Infinite: Super Low Rank Soldier Commander System/C5 Codename Red Fox
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Infinite: Super Low Rank Soldier Commander System/C5 Codename Red Fox
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C5 Codename Red Fox

The parrots learn how to talk. This kind of performance is highly contagious in modern society, almost everyone knows it.

However, as long as one had a deeper understanding of the relevant knowledge, they should know that parrots did not really know how to speak. They were just like a 'repeater', recording the voices they heard during their daily training.

At the bottom of it all, parrots didn't have that level of brain power.

But now...

"Due to the urgency of the situation, I won't say any more pleasantries."

The parrot on the shoulder of the golden silk monkey spoke again, "Mr. Shamir, can you still contact the International Space Station in the return capsule that you are in?"

After saying that, the beach fell into an unusual silence.

It was not until the sound of the waves and the sea breeze blew Shamir's blonde hair that the Russian blonde youth came back to his senses.

"What the hell are you?"

Shamir couldn't help but ask this very pointless question.

Regarding this...

"Please don't use your question to answer my question."

The parrot spoke again. " Besides, your words are quite rude."

Shamir fell into silence and did not respond immediately.

The expression on his face was still very vigilant.

Looking back inside the cabin, lilian and Likanni, the two female astronauts, put their heads close to the window and curiously observed the situation outside.

Seeing this...

"Alright, let's introduce ourselves first."

The parrot on the shoulder of the Golden Silk Monkey bent one wing to its chest, as if it was giving a gentleman's bow, "My name is Nick Wang De, nicknamed Red Fox, I am an esper with multiple abilities."

"The animals you see now, including the great white sharks that went to rescue you previously, are all pets that have always been by my side."

"They can establish a spiritual link with me. So, the one who is talking to you now is actually a human."

Chen Ling indirectly used the parrot's mouth to joke with Shamir, "Not a demon."

The latter was unmoved.

Seeing him like this, Chen Ling could only control the parrot and continue, "In short, you don't have to worry about things like 'animals become demons'. They are all under my control and won't attack you."

"As for my current situation, you should be able to guess it."

After listening to these explanations...

"You've been 'petrified', right?"

Shamir calmly asked.


The parrot nodded like a human. "Half a month ago, I 'foresaw' this disaster."

"After learning that the point of explosion was in a certain region within South America, I specifically rushed over to this uninhabited island, which was the furthest away from the point of explosion, to take refuge."

"But I didn't expect that even if I buried myself deep underground, I wouldn't be able to escape the effects of the Petrifying Ray."

Without a doubt, Chen Ling was only introducing himself with half-truths and half-lies.

Not only did he not intend to reveal his real name, but he also completely concealed his origin.

Because of this, he had hidden the stone statue of the 'survivor of the deserted island' ahead of time and built many simple facilities on the island.

It couldn't be helped. Humans (animals) had a lot of hands and had a tacit understanding with each other, which was why it was so convenient.

Right now...

"I'm done with the introductions here."

Chen Ling controlled the parrot and asked. "Are you guys going to keep this attitude and chat?"

At this moment, Shamir was still at the entrance of the return cabin.

After a few seconds of hesitation, he still walked out.

However, he did not let the other two female astronauts leave the return capsule.

He closed the hatch of the return capsule, still holding the small pistol in his hand.

From the outside, it seemed to be a new model from the Glock series.

Chen Ling didn't really care about these actions.

After all, if it was him, he probably wouldn't trust an outsider so easily.

Especially when this stranger had revealed his supernatural powers, he would undoubtedly be even more vigilant.

In short...

"You just said that you have the ability to 'foresee'."

Shamir jumped down from the cabin and stepped on the beach for the first time.

He looked at the Golden Silk Monkey standing at the top of the cabin and the parrot on his shoulder and asked curiously: "So, when we landed on Earth, did you 'foresee' that we would fall into the water and die?"


By the time Chen Ling gave this reply, he had already controlled an elephant beside him. He used his long nose to roll up the Golden Silk Monkey and took it away from the top of the return cabin.

"I like to make preparations, so before this disaster breaks out, I have already left a lot of room for retreat."

Chen Ling controlled the parrot and replied, "I predicted that I would not be able to escape from the effects of the petrifying light rays, so I had eyes on this area of the sea beforehand."

"In the future, there will be many possibilities."

The parrot continued to transmit its voice. "I foresee that if I don't rescue you, the remaining three astronauts in the International Space Station will take the risk of landing."

"They (she) are very lucky. They will finally land on this uninhabited island and save you for the tenth hour after you fall into the water."

"But in this way, we survivors will lose the biggest advantage we currently have."

At this point, the parrot that was standing on the shoulder of the golden silk monkey suddenly jumped onto Shamir's shoulder.

The latter was instantly shocked, and his entire body tensed up. Just as he was about to make a move, he heard a soft whisper in his ear.

In the next moment, his eyes widened.

Then, he heard a few words:

"Mr. Shamir, don't panic. Calm down and listen to me."

"When you opened the cabin door, I had some 'pets' turn off the communication in the cabin."

"Because the following conversation is not suitable to be spread out."

"The petrifying light ray that erupted from a certain place in South America is actually a special device called the 'Eye of Medusa'."

"It can be used in medicine, but it is undoubtedly an extremely powerful weapon."

"You have also seen the effect."

"I guess, the inside of the International Space Station might be monitored, but we can't lose the advantage it gives"

"So, try not to reveal anything about me. Think of a way to cover up what happened before."

"Next, in order to prevent the information from leaking, please contact the remaining three astronauts in the International Space Station and ask them to land in the Far East region. Collect resources and drive a ship to this uninhabited island."

"Although it sounds cliché, you are the last hope of mankind. We must not let the masterminds get what they want."

After listening to these words, Shamir was silent for a long time.

"How can I be sure that you are not the so-called mastermind?"

Regarding this question...

"It's very simple."

Chen Ling controlled the parrot and replied, "Because if I were the mastermind behind this, you wouldn't have been able to live until now."

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