Infinite: Super Low Rank Soldier Commander System/C7 Remove Petrification
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Infinite: Super Low Rank Soldier Commander System/C7 Remove Petrification
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C7 Remove Petrification

It had been mentioned before that there was actually a victim on this island before Chen Ling and Shamir arrived.

The latter had left a small wooden boat on the beach, and had even planted fields on the island. No one knew how long he had been trapped here.

In short, in order to avoid unnecessary complications, Chen Ling had hidden the stone statue of the person who had died on the island.

Now, he was going to use him to test the effects of the nitrate alcohol.

Perhaps doing so would deviate from humanitarian principles, but to Chen Ling, it was a steady and steady way of doing things.

It was very obvious that the lesson he had received after transmigrating into the Dr.STONE world had allowed him to completely straighten out his originally playful mentality.

It was precisely under such circumstances...

"Ah ~"

Shamir and the other two had already lived on this deserted island for nearly two months.

During this period of time, they did not see Chen Ling's true body.

Because a certain part of the island was completely isolated by a large number of ferocious beasts.

Every day, Chen Ling would use the combination of the Golden Silk Monkey and the Big Scarlet Chest Parrot to communicate with them (her).

Therefore, in the past two months, Shamir, lilian, and Li Keni could barely hear the fourth voice.

He (she) was getting more and more worried about the situation with Stone God Baili Ye.

Until today...

"What's the commotion?"

"I think I heard someone screaming just now."

"Do you want to go and take a look?"

Shamir and the other two, who were fishing by the beach, stopped what they were doing.

Recently, they could often get a lot of vegetables from a group of gorillas.

Moreover, sometimes they would work with the sharks in the sea to catch fish and add meat.

Without a doubt, this kind of 'unimaginable' life, they had never dared to imagine it in the past.

But now, it had become real.

Right now...

"The source of the sound came from the sealed area within the island."

Shamir walked to the beach and looked at a Golden Silk Monkey sitting at the side. "Are we still not allowed to go over?"

He knew that just like how he and the others did not believe in that esper, the other party also had a strong sense of vigilance towards the three of them.

Although, in the past few days, this kind of emotion was constantly diminishing as they got to know each other, that esper refused to let the three of them see his true form as a stone statue.

Shamir didn't want to cause any unnecessary conflict.

After all, just by looking at those fierce beasts, he knew that even if he had a gun in his hand, he wouldn't be able to defeat that esper in the end.

The number of 'pets' under that esper's command was too many.

It seemed like there was an endless stream of them.

This was without a doubt the power of 'supernatural'.

He wasn't willing to be killed for no reason.

Furthermore, the three of them were their saviors after all. With Shamir's worldview, he wasn't willing to repay kindness with ingratitude.

Therefore, no matter how he looked at it, in recent days, Shamir and the other two had very 'consciously' not crossed the lightning pool.

As for now...

"Come here."

The parrot on the shoulder of the Golden Silk Monkey spoke in human language, "Today, it's time for us to 'formally' meet."

Upon hearing this, Shamir was stunned.

Then, as he had already guessed the possibility, his eyes immediately widened.

"You, could it be..."


The parrot continued to speak, "I have found a way to remove the petrification effect."

A few minutes later.

Shamir and the other two ran excitedly to the 'sealed area' on the island.

Although the three of them were still trembling with fear when they passed by the beasts, they couldn't help but smile when they saw the situation in the middle of the 'sealed area'.

At this moment, in front of a wooden house, there was a person wearing only underpants. The barbarian with thick hair and beard was holding a thick wooden stick tightly, vigilantly guarding against the beasts that had surrounded him.

Well, it wasn't his fault.

Presumably, anyone who suddenly woke up and discovered that they were in the midst of a pack of tigers would be extremely nervous.

It was already rare that this' savage 'wasn't scared to the point of pissing his pants.

Coincidentally, at this moment, the other party also saw Shamir and the other two.

At the first moment, that' savage 'was actually somewhat stunned.

After that, his mouth moved and he actually... cried.


Shamir and the other two people looked at each other, and all of them looked at their colleagues' faces. They saw an extremely speechless expression.

It was obvious that this' savage 'had not seen a living human for a long time.

As a result, even though they were surrounded by tigers, they still subconsciously shed tears.


"Your vigilance is really bad."

A young voice sounded without any warning, "Of course, I don't have the right to call you guys that."

At this moment, Shamir and the other two subconsciously gathered their gazes and looked towards the source of the voice.

Then, at the entrance of the wooden house, they saw a black-haired young man wearing a construction vest, camouflage pants, and boots.

The most obvious feature of the other party was that there was a black tattoo on his left arm.

It was as if the English characters' X 'and' O had overlapped.

Seeing him approach...

" You are Nick? "

"Yes, I am."

Chen Zero nodded when he heard Shamir say his fake name. "That's amazing. I haven't exercised for two months, but I don't feel any pain at all."

When he said these words, Chen Ling even twisted his neck and rubbed his shoulders.

Seeing that Shamir and the other two didn't respond, he couldn't help thinking in his heart, if I remember correctly, in the original plot of Dr.STONE, once humans experience the process of being petrified and removing the petrification, they can cure any injuries and illnesses."

"The cervical vertebra is broken, the liver is punctured... Even vegetative people can recover."

"It seems that if there is a chance, I must get that petrifying weapon called the Eye of Medusa."

Chen Ling would not mind having too many trump cards on hand.

Furthermore, the reason why he could not suppress his curiosity of traveling back and forth was because he wanted to experience the unique style of different world and obtain what he wanted during this adventure.

A Dimensional Heirloom collector?


Right now...

"The Petrifying Weapon is in the South America region, with this deserted island as the starting point, it was just on the other side of the earth."

Chen Ling thought to himself, "Well, since the spatial coordinates of the Dr.STONE world have been recorded by the system, I should set off for the next stop."

"After all, if I'm lucky enough to go to a world like Gundam, Ultraman, and Galaxy Fleet, the combat strength of my subordinates will experience a huge leap."

"This kind of future is undoubtedly worth looking forward to."

"However, before that."

Chen Ling looked at Shamir and the other two. "After greeting these 'neighbors', I have to return to my hometown first."

"There are some things that I need to make more preparations."

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