Infinite: Super Low Rank Soldier Commander System/C20 I'll Use Evil to Suppress Evil
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Infinite: Super Low Rank Soldier Commander System/C20 I'll Use Evil to Suppress Evil
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C20 I'll Use Evil to Suppress Evil

At the same time, in the 1 division of the Shaombo Islands.

"Ahhhhhhhhh ~"

Incomparably stinky screams rose and fell.

This place was the property of the Donji family, the Xiangbo Land Auction House.

At this moment, a large group of bounty hunters had been lured to this place by the huge benefits of the mermaids.

They originally thought that this was a message sent by the owner of the local slave trade, 'disco', so they didn't doubt it too much.

In the end, a group of villains who had done human trafficking business rushed over one after another and directly boarded the bicycle to hell.

Chen Ling gave it to them for free.

Right now...

"The human traffickers on this island are all here?"

His gaze was cold as he looked at the bounty hunters that he met first.

"Yes, yes, yes. That's all."

The bounty hunter was so scared that his whole body went soft, and his legs and stomach kept trembling.

"Very good."

Chen Ling waved his hand. "You guys go too."

"Go? Uh, where to?"

With this question in mind, the bounty hunter, who had no name until the end, walked down the Yellow Springs Road together with his subordinates.

Chen Ling didn't kill anyone, he just ended the lives of these scumbags.

He didn't want to develop such a bad habit of being too aggressive.

In short, after ending the lives of those human traffickers, Chen Ling left the hall full of corpses.

Following that, he found the key to unlock the 'explosive collar' in the backstage of this slave auction.

Holding the key chain, he slowly walked to the place where the slaves were kept at the auction...

"Young man, if you do this, I won't be able to earn money from alcohol."

He had just opened the iron door of the cage when he heard this sentence coming from the leftmost position.

The owner of the voice was an old man with white hair and a somewhat slovenly appearance. He wore glasses.

Chen Ling naturally knew who this person was.

But now, because he had been suddenly upset by a group of human traffickers previously, he temporarily did not have the mood to greet them.


"Three questions."

Chen Ling walked to the right and snapped his fingers. He summoned an Armed Puppet, which hovered beside him.

At the same time, he stood in front of the first slave that was caught and started to ask questions.

It was a very slovenly middle-aged man.

"I'm asking, you answer."

Chen Ling did not wait for the other party to respond, and directly asked, "The first question: Have you been a pirate before?"

"Uh, no, no, no."

Although the slovenly middle-aged man didn't know what Chen Ling wanted to do, he still answered quickly under pressure.

"The second question: Have you done... or have you personally come into contact with human trafficking before?"


"[Yes, I can.]"

Chen Ling used the key to undo the collar on the man's neck. "You can go now."

"Don't you have three questions?" The man muttered in a low voice, puzzled.

Chen Ling ignored him and walked to the second man.

This person could tell with one look that he was a pirate.

Therefore, Chen Ling asked him directly if he had done human trafficking before.

The other party replied that he hadn't.

Chen Ling continued to ask, "Have you robbed civilians before?"

That person hesitated for a moment, but still did not answer.

In the end, Armed Puppet Ones, who had been following Chen Ling all this time, sent out an alarm.

Chen Ling remained calm and continued to walk towards the next person. The questions he asked still could not be separated from whether he had been a pirate, sold human beings, and robbed civilians.

During this period, one pirate saw that Chen Ling did not intend to help him undo the collar of the explosion and wanted to take the opportunity to rob him.

But in the end, he paid the price of an arm.

Armed Puppet Eins' laser was not to be trifled with.


"Did you rob civilians in the past?"

After Chen Ling asked a 'giant' question and helped him undo the explosive collar, he came to the last person... In front of the white-haired old man.

As for this question...


The old man answered confidently.

He seemed to be smiling as he spoke.

And then...

"Swish ~"

Chen Ling directly borrowed the power of the symbiont and threw the key chain out from the window.

Not long after. The sound of water falling could be heard from outside.

Seeing him like this...

The white-haired old man:???

"Shouldn't you help me open this collar?"

Hearing this...

"You can open it yourself."

As soon as Chen Ling finished speaking, the Armed Puppet beside him shot out several laser beams in succession.

At this time, the freed slaves had already escaped.

Only the pirates and the overly large giant remained.

Chen Ling only displayed this bloody scene after the victims left.

He had killed all the pirates who had once been involved in human trafficking.

The remaining pirates had once robbed civilians, so he had no intention of freeing them.

He threw the key bracelet away.

They might be able to jump into the sea and pick it up, but this had nothing to do with Chen Ling.

In short...

"A human trafficker, die!"

After a while, Chen Ling went to the front desk, minding his own business.

This was originally a gathering place for the auction house to operate normally.

But now, it was written by Chen Ling on the most conspicuous big curtain in One Piece's popular English.

He left the corpses on the ground and prepared to leave.

At this moment...

"Well, there's still quite a lot of cash here. I'll have more money for alcohol for the next period of time."

The white-haired old man had already removed the explosive collar by himself and had also arrived at the area in front of him.

He looked around and saw the corpses all over the ground.

"Sigh ~"

The old man sighed and didn't say anything. He saw that Chen Ling had already walked out of the door and was ready to leave.

It was also after this day that the unlawful zone of the Xiangbo Islands was missing... or rather, it was completely wiped away by someone.

Chen Ling knew that what he was doing today was really within the category of 'private punishment'.

But he did not mind all of this.

He wasn't a hero with great honor to begin with. What he was doing right now was only 'using evil to suppress evil' in the end.

After all, if he really wanted to be a savior, he should wash away all the nobles in the world right now.

Then free all the innocent slaves and return the victims their freedom.

But he didn't do so.

At the bottom of it all, it was only because he 'saw' something that bothered him that he 'cleaned' up.

His first objective was to benefit himself.

If he were to save someone during this period of time, it would only be a supplementary result.

However, even so...

"Thank you for your help."

"I owe you a favor. If there's any trouble in the future, I'll definitely come at your call."

"Mr. Nick, thank you."

When he walked out of the auction house, there was no longer the smell of blood. Chen Ling still saw the sunlight.

He could not help but laugh.

This feeling was indeed not bad.

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