Infinite: Super Low Rank Soldier Commander System/C6 There Was No News at All
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Infinite: Super Low Rank Soldier Commander System/C6 There Was No News at All
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C6 There Was No News at All

Shamir weighed the pros and cons of Chen Ling's words and hesitated for a while.

In the end, he chose to 'trust' him temporarily.

After all, Chen Ling had indeed saved the three of them in desperate situations.

If there really was a conspiracy, Shamir would admit that he couldn't escape.


"Lilian, cone, come out."

Shamir knocked on a round window of the return cabin and greeted the two female astronauts inside. "It's safe here."

When the two female astronauts left the return capsule skeptically, Shamir entered it again. "I will first report the situation here and the space station."

As soon as he finished speaking, Shamir heard the parrot outside the cabin speak again. It was talking to the two female astronauts.

He started to check the communication device.

As expected, on the control panel inside the cabin, he saw a lot of ants.

The remote communication had already been turned off.

"Is this the so-called 'esper'?"

To be honest, some emotions called 'fear' had already formed in Shamir's heart.

It was normal to be afraid of such an unknown thing.

Besides, compared to the petrifying ray that was too far away, this esper was nearby.

He couldn't see... or it could be said that he didn't sense the threat, but it didn't scare him.

It was human nature.

"Hu ~"

Shamir took a few deep breaths. After calming himself down, he turned on the remote communication again.

"The communication has been cut off for so long. I think that uncle who is not adjusting must have gone crazy."

After muttering to himself, Shamir put on his headset and started to contact the International Space Station.

A few minutes later...

"Huh? You were actually saved by a survivor on a deserted island wearing an octopus mask?"

"I misjudged you earlier... Tsk, I think what you're saying now is more like insanity."

"Are you kidding me?"

After returning to the cabin, the Golden Silk Monkey controlled by Chen Ling heard this roar from the communicator, and its main consciousness became strange.

Shamir's ability to lie was really rotten to the core.

Fortunately, after a round of chit-chatting, both parties had confirmed their next course of action.

The three people left in the International Space Station were ready to land in the Far East region to collect resources, and then rush to this deserted island in the shortest time possible.

Without a doubt...

The development of the Dr.STONE had changed.

The six astronauts who were originally unable to leave this deserted island finally had a chance to return to civilization.

A week later...

In fact, six days ago, the communication of the International Space Station had been cut off.

That was because the last three people left in space had already started the airborne operation with Far East as the target according to the temporary plan.

Because there were only two return capsules inside the International Space Station (I can't figure out why there were no backup capsules) What if there is a malfunction?) Each return capsule can only provide three astronauts called... So in this case, the International Space Station could no longer keep people inside.

In short, after the three of them launched the landing operation, Shamir and the other two could no longer use the communication device in the return capsule to contact their colleagues.

At least for a short period of time, this was the situation.

According to their estimations, the Stone God Hundred Nights, as well as Yakov and Daria would arrive on this island in half a month at most.

However, another twenty days passed...

[Space-Time Coordinates Recording Completed]

It had already been mentioned before that the 'Infinite Space-Time Mixed Soldier Army Commander System' that Chen Ling was bound to had a multidimensional spatial teleportation function.

This auxiliary module could be activated at any time and place, but if one wanted to completely record the spatial coordinates of a certain plane, they would have to stay in the current world for a total of thirty days.

Otherwise, it would trigger the 'random teleportation' effect.

Before this, Chen Ling had only recorded the coordinates of the Earth.

Now, there was an additional spatial coordinate of Stone World.

It was worth mentioning that in the past few days, the reason Chen Ling did not immediately return to Earth but chose to stay in Stone World was because he had considered that it might be even harder to obtain industrial corrosive agent in the real world.

After all, that was a modern society that was in an 'operational' state.

Commanding the animal army to buy nitrate alcohol?

Or contacting his parents and relatives?

These methods were not safe.

The most important thing was, what if... the industrial corrosive agent in Earth was unable to remove the petrification state?

Chen Ling clearly remembered that if he followed the scientific concept of Earth, there were many areas in the story of Dr.STONE that were not rigorous.

But since this was a real fantasy world, then there must be a 'special' reason.

Therefore, Chen Ling suppressed the urge to return to Earth immediately, and resolutely stayed in Stone World to find a way to break out of this predicament.

One should know that if he returned to the Earth without recording the coordinates, no one knew where he would be teleported to next time.


"After removing the petrification, there are some 'resources' that I need very much."


Shamir and the other two brought back the return cabin, as well as the three spacesuits left inside, as well as the standard emergency rescue bag and the Glock handgun that the astronauts had equipped. These were all resources that Chen Ling found very difficult to obtain in Earth.

He originally felt that it was very unsafe for him to only wear a fully enclosed protective suit during his interdimensional travel.

Then the next time, he would directly take the return cabin and transmigrate.

"Let's not talk about other things. At the very least, if he were to be transported to space, he would not directly GG."

Chen Ling felt that his wait was very valuable.


Another month passed.

During this period of time, Chen Ling had already recorded the coordinates of the Earth and the Stone World. He even specially went home a few times.

Of course, he didn't meet his parents.

However, he had sent a message to ensure his safety.

As for the beep of the cute pet video...

I'm sorry, I really can't update OTZ.

Cough cough, I'm too far away.

All in all, Chen Ling was never a rigid person.

Although he had placed his hopes on Hundred Night and the other two, he did not completely rely on them.

There were even some who did not directly say the correct method to remove the petrification. He only asked them to collect large amounts of experimental resources.

Among them, there were raw materials to produce nitrate alcohol.

Yes, Shamir did not completely trust Chen Ling, and so did the latter.

Under such circumstances, in order to ensure that he did not waste any time, Chen Ling actually sent a large number of 'animal legions' out to sea.

The combination of the great white shark, the golden silk monkey, the parrot, and all kinds of insects, there were at least several tens of thousands of groups that had left the island.

Chen Ling believed that with a large number of people, there would always be one or two groups that would successfully bring back the nitrate alcohol for him.

In fact, it was just as he had expected.

Unlimited time and space. Uh, the golden finger that was referred to as the 'Exclusive Command System' would grant Chen Ling the ability to establish a long distance mental connection with summoned creatures at any time.

According to the current test, it seemed that as long as the system successfully analysed the local space-time coordinates, it would even be able to create a 'cross-plane'.

Hmm, very bug.

In short, it was precisely because of this foundation that Chen Ling could understand the current situation of the animal army that was sent out at any time.

It was also under such circumstances...

In two months' time, the 'people' that Chen Ling sent out had already returned after searching for the designated materials.

However, there was still no news from Stone God Bai Ye and the other two.

This news undoubtedly made Shamir and the other two very anxious.

But today, Chen Ling couldn't care less.

Because, he was ready to remove the petrification for himself.

Of course...

"To be safe, before I do, I need to find someone else to test it out."

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