills do not suppress the body'.


"This kind of mixed weapon that completely belongs to the category of 'ordinary people' can be used to measure the adaptability of the surrounding environment to humans when one first steps into a brand new different world."

As the host of the system, not only could Chen Ling choose to bestow the soul of the random soldier members, he could also observe their various aspects and states like the main control panel.

Therefore, Chen Ling would not bestow the souls of these miscellaneous soldiers, which were specially used for 'sacrifice'. He would directly control them with his main consciousness, just in time to observe the changes in their bodies.

For example, right now...

[Catalog Search, system No. 1509]

[Corps File Name: Prominent Gold resting point warrior]

[Summon Number: 10]

[Release, begin]

After the fourth random teleportation, Chen Ling saw that he was surrounded by a tropical forest, so he immediately summoned ten Prominent Gold resting point warriors.

None of them were given the souls of the 'clones' that were copied from the system's host. They were merely puppets controlled by Chen Ling's main consciousness.

Chen Ling knew that although this forest environment seemed very normal, if they ran into a world similar to the Avatar, humans would still be able to GG within a few minutes because they inhaled toxic gases.

Therefore, while he summoned ten Prominent Gold resting point warriors to take the risk, he also had the intelligent components on the autonomous mecha to start analyzing the surrounding environment's various indicators.

At the same time, he also fired a lot of drones into the sky.

After a few dozen seconds...

"The surrounding environmental indicators are normal, suitable for human survival."

"The ten Prominent Gold resting point warriors that were summoned to scout the way didn't show any abnormalities either."

Only then did Chen Ling use the system's authority to control the autonomous mecha to activate the mechanism of the body cadres.

He jumped to the ground and took a deep breath.

"Hmm, the air here is better than in Earth."

He muttered to himself. Just as he was about to use his' naked eye 'to observe his surroundings, he was suddenly stunned.

Because at this time, he had already seen a very easy to recognize thing in the image sent back by the Fire of Moths drone hovering in the sky.

It was a sailing ship that was somewhat in the cartoon style. At this moment, it was strangely located in the land area.

At the front of the ship, there was a ship that looked like a 'Q edition lion'.

And behind the ship, there was a huge jet mouth.

It was very obvious...


Chen Ling's mouth twitched, "This is the world of the Pirate King?"

He knew that there was nothing here. A disaster level virus that was enough for a civilization to completely step into the stage of extinction... Well, at least there was no one around.

But this world...

"The difference in combat strength is too great, right?"

Chen Ling couldn't help but recall his previous experience when he was suddenly teleported to Collapse World.

Moreover, it happened before the Law of Destiny destroyed civilization...

"Speaking of which, under normal circumstances, as a standard Heavenly Dynasty traveler that is bound by the system, shouldn't the combat strength that he has come into contact with increase by level when he transmigrated to different worlds?"

"Why is it the same as an electrocardiogram here?"

It could only be said that Chen Ling had gained a lot in Collapse World.

Otherwise, without saying anything, he would have activated the space-time teleportation function of the system and left this world.

Right now...

"So, where is this?"

In Chen Ling's memory, as the seafaring vehicle of the main character group, 'Strawhat', the Sunny had indeed encountered a few circumstances of being forced to land.

Therefore, if he wanted to further confirm his location, he needed to expand the scope of his observation of the surrounding environment.

Thinking of this...

"Snap ~"

Chen Ling snapped his fingers. With a thought, the Fire of Moths drone that flew out earlier rose again and floated in the air.

After that, he did not even look at the image sent back by the drone before he had an idea.

Because, looking at the surrounding distance...

"The island floating in the air?"

Chen Ling looked around, "When the original storyline reached the 'Sky Island' stage, the Sunny had not been created yet."

"Then, this is the 'World of the Strong' in the movie version, controlled by Shiki with the ability to float the fruit. @ @ # @@# # 9A7be6ac400Mervelle # #@@# @ @ '? "

After making such a deduction in his heart, Chen Ling directly increased the number of drones from the Fire of Moths.

Furthermore, he made them all activate camouflage mode.


Chen Ling revealed an interested smile. "If I find a minor character to eat a very rare demon fruit, will I be able to obtain the 'Demon Fruit Ability user legion'?"

"This is something worth looking forward to."

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