Infinite: Super Low Rank Soldier Commander System/C18 The Symbiotic Army
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Infinite: Super Low Rank Soldier Commander System/C18 The Symbiotic Army
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C18 The Symbiotic Army

[Analysis successful, recorded in system file, serial number: 1541]

[Host, please name the army module]


Chen Ling did not expect that he would be able to obtain the method to strengthen his main body so quickly.

Well, strictly speaking, this did not mean that he had really become stronger, but it still gave him a more reliable ability to protect himself.

Although the symbiont was afraid of high-frequency noise and high temperature flames, as long as one was not stupid, one should know how precious the super regeneration ability it gave the host was.

Furthermore, because the system had completely recorded this model into the database... Therefore, Chen Ling could summon as many symbiont as he wanted.

If he was affected by the noise, he could directly recall the symbiont that was parasitizing his body.

When he encountered flames, he could summon a large number of symbiont and transform it into a shield to defend against the flames.

In general, because Chen Ling had the special system, the two weaknesses of noise and fire could be overcome to a certain extent.

And under such circumstances...

"I can finally relax a little. At least I don't have to worry about me suddenly dying in an unknown AOE."

In short, after obtaining the symbiont model, Chen Ling traveled to some uninhabited area in Stone World to get used to the new power he had obtained.

It was only after two days that he returned to the One Piece with satisfaction.

"Buzz ~"

He had mentioned it before, in order to not let others know that he had the ability to travel through worlds. That night, Chen Ling only activated the space-time teleportation function after he was dozens of nautical miles away from Sunny.

And now, after he returned to One Piece, he followed the tracking device he had reserved and drove the autonomous mecha to the sea area where the Sunny was.

He had just gotten close...

"Hmm? The smell of octopus fever."

Inside the autonomous mecha, through the virtual projection screen, Chen Ling could already see that there was another small pink ship parked beside the Sunny.

As the optical capture system installed on the autonomous mecha zoomed in on the observation screen...

"Octopus Burns Number 8?"

The moment Chen Ling saw this symbol on the small ship's canvas, he immediately recognized the owner of the ship.

"The shop opened by Little Myna, the octopus man."

Chen Ling started to get closer. "It looks like we're almost at the Xiangbo Islands."

As he muttered in his heart, the autonomous mecha flew close to Sunny.

"Oh, uncle Nick is back."

Luffy, who was eating the octopus in a hurry, immediately waved his hand to greet the autonomous mecha in the air.

What he mentioned... It was naturally Chen Ling's alias: Nick Wang De.

Now, this was also the name on the bounty issued by the navy.

Right now...

"No matter how many times I look at it, this robot is so cool ~ Ah ~ Ah ~"

As expected of a rubber fruit user, his hands were almost turning into ribbons.

On Chen Ling's side, he first landed on the deck of the Sunny, and then easily jumped onto the small pink ship next to him.

Seeing this scene...

"Hmm? Uncle, your body isn't weak anymore?"

Luffy and the others were very surprised.

Especially this clown, he directly asked, "Are you finally full?"


Chen Ling really did not know how to respond.

He couldn't possibly answer 'I ate a symbiont that I summoned myself', right?

Therefore, he decided to skip this topic. He pointed at the small pink boat under his feet and asked in turn, "What is this?"

"Oh, right, let me introduce you to uncle"

Luffy pointed at the owner of the small boat. "This is Little Eight, and she is Cammy."

"Salamander and mermaid?"

Chen Ling looked at the honest-looking Octopus man with the mouth of a megaphone. After a friendly nod, he turned his gaze to another girl with light green short hair.

At this moment, the latter...

"Beautiful, beautiful, mermaid or something. I'm just an ordinary mermaid. Yo ~ "

Mm, the little girl was holding her flushed face with both hands. She seemed to be too shy and couldn't even speak properly.

Chen Ling knew that he absolutely couldn't laugh right now.

Otherwise, a certain 'famous scene' should be put on.

Half an hour later...


Chen Ling laughed out loud, "What do you guys think, we just met a person who looked exactly like the portrait on the wanted poster of Shanzhi not long ago?"


"Oh my god!"

Seeing him laugh so exaggeratedly, shanzhi, who was sitting at the side, couldn't help but frown.

He was enduring it.

He thought, no matter what, he saved Miss Nami's life, and he is a new partner. I should give him some face.

But at this moment...

"Don't they all look the same?"

Next to him, solon naturally added another slash.

"Green algae head, what's with your eyes?"

"Ah? Want to fight?"

The two of them started to show off their shark skills again.

After some fun...

It had to be said that Little Myna's octopus fever was indeed very delicious.

However, Chen Ling was only an ordinary person from Earth after all. It was impossible for him to eat dozens or even hundreds of boxes like Luffy.

Although he was a foodie, he only ate more than twenty boxes before filling his stomach.

En, most of them were swallowed by the symbiont in his body.

As a symbiont possessor, his appetite was indeed greater than ordinary people.

However, it was still far from being comparable to the gluttonous kings in the One Piece.

Of course, if he used his physical strength to recover from his injuries after the battle, his' appetite 'would increase as well...


Chen Ling seemed to have found a blind spot. "So, the reason why the experts in One Piece can eat so much is actually because their recovery ability is strong?"

"It is also because of this recovery ability that when they train their bodies, they will have more room for improvement?"

"No wonder their teeth can still grow out after being knocked out. This is indeed very scientific... What the hell?"

He didn't say much.

In short, since Luffy and the others' next destination was the transit station to New World, fishman Island, they had to go to the Xiangbo Islands to do the coating work for the Sunny.

Chen Ling knew that it was after this landing that the Sunny Island would be able to set off again two years later.

Because in the original storyline of Pirate King, Luffy and the others had been completely scattered in the Xiangbo Islands. After that, they had all gone through arduous cultivation before they started to set foot in New World.

Regarding this...

"Let nature take its course."

Chen Ling did not deliberately keep the original plot in mind.

In his opinion, although Luffy and the others' current strength was not enough to enter the New World, at the same time, weren't Kidd, luo, hawkins and other newbies who were in the same batch as Luffy already entered the New World a long time ago?

Combat was also a type of cultivation method.

Therefore, Chen Ling had already made up his mind. As long as he did what he needed to do next, he would do it.

He didn't need to deliberately go easy on her, nor did he need to be overly impulsive.

After all, this was a plane trip of freedom.

He wasn't a Reincarnator trapped in a Sovereign's dimension.

As long as he did as he pleased.

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