Infinite: Super Low Rank Soldier Commander System/C13 Observe the Golden Lion's Demonic Fruit Ability
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Infinite: Super Low Rank Soldier Commander System/C13 Observe the Golden Lion's Demonic Fruit Ability
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C13 Observe the Golden Lion's Demonic Fruit Ability

Chen Ling arrived near the Sunny.

To be safe, he also had at least three digits of Armed Puppet, eins, and ten three-meter tall autonomous mecha by his side.

The surrounding movements were also monitored by a large number of Fire of Moths drones that had activated the optical camouflage module.

They had a lot of 'people' under their hands, and that was how willful they were.

Right now...

"Judging from the situation of the Sunny being forced to land on Mervell, this is undoubtedly the storyline period of the 10th movie of the Pirate King."

Chen Ling did not board the Sunny. He just stood close to it and thought to himself, "I remember that in the original plot of this script, the group of Strawhat members were tricked by Shiki to come to the Island of Miracles. They only gathered after a week."

"In other words, the Sunny Island stayed for more than a week."

"Tsk, this time span is quite large."

He looked at a mountain in the middle of the lake not far away. "If I can give you some clues..."


"Boom ~"

At this moment, it was as if the jinx had come true. At the same time, an incomparably huge and extremely conspicuous sound rang out from two nearby places at the same time.

They saw a young man with a scar at the corner of his eye being chased by a large group of ferocious giant creatures under the surveillance of the Fire of Moths drone in the sky.

At 12 o'clock in the direction of Chen Ling, at the top of the lake in front of him, there was a flash of golden lightning.

In an instant, Chen Ling knew what was going on.

In fact, ever since he became the host of the infinite time and space mixed weapon Army Commander system, Chen Ling found that his memory was getting better and better.

It was like, as the number of models of the mixed army under his command increased, his mental energy, or rather, his brain's computing efficiency, also increased proportionately.

It was under such circumstances that Chen Ling's control over the various soldiers under his command had become more and more efficient.

At the same time, he could easily recall the details of certain scenes that he had seen with his own eyes in the past.

For example, now...

"The black-haired young man on the left is approaching. The one being chased by the gigantic creature is Luffy. On the other side of the lake, there was Nami and a silly big yellow duck who could release electricity and fly."

"So, now is the day when the grass-hat group officially gathers."

While they were talking, Chen Ling had already jumped into a portable autonomous mecha.

He was only an ordinary person, and did not want to be completely GG because of some unexpected situations.


"Preemptive strike."

"Rumble ~"


The black-haired youth on the left had just rushed out of the deep forest when several giant creatures behind him were still crushing the trees and chasing after him. However, suddenly, a large number of blue lasers fell from the sky like rain.

They were both equipped with the properties of penetration and explosion. After easily opening up a hole in the ground for those giant creatures, they completely exploded when they came into contact with the ground.

In an instant, the body of the enormous creature directly exploded. Along with the resulting explosion, the black-haired youth who was running away was even blown away.

"Continue to be on guard. If you find any creatures within a kilometer radius of me, destroy them immediately."

Chen Ling gave the order.

The next moment...

"Except for Luffy, nami, and the big yellow duck that can discharge electricity, right?"

This was the advantage of the 'Soul Clone Consciousness'.

At this moment, the Armed Puppet that was scattered around carried the consciousness of Chen Ling.

They were like clones that could immediately understand, and thus would not have the rigid situation of 'misjudging orders'.

As for Chen Ling himself...

"Wow, so handsome."

He had already opened the autonomous mecha's body mechanism and jumped onto the ground.

Luffy, who was flying nearby, saw the whole process.

The curious baby couldn't help but run to Chen Ling with sparkling eyes. "Uncle, are these all your robots?"

"This is too much!"


Chen Ling only shrugged his shoulders and nodded at this question that had no other intentions.

That's right...

"Uncle? I'm only in my twenties, qAQ!" Chen Ling couldn't help but draw circles in his heart.

At the same time, nami ran over from the heart of the lake.

Before this, with the help of the big yellow duck, she had escaped from Shiki's base using the swimming pool pipe.

And she was not as naive as Luffy.

When she first saw Chen Ling, she could not help but feel a strong sense of vigilance.

After all, this was Shiki's island.

What if the enemy was Shiki's group...

"Ohohoho, nami."

Luffy, who had been showing great interest in playing after seeing the autonomous mecha standing beside Chen Ling, also noticed his companions who were approaching him.

He immediately ran over and said, "You're fine. That's great."

Nami was really happy to see Luffy, but after looking at Chen Ling vigilantly, she asked Luffy, "Where are the others?"


Luffy answered truthfully, "This place is really big. I have been looking for them for a week, but I have not seen them."

Coincidentally, at this moment...

"If you want to find someone, you'd better go to the only village here and take a look."

Chen Ling was very good at finding opportunities, so he took the opportunity to speak. "The beasts here have all been modified by Ski. Only a place surrounded by plants called Crazy Green is a safe place for ordinary people to live."

"Because 'Crazy Green' will spread out a kind of dust similar to pollen. This thing is highly toxic to humans, but to animals, it is a thorn that they are very unwilling to approach."

After listening to these explanations...

"Thank you, uncle... Er. "

Na Mei pulled Luffy, who was thanking her, to the side. She looked at Chen Ling and asked vigilantly, "You are very clear about what happened here."

It was obvious that she, who had just been deceived and captured by Shiki, was now very sensitive to 'strangers'.

Seeing her like this...

"Don't worry, Shiki and I are not the same person."

Chen Ling spread his hands and shrugged, "He still can't afford to invite me."

After helping Luffy and her guide the way, Chen Ling did not go with them.

Because, after confirming that this was the Island of Miracles where the Pirate King appeared in the plot of the tenth play, he already had a bold plan in his heart.

He wanted to take advantage of the situation.

As for the specific steps, it was very simple to say.

First, with the enormous amount of labor under his command, he would thoroughly monitor every plant near Miracle Island that had fruits.

Second, kill Shiki.

This way, he would have a great chance to use the regenerative mechanism of the devil fruit to obtain the floating fruits.

As a result, the army of people with the ability to obtain the floating fruit would have a 'tiny' chance of obtaining it.

Well, Chen Ling could not be sure for the time being whether the side characters that ate the floating fruit would still be categorized as' miscellaneous soldiers' by the system.

But thinking about the general use of the Floating Fruit, it was worth a gamble.

Of course, there was one thing that he had to pay attention to.

Shiki was a pirate who had been known as the White Beard many years ago.

He was the first criminal in the history of One Piece who had successfully escaped from the city.

He was a great swordsman himself. Although his sword skills were not as powerful as Hawkeye, just the fact that he was able to maintain a few islands in the air proved how powerful he was.

Even though he had lost both his legs, his age had increased, and his strength had regressed, he could not be killed so easily.


"This plan is indeed 'easy to say'."

Chen Ling laughed in his heart, "But it's good that it's a little challenging."

"Anyway, I won't do it myself."

"Increase the difficulty a little. Just treat it as training your ability to command behind the scenes."

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