Infinite: Super Low Rank Soldier Commander System/C15 Unlimited Military Power
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Infinite: Super Low Rank Soldier Commander System/C15 Unlimited Military Power
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C15 Unlimited Military Power

Without a doubt, Luffy and the others were no match for Shiki before the main character's halo was fully activated.

After all, the latter was able to exchange blows with Karp and Warring States twenty years ago. Even if he was defeated and captured, he had also torn down half of the navy headquarters' experts.

Perhaps the grass-hat group two years later would be able to fight Shiki head on.

But now...

The difference in combat strength was too great.

So, they lost.

After showing off a team that looked as fierce as a tiger and coordinating with each other, they were completely wiped out by Shiki with a 'Lion's Might: Earth Scroll'.


After that, other than Nami, who had been kidnapped again, only Frankie, robin and Brook, who would meet up in this village, were not buried in the soil by Shiki.

From this, it could be seen that...

"The use of the Floating Fruit is really great."

Chen Ling, who was watching the whole battle from the edge of another island, saw Luffy and the others being buried in a mountain that was forcefully dug out by Shiki using the power of the devil fruit. He couldn't help but comment, "After all, the characteristics of this devil fruit... Myriad Gold Oil?"

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Ten minutes passed. ...

Under Chen Ling's long-range surveillance, Shiki had brought Nami back to the palace he had built on the Island of Miracles.

During this period, Shiki naturally used the lives of Luffy and the others as a bargaining chip to threaten them.

In short, when the pirate with a rudder on his head left the village with a strange laugh, Chen Ling leisurely entered and slowly walked to the hill in the shape of Olly.

"This is about the strength of the first echelon in this world."

Right now, Luffy and the others who had lost consciousness were only left with their heads outside. Their bodies were completely stuck in the mud, and they could not move.

Chen Ling looked around and saw that the terrain of the battlefield had been completely changed. He sighed helplessly, "Moving mountains and filling seas... And this was only a casual attack from the other party."

He raised his right hand and an army ant appeared in his palm.

Under his control, this thing did not chatter and grind its teeth.

"Hmm, right now, I should be able to use the 'Infinite Summoning' method to easily achieve an attack of a larger scale than this."

"For example, the 'Insect Sea Wave' or something like that... Er, this name sounds a bit chuunibyou."

Muttering like this, Chen Ling, who had roughly estimated the peak combat strength of One Piece, decided not to wait any longer.

"Let's save him."

Chen Ling looked up at Luffy and the others who were trapped in the dirt mountain. "If I remember correctly, Shiki will send his men tonight to uproot all the 'wild green' plants in the vicinity of this village."

"When the time comes, this place will be attacked by the ferocious beasts on the island after losing the natural barrier."

To be honest, although Chen Ling knew that he was not a kind person, he did not like this kind of bastard who could be defined as an 'evil party' by JOJO's values.

Shiki was indeed a great pirate.

But in the end, it could only mean that his strength was not bad, and that he was a strong man with ambition.

As for what he had done...

In order to rule the world, and at the same time, out of revenge, he used his demonic fruit's ability to attack the various cities and towns in the East China Sea.

In Miracle Island, he harmed the local villages. In the end, he even had to play a dirty trick of 'let them see hope before destroying them'.

He said he would fulfill all his requests to his companions, but in the end, it was only because he saw Nami's talent as a navigator that he completely regarded her as a tool person.

Chen Ling knew that on his side, he actually did not mind using others.

However, he had an accurate goal. He wanted a win-win situation, and he wanted to avoid harming the innocent as much as possible. He did not want to play dirty tricks on him, even though it would not do him any good.


"As one of the top combat forces in this world, Shiki, whose strength has regressed a little, can still easily change the landscape."

Chen Ling was a little curious, "Then, can he defeat one trillion Armed Puppet Eins?"

"If it's not enough, then I'll give you one trillion."

Half an hour later.

Shiki's plan on the Island of Miracles had been completed.

Therefore, he had released a village resident who had been working hard under him earlier.

Due to his bad taste, he wanted to make those villagers happy for a while, thinking that they had escaped the bitter sea and saw hope.

Then, he planned to destroy the village that night and watch the 'movements' of the ordinary people throughout the whole process.

Unfortunately, just as Shiki gave the order, the subordinates he sent out all lost contact.

Those strong men who were more than two meters tall and could easily uproot a huge tree had all been treated by Chen Ling's Armed Puppet.

It was worth mentioning that at the beginning, Chen Ling was actually prepared to summon the army of ants to have a bloody feast.

But after thinking about it again and again, he still gave up on this idea.

Because he felt that it was not good to have too much hostility.

Now, he had already grasped the power of Infinite Summoning Army. After going to Collapse World, he had already analysed a few types of applicable models for sea, air, and even space warfare and electronic warfare.

If this was in Earth, it would be the foundation that allowed him to rule the world as he pleased.

In other words, at this stage, the almost invincible Chen Ling could only depend on his own 'self-control'.

He did not want to go on a killing spree in the fantasy world because of his bloody methods. In the end, he could not control himself when he returned to Earth. He would start killing whenever he met a few ignorant hoodlums.

That was one point:

Compared to the devil people feared, Chen Ling actually wanted to be a recluse who would occasionally save lives and heal injuries.

Occasionally, he would hear passers-by talk about his other identity. Usually, he would be like an ordinary person chatting and farting with his friends around him... Perhaps it would be a very good experience.

Right now...

"Shiki Shiji, is this guy the mastermind behind the attack on the islands in East China Sea?"

The Air Pirate Gang. All of their underlings had been defeated by Chen Ling, and they had lost consciousness.

At the same time, robin, frankie, and Brook who had mixed in to investigate the whole incident had also arrived at this village.

They had just arrived when they saw Chen Ling arranging for the Valkyrie troops to bandage Luffy and the others' wounds.


En, without any suspense, one of the curly eyebrows in the team was completely red in the eyes. He was almost shot in the head by one of the Valkyrie troops.

"Clang ~"

Chen Ling, who was standing by the side, could not bear to watch any longer. He waved his hand and recalled all the Valkyrie team members.

For a moment, Luffy and the others who were discussing important information could not help but be stunned.

"Eh? Where are those Ladays who knocked on Cawai?"

One of the eyebrows had the biggest reaction.

Regarding this, Chen Ling wisely did not reply.

Because he felt that once he said 'I can summon countless young ladies', if you say something like that, you'll be in a lot of trouble.

Hmm, in every sense.

In short...

"I don't need to worry too much about my matters for the time being."

"All of you should prepare yourselves for battle."

Chen Ling pointed to the sky in the distance.

There was already a small island built on the island, floating in the air with a floating fruit. The head of the ship was in the shape of Shiki, and it was getting closer and closer.

"A lot of enemies are coming."

"They don't care if you are injured or not."

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