Infinite: Super Low Rank Soldier Commander System/C17 An Opportunity to Increase the Strength of the Main Body
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Infinite: Super Low Rank Soldier Commander System/C17 An Opportunity to Increase the Strength of the Main Body
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C17 An Opportunity to Increase the Strength of the Main Body

A month later...

"Ugh ~"

On the deck of the Sunny, Chen Ling was leaning against the handrail and vomiting.

He was seasick.

A month ago, after Chen Ling had taken care of Shiki, he did not think of traveling with Luffy and the others.

In fact, he was planning to bring Shiki's corpse to the navy to collect the reward money, and then spend some time on salted fish. When the 30 days of spatial coordinates analysis were over, he would go and do some research. The autumn wind of a world... Cough, cough.

In the end...

Ghost Spider, burning Mountain, stonobry.

He was treated as a member of the Strawhat Pirate Gang by the three navy generals who had come to resolve the Miracle Island incident.

One should know that Shiki had a bounty of more than three billion. Not only did he not get the bounty, but Chen Ling had also put on the bounty list.

"Don't mind these small matters. Uncle, you just happen to be our companion."

Therefore, Chen Ling was dragged onto the boat by Luffy, who loved robots, in a daze.

There was no other way.

After falling on the Island of Miracles, Chen Ling really couldn't find any large vehicles to leave the sea.

He couldn't count on the navy's warships anymore.

In the army model that he had already analyzed, there were quite a few things that had the ability to fly.

However, Chen Ling had been preparing to be a salted fish for some time, so he naturally didn't want to waste his time traveling.

The One Piece was very large. If he used the autonomous mecha to fly, he would probably have to stay inside for a long time before he could reach the island nearby.

Furthermore, Chen Ling had yet to obtain the map of this world... or rather, there was no record of the pointer.

In addition, even though he had seen quite a number of pirates who were in the same boat as the Pirate King in Earth, Chen Ling was still very interested in Luffy and the others.

Therefore, he only pushed them a little and got on the pirate ship.

After that...

Chen Ling was in a tragedy.

He had defeated Shiki with his own hands.

After all, they were the soldiers he had sent out.

In short, after defeating such a pirate, Chen Ling felt a little smug.

So much so that he almost forgot that he was actually just an ordinary person.


Judging by the standards of One Piece, he probably could not even be considered an ordinary person.

After all, Chen Ling had never seen anyone on Earth who could carry a bomb at such a close distance.

Under normal circumstances, if it was someone from Earth, their brain would fly everywhere.

However, the eyes of the ordinary people in One Piece would only turn white, and there would be some blood stains on their faces. A few teeth would fall off, and they would lose consciousness. They might even be able to save their lives... or even grow more teeth in a few days.

This was a damn ordinary person (with a serious face).

In short...

"Uncle, your body is so weak."

Luffy held a piece of steak in his mouth and walked to Chen Ling's side. "You are so strong, but why are you always seasick?"

"Uh, maybe I'm Instructor demodragon?"

Chen Ling couldn't help but complain.

In the past month, Chen Ling had gotten familiar with Luffy and the others.

Even Nami, who had been very cautious of him, was relieved when she found out that she was saved by Chen Ling. She thanked him in front of her face.

And then...

Chen Ling was entangled by these pirates.

Among them, Luffy, choba, usop and Frankie were very interested in the autonomous robots that Chen Ling could summon whenever he wanted. They shouted every day to give them... Hmm, to summon 'toys'.

Although the others did not act so pompous, they were also very curious.

There was also Shanzhi.

In the end, he still knew that the Valkyrie troops were summoned by Chen Ling.

Thus, from that moment on, the lemon energy of this gentleman with curly eyebrows had been in an explosive state.

Similarly, there was also Brook.

"This is one of the abilities that men dream of, how can it be fixed?"

Hmm, from the sound of it, it was obvious that it was LSP.

Right now...

"Don't say that. I really have to think of a way to increase the strength of my main body."

"I don't have too many extravagant hopes. At the very least, I have to have the ability to 'stay near the battlefield', right?"

"What if, when I encounter an enemy with full Agility like the yellow ape, I finally managed to win with great difficulty, but in the end, my opponent got close to me and turned the tables with my blood flowing out."

"It's even more tragic. We clearly have victory in our hands, but in the end, we got hit by an unknown AOE and directly GG."

Chen Ling shivered.

"The spatial coordinates of One Piece have been analyzed."

He had a plan in mind, "I will rest for a while today. When my body is better, I will go to the next world."

That night.

"Ah? Uncle, you want to leave?"

After dinner, Chen Ling told Luffy and the others about leaving the ship temporarily.

Regarding this...

"Why? Isn't it good to be a pirate with us?"

"What's good about it?" Chen Ling couldn't help but complain in his heart.

Of course, in his mind, people like Luffy were more like sea adventurers than pirates.

Although they did like to cause trouble, at the bottom of it all, they were still kind people.

Not to mention other things, even a little money grubber like Nami would spend all the wealth she had accumulated in order to redeem a friend she had just made.

They did not rob civilians, and they often saved people. They were not evil people.

At the bottom of it all, it was because the government in this world was too corrupt.

Look at the navy from before...

Among the three lieutenants, two of them did not give Chen Ling the chance to explain and directly said that he was an accomplice of the Strawhat Pirates.

However, the 'Burning Mountain' lieutenants also raised their doubts.

In the end, the other 'Ghost Spider' lieutenants directly started to arrest him.

After that...

The few naval warships were all sunk by Chen Ling.

It was precisely because of this that Chen Ling put up the bounty list.

As for now...

"Don't worry, I've already left the coordinates on Sunny. I'll be back when the time comes."

"After all, I still have to go to the Xiangbo Islands to analyze the pacifists." Chen Ling naturally did not say the latter half of the sentence clearly.

In short, after saying goodbye, Chen Ling drove an autonomous mecha and flew away from Sunny in the night sky.

In the end, he still didn't want Lu Fei and the others to know the secret of him being able to 'travel through the world'.

Therefore, after flying for dozens of nautical miles and making sure that there was no one around, he activated the Space-time Travel function of the system.

Then, a few seconds passed...

"Bang ~"

Chen Ling came back again.

"F * ck, the scene a second ago is really too scary."

Chen Ling never would have thought that he would be directly thrown onto the symbiont planet by the system.

You are asking what kind of place is this?

En, the mother planet of the mighty anti-hero Venom.

Parasitic creatures that looked like slimes of various colors were everywhere.

Just a moment ago, Chen Ling had just passed through when he saw a large number of parasitic creatures that were like a tsunami surging towards him.

He had no choice but to quickly retreat.


"Book of Dark Firmament, Armed Puppet Eins, one thousand each."

With a thought, Chen Ling directly summoned a large number of troops around him.

Then, while the autonomous mecha was still flying in the air, he directly let Armed Puppet Eins start playing the noise.

Instantly, a few symbiont hidden in the cracks of the autonomous mecha began to tremble.

Chen Ling made a prompt decision and immediately switched the Book of Dark Firmament to fire attribute mode. He threw the symbiont at them and caused a burst of raging flames to erupt.

Until he confirmed that there was only one symbiont left...

"You gave me a big fright just now. No matter what, you should compensate me with some 'mental damage compensation', right?"

Chen Ling's expression was very ugly, "I will gladly accept your data."

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