Infinite: Super Low Rank Soldier Commander System/C3 I Hope to Tell You about My Father and Savior Xx
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Infinite: Super Low Rank Soldier Commander System/C3 I Hope to Tell You about My Father and Savior Xx
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C3 I Hope to Tell You about My Father and Savior Xx

In a few minutes...

"[Confirmed, this is the island that appeared in the play]"

At this moment, the hundred brown-haired sparrows that Chen Ling had sent out had found another human stone statue in the dense forest on the island.

At the same time, they found a crude wooden boat near the beach.

Chen Ling remembered very clearly that in the original plot of the anime Dr.STONE, when all the humans in the world were turned into stone statues by the petrifying light rays, the six surviving astronauts landed near an island where the victims had already been.

It was worth mentioning that the reason why they chose to land at this coordinate was because this place was the furthest away from the source of the petrifying light rays, the South America Region.

Right now...

"Sigh ~ I feel more and more that all of this is a 'trial' that the system had arranged beforehand."

Chen Ling couldn't help but sigh in his heart.

In other words, in this situation, if it wasn't for the fact that he had already been turned into a stone statue by the petrifying light and was completely unable to move, the number of times he would sigh today would be even greater than the total number of times he had sighed in the past half a year.

Of course, although he was complaining, it was only a way to vent his emotions.

Chen Ling had no intention of giving up.


"Let's move 'me' and the electric tricycle to somewhere near the island first."

"If we continue to stay on the beach, we might not be swept away by the high waves. What if... What if we are hit by the landing cabin? "

He would do it as soon as he thought of it.

[Catalog Check, system No. 1008]

[Corps File Name: Silver-backed Gorilla]

[Summon Number: 20]

[Release, begin]

[Do you wish to establish synchronous consciousness...]


Chen Ling did not want to waste too much time. He immediately arranged for the newly summoned creatures to take action.

Immediately, under the control of the main consciousness, twelve of the gorillas took off some resources from the electric tricycle one after another, turning around and carrying it inland.

At the same time, eight more gorillas arrived. On both sides of the electric tricycle, they worked together to lift up the vehicle that was somewhat stuck in the sand pit.

Not to mention, just this scene...


Chen Ling, who was watching from the Golden Silk Monkey's perspective, was speechless. If a 'professional' BGM suddenly rang out at this time, and the gorillas shook the electric tricycle up and down a few more times, he might be able to directly announce himself to the earth.

Especially when he was illuminated by the petrifying light, he would maintain the 'dying' posture.

"Fortunately, no one else saw it."

It was a public execution.

"Ahem, anyway, when the astronauts land, they will all receive survival training. At least they are more professional than me. If we work with them, we should be able to get a better plan of action... No."

Originally, they were prepared to sit and wait. The elite descended from the sky. As if he had thought of something, he suddenly gave up on the idea of being a salted fish.

He remembered that in the original plot track of Dr.STONE, the six astronauts had all chosen to descend from the sky because they had no choice.

First of all, there were only two return capsules in the International Space Station.

Each return capsule could fit three people.

The six astronauts were just about to fill up the two return capsules.

Although Chen Ling did not understand why the International Space Station in this world did not prepare at least one backup return capsule, what if the return capsule malfunctioned?

In short, with this awkward situation as the precondition, the six astronauts were originally prepared to let three of them set off first to confirm if they would still be petrified after landing on Earth.

In the end, although the first three people who landed had personally proven that they would not be petrified now, their return capsule flipped over on the sea.

Under such circumstances, if they rashly opened the return cabin's cabin door, they would immediately sink into the sea and die.

If they chose to maintain the current situation, the oxygen in the cabin would be completely consumed over time.

If he did not adjust the frequency of his breathing properly, he would suffocate to death in about nine hours.

Therefore, the three people left behind in the International Space Station had no choice but to follow closely behind, land on Earth, and rescue the first three people.

In other words:

"If I save the first three people, then the remaining three can continue to stay in the International Space Station."

"Because of this, from now on, whether they sit on the command platform or choose a more suitable place to land, they will be able to break the current situation more effectively."

With such a degree of change in the situation, anyone with discerning eyes would be able to see the advantage.


"Let's give it our all."

Chen Ling completely gave up the idea of waiting for death.

He was ready to take the initiative to attack.

"Since we are going to ask him (her) for help, let's try to save them first."

"No matter what, it can be considered a big favor"

In the anime Dr.STONE world.

On a certain day in 2038.

At this moment, 60 hours had passed since the petrifying light covered the entire world.

At this moment, in the International Space Station...

"Shamir, lilian, connie, good luck."

Three young astronauts, one male and two female, entered the return capsule under the blessings of their colleagues.

Dozens of minutes ago, the astronauts' Rock God Hundred Night 'launched a rescue operation.

"We shouldn't be waiting for others to save us. On the contrary, we should save the more than seven billion people who have been petrified."

No one opposed his proposal.

After all, the six people left in the International Space Station were the last six survivors of humanity.

They were the only ones who could 'act'.

But on this basis...

"Uncle, you have a son at home. Right?"

"Since there is a need for someone to verify whether the petrification effect is still there, then it is undoubtedly more suitable for a single man like me who has nothing to worry about."

After saying these words, the golden-haired astronaut from Russia, whose full name was Shamir Vorkov, knocked out the Rock God Hundred Nights with a single punch.

Then, he cooperated with Lilian Weinberg and Likni, the two young female astronauts, and prepared to land on Earth first.

Just like that, another ten minutes passed...

When the return capsule broke through the atmosphere and the landing process was completely over, Shamir, who was wearing a spacesuit, immediately sent a real-time message to the International Space Station.

"Good news, bad news."

"The good news is that after we successfully landed on Earth, we weren't petrified."

"The bad news is that the return capsule we were in has completely deviated from the original landing coordinates, and is currently overturned on the surface of the sea."

"Once the hatch is opened, water will immediately enter and sink"

After listening to these reports...

"Don't be too nervous, control your breathing frequency."

In the International Space Station, a female astronaut named 'Dalia Nikita' replied, "There have been similar water accidents in the past. The oxygen in the return capsule should be enough for you to survive for more than nine hours..."


Shamir sighed helplessly and said, "But after that, our lives will come to an end."

Facing this result, including the Stone God Bai Ye who had woken up, the six survivors were all very anxious.

But they (she) had not completely lost hope.

"There's no other way. We can only land quickly and think of a way to save them."

Rheia suggested.

Hearing that, the male astronaut named Yakov Nikita, who narrowed his eyes, couldn't help but remind her. "How are you going to save him? Running to the hundreds of millions of stone statues on land and rummaging through their pockets for the ship keys? "

"You have to know, even the continent closest to the landing point of the Return Cabin has..."


Shamir's voice came through the communication again, "Uh, you might not believe me if I tell you."

"I saw an octopus writing outside the return cabin."

The three people who stayed in the International Space Station:???



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