Infinite: Super Low Rank Soldier Commander System/C14 Analyzing the Beasts on the Island
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Infinite: Super Low Rank Soldier Commander System/C14 Analyzing the Beasts on the Island
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C14 Analyzing the Beasts on the Island

Chen Ling had thought of two ways to kill Shiki in order to obtain the floating fruit.

First, he wanted to wait for Lu Bao to explode, kick Shiki to death, and then rush to snatch Shiki's head before the navy arrived.

Second, he would hide and use the summons of the army to pile this pirate to death.

These two methods were feasible.

However, he had to wait for the right time.

Putting the former aside, if Chen Ling did not cause the butterfly effect, Luffy would defeat Shiki in the next two days.

The latter...

"Let's make some more preparations."

Chen Ling muttered in his heart, "Shiki spent a total of twenty years on this island. He carefully changed the environment, causing many creatures to mutate."

"Giant insects that can spit fire, bullet Bullet Bulls, army Ants, six-Legged White Tiger, and a giant scorpion with delicious meat. Cough cough."

"In short, this is undoubtedly a chance to expand my 'military'."

I'll do it as soon as I think about it.

Chen Ling immediately summoned tens of thousands of Armed Puppet Eins, and along with the contracts and other numbers of Fire of Moths drones, he began to monitor Miracle Island from all angles.

In any case, when he was searching for the floating fruit, he had to make these arrangements.

Completing it in advance would not delay anything.

Of course, when these Mechs were operating, they had already activated the optical camouflage function, 'invisibility'.

Although it might not be able to deceive Shiki, who had a domineering look, it could still escape the eyes of the 'surveillance phone bug'.

"Although the Armed Puppet Eins has a lot of functions, the power of the laser it releases is lower than that of the 'pacifist' in One Piece."

"When all the matters here are settled, we can make a trip to the Xiangbo Islands."

Watching the large number of soldiers under his command spread out in all directions, Chen Ling's thoughts couldn't help but drift away.

But after a moment, he returned to his senses.

"En, now it's better to make preparations in all aspects to avoid missing out on a large number of gains just like in Collapse World."

"First, set a small target..."

Chen Ling entered another autonomous mecha again, "Before dusk today, I want to analyze all the mutated beasts on Miracle Island that are worth recording into the system database."

"After all, there will be a big battle at dusk."

"At that time, no matter what, I have to be at the scene."

Chen Ling's goal was very simple. "I have to see with my own eyes how powerful the 'high-end combat forces' in this world are."

One Piece was actually a world of 'metaphysics'.

In the beginning, it was said that the physical body of non-ability people was very fragile, but in the end, a certain someone with green algae hair showed to the audience what a real iron man was.

He did not learn how to be domineering, and had suffered countless serious injuries. After a while, he was still full of vigor and vitality.

Most importantly, it was not just Suo Da. Even Wusop, who was a useless person in the beginning, had been beaten by strong enemies countless times until he looked for his teeth on the ground.

Yes, it was really looking for his teeth all over the ground. His teeth had all been beaten off.

But after a few days, his teeth could grow neat and tidy again.

It was simply... terrifying.

Uh, it was too far away.

All in all...

[Analysis successful, recorded in the system archive, serial number: 1539]

[Please name this legion's module]

"Army Ant!"

It was close to dusk. After Chen Ling was busy for a few hours, he finally managed to successfully record over twenty types of 'beast models' worth analyzing on Miracle Island into the army database of the infinite super spacetime mixed weapon Army Commander system.

Among them, the soldier type that he was most satisfied with was the soldier type that he was most satisfied with. There were a total of two of them.

The first was the army ants that he had just analyzed.

In order to obtain this military unit, Chen Ling had directly summoned a large pile of 'Book of Firmament' to bombard the group.

Just a few seconds ago, there were lightning bolts and raging flames in the vicinity, causing quite a bit of trouble.

There was no other way.

Chen Ling remembered it very clearly.

As long as there were enough army ants, they could even chew a sea beast that was the size of a blue whale into bones within a short one or two seconds.

Without a doubt, this was a group of creatures that were 'most compatible' with the ability of his personal system.

Just think about it, if Chen Ling willed it, the overwhelming sea of insects would be able to devour all the flesh and blood in the vicinity.

This was even more terrifying than a locust crossing the border for living beings with insufficient strength.

Compared to it...

Bullet Bull.

It was also a very strange creature.

Its body looked like it was only the size of a basketball, but it looked like a Q-version creature.

On this basis, the Bullet Bullet Bulls' limbs were obviously very short, but their jumping ability, as well as the hardness of their skulls and horns, could be considered a BUG.

Not long ago, when Chen Ling was capturing these creatures, over a hundred Armed Puppet Eins had been destroyed, and many autonomous mecha had also been seriously damaged.

Fortunately, as the host of the 'mixed army system', Chen Ling could summon and recall the army model that he had analyzed at any time.

Under such circumstances, as long as his' main body 'was fine, then the concept of' loss' did not exist in the military forces under his command.

Moreover, once some individuals were destroyed, Chen Ling could immediately wipe them out.

In other words, even if they encountered enemies with ulterior motives, they would definitely not be able to collect any fragments of the soldiers under his command.

If that was the case...

"It's about time."

Chen Ling, who had analyzed a large number of giant creatures, summoned a giant insect right next to him.

It looked like a unicorn beetle, but its body was more than five meters long, and it could breathe fire.

Now, it was Chen Ling's ride.

In just a few minutes, Chen Ling, who had gotten used to the buzzing sound of the giant unicorn beetle flapping its wings, arrived at the edge of the island.

At this moment, he was looking down at the bottom of the island, and he could see a large amount of sand and dust inside the island that was floating at the lowest altitude.

Without a doubt, Luffy and the others who had decided to go to the only village on Miracle Island had already started fighting with Shiki.

One should know that Shiki had used the ability of the floating fruit to lift the entire island off the sea. For the past 20 years, he had been preparing to conquer the world. During this period, he had captured many strong men from that village.

Under such circumstances, they naturally arranged for the surveillance of the phone insects to monitor that village in real time.

It was not strange at all that Luffy and the others' whereabouts would be exposed.

Furthermore, at this stage, Luffy and the others, who had never even learned how to be domineering, could not possibly be a match for a pirate like Shiki under normal circumstances.

If Chen Ling remembered correctly, at the end of the tenth play, if it wasn't for Lu Fei's three strikes that attracted the heavenly lightning, Shiki probably wouldn't have been crushed by him.

Of course, even if this main character halo hadn't happened yet, it was enough to make Chen Ling, who came from a scientific society, exclaim.

Because, as a rubber man, Luffy was able to attract lightning from the clouds in the sky...


"I can't be too serious. If I were to be serious, I would lose."

"This is the One Piece, not the Earth. Newton does not care... right."

Chen Ling consoled himself.



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