Infinite: Super Low Rank Soldier Commander System/C8 Return to the Real World
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Infinite: Super Low Rank Soldier Commander System/C8 Return to the Real World
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C8 Return to the Real World

"Well, I'll take one of these, and the rest will be yours."

"In exchange, I'll take your return capsule and spacesuit."


On the beach on the deserted island, Chen Ling was talking to Shamir and the other two.

At present, both of them had learned that the person who looked like a 'barbarian' was called Chuck Wilson.

He had encountered a shipwreck a few years ago and had lived on this island for a long time.

With him around, and Shamir and the other two had received a certain degree of survival training, it should not be a problem for them to continue living.

As for Chen Ling...

"I still can't bring you all out of this deserted island, but I'm sure you will return in the future."

"When the time comes, if it's convenient, I'll help you find the whereabouts of the other astronauts."

"As for removing the petrification state of mankind... I think your priority right now is to think about how to 'survive'."

"After all, this disaster is most likely man-made. Before you have enough power to resist the unknown enemy, it's best not to act rashly."

After listening to these suggestions, Shamir nodded his head.

He was not an impulsive person.

So he knew that what they needed to do now was to do their best to survive.

After that, they would have to make other plans.

In short...

"Thank you very much for your help, Nick."

After exchanging resources, Shamir and the other two got a lot of urgently needed items.

Especially medicine, which was very rare on the deserted island.

Hence, compared to these, a return cabin that was useless to them was nothing.

Of course, considering Chen Ling's identity as an 'esper', Shamir actually had many doubts about him.

But he wasn't stupid. He knew that he shouldn't have investigated at this time, so he wasn't in a hurry to ask.

As for the other two astronauts...

"Will you really come back?"

The full name of the female astronauts, 'Lilianne Weinberg', did not actually belong to the official organization of the International Space Station.

Because she was a singer sent to space by the US for 50 million USD.

Therefore, compared to Shamir from Russia and the Asian American, lilian did not know much about professional knowledge.

But in the past two months, she had the most interaction with Chen Ling.

Before her petrification state was removed, lilian often teamed up with the Golden Silk Monkey and Parrot.

She liked to sing.

Because of this, Chen Ling had the Golden Silk Monkey under him take out a tablet from the cargo box of the electric tricycle.

There were many famous songs in the real world stored inside. Lilian had been a loyal listener before.

It was also because of this that Shamir and the other two were later told that Chen Ling was not someone who lived in the same world as them.

This black-haired young man who called himself 'Nick Wang De' came from Earth in a parallel world.

He was indeed an esper.

However, other than 'Prediction' and 'Summoned Beast,' he could also travel through space and time.

Cough cough, it was too far away.

All in all, lilian often used the tablet Chen Ling provided to listen to music.

So far, her favorite song was a theme song for the anime movie called Tri Evernight.

She also liked to watch Animal City of Madness.

Because this movie gave her the same feeling as her current life.

If she didn't experience failure, how could she feel the joy of success?

"I will come back"

On the beach, Chen Ling stood in front of the return cabin and said to Lilian with a smile, "Remember to practice that song well."

"When we meet again next time, let me hear the replay of the world's top singers."


Lily nodded and said, "It's a deal."

"Buzzing ~"

The teleportation function was activated, and Chen Ling returned to the real world.

It was still the same small warehouse that he had rented.

However, compared to the previous electric tricycle, this time, Chen Ling returned with a return cabin.

It was a high-tech cabin.

"Next time, even if I travel to the vacuum universe, I will have a way to survive."

As he spoke, Chen Ling took out a tablet and connected it to the Earth's wireless network.

As expected...

"So much to urge."

Before this, Chen Ling had posted videos at the beeping station to make money in order to prepare the resources.

But now, he directly cut off the video for two months. In the comments section of the last video, there were already many pigeon cries.

The next time he uploaded the video, there would definitely be a lot of comments, 'You still have the face to come back', and 'Grandpa, the updates of the UP that you are paying attention to' that would welcome him.


It was worth mentioning that Chen Ling had actually prepared a few tablets when he transmigrated.

The reason was to differentiate between 'practical' and 'entertainment use.

The computer that he lent to Lilian was an entertainment use machine.

There were only some 'entertainment products that would not cause any accidents' inside.

Before he lent it out, Chen Ling had also deleted some sensitive things.


"Let's rest for a few days."

"It just so happens to be a video recording to earn some extra money"

Chen Ling tilted his head and looked at the cracks on his left shoulder.

This was the symbol that humans would appear after removing the petrification.

Some people's cracks would directly appear on their faces. For example, the main character of the Dr.STONE - Stone God Qian Kong.

Chen Ling's cracks were the pattern where the X and O overlapped on his left shoulder.

It could be said that it was constantly warning Chen Ling not to act rashly in the future.

He had to think twice before doing anything.

Although he had to grasp the opportunity and grasp the opportunity, he still had to make sufficient preparations before doing anything.

Right now...

"The recording of the cute pet video is very simple, it will be done in half a day"

In the small warehouse, Chen Ling patted the outer wall of the return cabin, "This thing, in addition to providing me with the most basic survival conditions in the vacuum environment of the universe, it also needs to have a minimum movement ability. Otherwise, it will be too inconvenient to use."

"If it's a little crude, I need to add a trailer."

Without a doubt, before he transmigrated to the Dr.STONE world, Chen Ling had analyzed the model of the 'horse' in the real world.

Moreover, he had also analyzed the domestic Three Rivers Horse that had its own saddle.

It could be used for riding or pulling a carriage.

Therefore, as long as he welded a trailers back to the cabin, he could use it as a 'carriage' when necessary.

In any case, this return cabin was originally a three-person seat structure. Even if the seat was not removed, there would still be a lot of materials inside.

Not to mention, it would definitely not be a problem to store food and clothing supplies for two months.

With this as the foundation, the system that Chen Ling was bound to also had the ability to teleport across planes randomly at any time.

Although he needed to stay for 30 days to record the coordinates of the current world, as long as he noticed that something was wrong and weighed the pros and cons, he could actually return immediately.

"No, if there is an emergency next time, I will return to Stone World first."

Chen Ling remembered very clearly that some of the different world had extremely high contamination rate viruses.

He did not want to bring such a dangerous thing back to Earth.


"Without the guidance of the pioneer, I have to pay attention to all aspects of the journey from zero onwards."


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