Infinite: Super Low Rank Soldier Commander System/C16 Great Harvest
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Infinite: Super Low Rank Soldier Commander System/C16 Great Harvest
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C16 Great Harvest

At the same time...

"Who is this guy? Where did he come from?"

Since the only village on the Island of Miracles had been destroyed from the very beginning, in order to put on a show, Shiki had gathered more than fifty pirate groups and brought them onto the floating island ship.

Originally, he was planning to bring these little brothers under his command to drink and form an alliance, as well as watch from the sidelines, as a show of entertainment.

But now, when Shiki found out that all his subordinates he had sent out had been destroyed, and that the village was in good condition, and that the grass-hat men had actually been rescued, the pirate couldn't sit still any longer.

This did not mean that he was afraid, but that he was furious.

From beginning to end, Shiki didn't put Luffy and the others in his eyes.

Even in this era, he still regarded them as his enemies. He estimated that there were only those top big shots.

The Navy Marshal, the Three Generals, the Hero Kap, the Four Emperors...

He probably didn't think much of the Seven Martial Seas.


"It just so happens that I'll let these stinky brats who don't know the immensity of heaven and earth become 'meat targets' for once."

At this moment, Shiki had already gathered more than fifty pirate captains into the palace on the floating island ship, preparing to drink the wine of benevolence and righteousness and carry out the oath ceremony.

His idea was very simple.

"Since the program of 'beast attack the village' can't be performed, we'll directly demolish an island."

"I'm sure this' fireworks' will be very good to watch."

Without a doubt, this would be an extremely terrifying disaster for ordinary people.

However, just as Shiki was about to make his move...

"Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!"

A large amount of fire flashed like a stream.

Immediately afterwards, a rain of blue rain of light shot out from the tip of the fiery light.

The entire floating island ship was completely surrounded.

Every place was bombarded with attacks.


"Wow, so powerful."

Luffy, who had just been rescued, once again had stars in his eyes.

In the end, he still had the mentality of a child playing around and being curious.

Therefore, he really had no resistance against things like 'cool robots'.

"Those balls can even release lasers. Wow, wow, wow, wow ~"

In fact, Luffy wasn't the only one. Even the other companions standing near him were completely shocked by the battle in the air.

As a result, they subconsciously looked at Chen Ling.

Just now, it was this black-haired man who reminded them that an enemy was coming from the sky. In the next moment, he raised his right hand and snapped his fingers. A huge spherical robot instantly appeared.

The dense numbers almost covered the sky and covered the moon.

Without a doubt, it was an extremely shocking visual impact.

And now...

"This kind of combat strength... I feel that in terms of group battles, it's even better than the navy generals."

Nicole Robin commented to himself.

At this time...


Shanzhi suddenly shouted, "Miss Nami is still on that ship."


Everyone was stunned.

At the same time, a shocked expression appeared on their faces.

"Cease the fire, quickly stop the fire."

Shanzhi hurriedly ran to where Chen Ling was, but he was stopped by three members of the Valkyrie army who had appeared in an instant.

Obviously, Chen Ling did not want to have too intimate contact with the men of this world.

Because they were too careless.

Therefore, he directly summoned the Valkyrie troops that Shanzhi could not make a move on.

Seeing the other party stop as if they were braking, he then explained, "Don't worry, your companions are already safe."

"She is no longer on that island, she will be sent here in a bit"

Hearing this reply...

"Hu ~"

Only then did the people in the straw hat let out a sigh of relief.

But right after that...

"However, it seems like she's already poisoned because she's been in contact with Wild Green for a long time. You guys still have to help her get rid of the poison later."

Chen Ling said calmly, "Of course, I also got the antidote."

The shocked electrocardiogram conversation made the straw hat group very uncomfortable.

But in the end...

"Thank you, uncle."

The simple-minded Lu Bao still expressed his thanks, "You're really a good person."


Chen Ling did not want to complain about this form of address anymore.

He was only in his twenties. It wasn't uncle QAQ.

To the current Chen Ling, it was very easy to defeat Shiki.

He just needed to rely on the endless number of soldiers in the army to fight back.

In the end, the legendary pirates of the sea were only mortals.

Even if the physical strength of the experts in this world was not a problem, there was still a limit to how much they could fight for three days and three nights.

Because, if one was a person, they would make mistakes, and they would make mistakes.

Shiki's strength was not weak.

Equipment Color and Wisdom Color were two domineering forces.

A sword technique at the level of a Grand Sword Hero.

Floating Fruit Ability user.

Any one of these three would be enough to make a person stand out on the road to greatness.

However, if they were to face the combined attack of a trillion Armed Puppet, eins...

Unless he could throw these islands like volleyballs and destroy a large amount of Armed Puppet with a single strike, or get close to Chen Ling as soon as possible, there was absolutely no chance of winning.

The truth was indeed so.

Currently, Shiki could make dozens of islands float in the air, but he could only move them slowly.

This was the biggest reason why he urgently needed elite seafarers.

Since he could not move such a huge object quickly, he naturally could not defend against a large number of continuous lasers released by Armed Puppet Ones from all directions.

Therefore, this kind of 'one-sided' battle only lasted for half an hour before Shiki was defeated.

The two swords that replaced his feet were completely melted. His body was covered with traces of being burned by the lasers.

His flesh was badly mutilated.

To be honest, under this' Sea of Secrets' tactic, he was actually able to last for half an hour without dying, which was already considered strong enough.

However, in the end, he was still unable to defeat Chen Ling, who was controlling everything behind the scenes.

It could be said that...

"As long as I can successfully pull the distance between us, the outcome of the battle will be obvious."

Chen Ling concluded to himself, "At least in this world, that's right."

Chen Ling's luck was pretty good.

When Shiki confirmed his death and the Island of Miracles began to fall, he also successfully found the trail of the floating fruit on a tree in a dense forest.


[Analysis successful, recorded in the System's file, serial number: 1540]

[Please name the army module]

"Shiki Guards!"


Chen Ling's bold guess was confirmed.

Before this, he was prepared to give the floating fruit to the local villagers to eat.

He would take it as getting some compensation from Shiki.

However, after thinking about it, he gave up on this plan. Instead, he would simply take someone from Shiki's subordinates as an analysis model.

This was because Chen Ling had a long-term view.

There were many rare resources in One Piece. He would definitely visit them frequently in the future.

On this basis, he didn't have a good impression of the world government and most of the pirates. He might cause a lot of trouble.

From this point of view, if the villagers who ate the floating fruits were used as an analysis model, it would be a bad thing if they were implicated in the future.

In short, after forcefully feeding the floating fruits to a random soldier, Chen Ling successfully deciphered the army of people with the floating fruits that he had expected.

Originally, Chen Ling was still worried about the identity of the Fluttering Fruit Ability user. Whether it was a soldier that ate the fruit or not, it would be out of the scope of the system's analysis.

But now it seemed that the restrictions mentioned in the system were like the White Beard, Shiki, and the straw hat. Such a recognition was extremely high, and it was biased towards the 'fame' title.

"That's right. If you don't have fame, you're just a 'passerby'."

Chen Ling made a fuss in his heart. "Mmm. No matter what, the harvest this time is not small."

"Next, we'll wait until the thirty days are up and record the coordinates of this world, then we'll consider other things."

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