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Infinite: Super Low Rank Soldier Commander System/C19 A True Villain
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C19 A True Villain

Half a day later...

Because Octopus Little Eight and Mermaid Kermie were helping out as guides, the group smoothly arrived near the Xiangbo Islands.

According to the recommendations of the first two, the Sunny was docked at the 41st division of the 79th division of the Xiangbo Isles.

To be honest, Chen Ling was right. I'm very interested in this new thing.

79 giant trees formed a special structure of an archipelago.

"Archeman Red Tree... I can't see such a huge plant in Earth."

Chen Ling directly summoned over a hundred Armed Puppet Eins and let them fly to various places to take pictures and record videos.

On the one hand, Chen Ling, who had traveled through the world with the mentality of 'traveling', wanted to record every single detail of his journey.

On the other hand...

"In the past, I didn't dare to cause trouble in Earth because I was too weak. In order to avoid affecting my parents' peaceful life, I was very careful."

"Now... no, if I continue to analyze the model of the mixed army, I will be able to create a 'second identity' for fun."

The arrival of the symbiont army had already let Chen Ling see a bright future that was worth looking forward to.

After all, not only could the symbiont copy the host's genes and evolve continuously, it could also allow the host to obtain extraordinary physical fitness and near immortality regenerative ability.

In this way, not to mention other things, Chen Ling felt that he and his family members could live forever.

He didn't need to worry about the safety of the people around him. He naturally didn't need to be restrained when doing things.

Of course, for the sake of safety, it was still too early to say these things now.

Right now...

"You guys go find a coating craftsman, I want to go somewhere else."

When the Shawn ship anchor, Chen Ling temporarily separated from Luffy and the others and started to walk alone.

He knew that Luffy and the others would go to 'Summer's Takeover Bar' to find a coating master, but the latter was not there at all.

Chen Ling was naturally interested in that Pluto, but since he couldn't see him, he might as well go somewhere else to play.

For example:

"Why don't we get in touch with the Heavenly Dragon in advance?"

Chen Ling had already thought of letting the symbiont control the Heavenly Dragon.

This way, it could prevent accidents from happening to a large extent.

Furthermore, in the near future, he might even be able to use it as a wonderful chess piece.

After all...

"The Holy Land, maria, will definitely be won one day."

Chen Ling secretly made a decision, "It's not for the revolution, and there's no reason to be heroic."

"It's only because such a decayed Heavenly Dragon should not have named his palace 'Pan Gu City'."

Chen Ling originally wanted to stroll around the interior of the Xiangbo Islands, take some pictures and record some videos, then find a restaurant to have a good taste of the local delicacies.

different world eating broadcast?

In the future, he might be able to do something about it.

Cough cough, he had gone too far.

In short, Chen Ling was actually taking a stroll with a relaxed and happy mood.

In the end...

"The reward is 130 million, Nick Wang De."

"A new member of the grass-hat group."

"We'll take your head."

The group of bounty hunters went to find him first.

Regarding this...

"One question."

In a certain division in the Zone of No Areas, Chen Ling, who was not surprised by the current situation, looked at the group of crooked melons and jujubes surrounding him. He merely raised his right hand and raised his index finger. With a calm tone, he asked, "Before this, have you been human traffickers?"

Hearing him suddenly ask this question, the bounty hunters were stunned.

They looked at each other.


"How can we not do this kind of good business that can earn big money?"

"Don't worry, your brain is very valuable. If you know what's good for you, just surrender. I don't want to kill you because of the wrong hand and waste 30% of the reward money."

The bounty hunters started to rub their fists.

At this point...

"Sigh ~"

Chen Ling sighed slightly, "Indeed, not every bounty hunter is called Solon."

He snapped his fingers.

The next moment...


Dozens of black 'paste' fell from the sky and completely bound the bounty hunters.

"What, what the hell is this?"

"This guy is an esper!"

"[It entered my body]"

Under the panicked eyes of the bounty hunters, the symbiont that Chen Ling had just summoned all found their respective hosts.


"Kacha ~"

Without any hesitation, the symbiont directly broke the host's four limbs from the inside.

Then, it quickly repaired.

Like this, it repeated three times.

"One command."

Chen Ling looked at the bounty hunter in the lead and said, "Next, find out all the people who have come into contact with 'human trafficking'."

"Then, let them gather in Division 1."

"Tell them that we've found a few mermaids on the Xiangbo Islands."

"Do you understand?"

After hearing these orders, the bounty hunter was still in a daze.

In the end...

"Kacha ~"

His limbs were broken once again.

This time...

"I understand now"

The bounty hunter quickly nodded his head.

Although he did not know why Chen Ling would give such an order.

But right now, he didn't dare to disobey.

He just had to do it.

As for Chen Ling himself...

"What a bad mood."

He knew that he was not a messenger of justice, but he had developed his worldview since he was young, so he disliked such dirty things.

Therefore, it didn't matter whether he was interested or hypocritical.

Today, Chen Ling decided to completely destroy all the human trafficking bases in the Xiangbo Islands.

And from now on...

"If I remember correctly, the largest slave auction within the islands is the property of one of the Seven Martial Seas, tangji Kuode Domingerine."

"Then it's simple."

Chen Ling had already recorded this name in his notebook. "We can't let go of this Sky Dragon who has been removed from the list."

On the other side...

Under the lead of Octopus, Luffy and the others finally arrived at Xia Qi's bamboo-striking bar.

During this period of time, a very unpleasant thing happened.

He (she) saw with their own eyes the scene of the Celestial Dragon executing the escaped slaves.

Although, if it was Chen Ling who saw this, he wouldn't have the slightest sympathy for the slave.

Because this slave was an arrested pirate captain.

Just like what Chen Ling said before, not every bounty hunter was called Solon. In this world, not every pirate was called Luffy.

Lu Bao might be able to cause trouble, but at least he would not deliberately harm innocent people.

Therefore, compared to them who were more suitable to be called 'sea adventurers', the real pirates weren't worth sympathy at all.

At most, it was just a scam.

That was also the case...

"There are 11 people on the island with a bounty of over 100 million?"

After coming to the bar that Xia Qi opened, since Luffy and the others were friends with Octopus, this intelligence officer provided them with a lot of valuable information.


"If that's the case, there should be 12 people with a bounty of over 100 million."

Lu Bao sold Chen Ling, "My new companion, the bounty has already exceeded 100 million."

As he spoke, he gave off the feeling of a child showing off his new toy.

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