Infinite: Super Low Rank Soldier Commander System/C2 Transmigration Needs to be Careful
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Infinite: Super Low Rank Soldier Commander System/C2 Transmigration Needs to be Careful
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C2 Transmigration Needs to be Careful

Can't see any scenery, can't hear a sound.

His sense of smell, touch, and taste were all gone.

His body couldn't move.

Completely... darkness.

"Tch ~"

Chen Ling was very regretful now, "In the end, it was still because of arrogance, ignorance, and lack of patience that he ate the consequences himself."

A few minutes ago, when he found out that the fantasy world he was about to enter was the anime Dr.STONE world, he had already expected this kind of situation to occur.


He remembered this story.

In 2038, a petrifying light of unknown origin started from somewhere in South America and spread across the world in a radioactive manner.

That day, within the world, all the humans living on Earth became stone statues.

Among the over 7 billion civilizations, only six astronauts working at the International Space Station survived.

After that, after more than 3,700 years, the first person to remove the petrification was the first one.

This was a story that described the 'civilization reboot'.

And now...

"Heh, just as the petrifying light spread out, it transported me to this world."

Chen Ling was in a very bad mood.

Because, he, who had been overwhelmed by the unexpected joy half a year ago, had finally become much more clear-headed now.

He could not help but wonder what the purpose of this system he possessed was.

Before this, out of careful consideration, he didn't immediately embark on the journey of transmigration. Instead, he prepared for half a year before deciding to head to the Fantasy World.

If it could be said that it was only because of his bad luck that he managed to catch up to the time when this disaster happened... That wouldn't be a big deal.

It was fine as long as he could overcome this problem.

But if... this was a fixed procedure that had been arranged for a long time...


Chen Ling knew that in the end, he was still not mature enough and was unable to suppress his curiosity, "Indeed, there is no free lunch in this world."

But now, there was no way out.

He could only rely on the system to obtain a body that could move freely again.

Which was: Remove Petrification.

He had no choice.

One had to know that the reason why the main character of Dr.STONE, stone God Qian Kong, could remove Petrification after 3700 years was entirely due to the influence of the main character's aura.

Look at his experience:

First of all, in the long 37 centuries of time, his body had not been damaged due to external factors.

Secondly, under the petrification state, he was accidentally rushed into a cave with bats resting in it. He did not know how long it took for the nitric acid from the bat's excrement to destroy the petrification substance.

Finally, the season when he removed the petrification wasn't the winter with the lowest survival rate.

The probability of these events happening was calculated...

Chen Ling's heart turned cold.

Oh right, his entire body had been petrified. He was supposed to be in a 'cool' state.

He had gone further away.

All in all, Chen Ling was glad that he had just seen the Dr.STONE anime.

Because the method to remove the petrification state had already been revealed at the beginning of the story.

Industrial Corrosion Agent - Nitric Alcohol Solution.

A proper chemical knowledge.

Well, it was worth mentioning that during his time in university, Chen Ling had chosen the Multi-Language Department, eastern Language College. His results were not bad, and he could understand the four languages of China, japan, korea, and Ying (English is a compulsory subject in many universities).

But he knew the chemistry of hammers.

All the knowledge he had learned in the past had been returned to his teacher after the college entrance examination.

Under such circumstances, it could only be said that Chen Ling's memory was not bad.

He knew that many scientific knowledge mentioned in 'Dr.STONE' was not rigorous, but at least, he had already made clear his following goal.


"Next is the time to regain 'freedom'."

[Catalog Check, system No. 0903]

Archives Name: Qian Jinzhi Monkey

Summon Number: 100

Launch, begin.

[Do you wish to establish a synchronous consciousness transmission link?]


After a moment of trance, Chen Ling saw the sunlight again.

He heard the sound of waves, felt the touch of the breeze, and the saltiness mixed within.

"It's good to be alive"

At this time, on a beach near the sea, the existence of an electric tricycle seemed so abrupt.

And a human stone statue in its driver's seat, as well as a total of a hundred Longtail Monkeys nearby, highlighted a nonsensical mix.

"This is the petrified me?"

Under Chen Ling's control, a Golden Silk Monkey jumped onto the front tire of the electric tricycle and carefully looked at the stone statue in the driver's seat.

This' person 'seemed to be subconsciously raising his hands to block in front of his eyes.

Chen Ling still remembered that the moment he saw the petrifying light, he had inadvertently made this move.

Right now...

"Ai ~"

After staring at it for a long time, Chen Ling couldn't help but sigh in his heart.

The fully enclosed protective suit he was wearing was originally prepared to prevent him from being suddenly transported to a harsh environment filled with poisonous gases. That was why he specially prepared scientific measures.

But now, it seemed that this was still too hasty.

Because reality proved that not to mention the unbelievable petrifying light rays, even the dangerous areas with strong acid, lava, and nuclear radiation could easily take Chen Ling's life.

The current situation was a blessing in disguise.

At least, his main body did not die directly. There was still a chance for him to 'revive'.

"Then, where is this place?"

Chen Ling's main consciousness began to control the 100 golden silk monkeys that he had just released, preparing to explore the surrounding geography.

"Initial observation, this is the beach... what about the details?"

Chen Ling's mind moved, and he used the system's ability again.

[Catalog Search, system No. 0517]

[Army File Name: Brown Crow]

[Summon Number: 100]

[Release, begin]

[Do you wish to establish a synchronous consciousness transmission link?]


As the only host of the infinite super spacetime mixed soldier Army Commander system, he could use all kinds of legion member under his command as clones.

Furthermore, after half a year of practice, 'multitasking' was as simple as taking something out of a bag for Chen Ling.

In short, at this moment, he ordered the 100 brown-haired sparrows that had just been thrown out to fly into the sky, preparing to look down from the sky and observe the general terrain around them.

Not long after...

"Surrounding us is an endless sea. This place... is an isolated island."

Chen Ling's mood fell a bit more.

One should know that if he was near the mainland, the difficulty of finding the industrial corrosive agent would be greatly reduced.

However, coming to an isolated island in the sea was very troublesome.

What if it was an uninhabited island that was extremely far away from the mainland...

"Wait, an uninhabited island?"

Chen Ling, who had recently read the Dr.STONE, thought of a possibility.

"This place, could it be the place where the six surviving astronauts landed in the return capsule?"

Chen Ling perked up and said, "We need to confirm it as soon as possible."



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