Infinite: Super Low Rank Soldier Commander System/C9 Second Transmigration
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Infinite: Super Low Rank Soldier Commander System/C9 Second Transmigration
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C9 Second Transmigration

A few days later...

"Chi ~ Chi ~"

In the small warehouse that Chen Ling rented, from time to time, there would be ear-piercing welding and saw sounds.

Yesterday, the small flatbed trailer that he had bought had arrived.

After resting for a few days, he had spent a few hours recording videos of cute pets. He had been busy since last night.

Fortunately, the warehouse was not in the residential area, so there was no problem of disturbing the people.

Furthermore, he was not alone... Pei.

The 'human hand' he could use. There were a lot of them.

In short, in order to avoid exposing the existence of the 'special item' that was returning to the cabin, Chen Ling could only personally weld its base and the flat-trailer together.

Furthermore, he slightly modified the front part of the trailer and changed the way it was used.

There was no other way.

When Chen Ling transmigrated, the area covered by the system was only a spherical space with a radius of two meters.

Based on this point of consideration, the trailer itself could not be too long. Otherwise, including the two-meter high rebound cabin, it would not be able to transport at all.

The extension of the front hanging part could naturally only be changed into a fold.

It was naturally not as solid as the original version, but at least it could be used.

Right now...


Chen Ling put the folded front part of his DIY card back into the cabin to prevent it from falling outside the range of the teleportation. Then, he began to return to the cabin to store the goods.

Before this, he had left most of the goods he had accumulated for Shamir and the others to use. Now, he naturally had to add some new goods.

Of course, the goods he gave out were not considered losses.

This was because, not to mention the things Chen Ling had obtained from the Return Cabin and spacesuit, just Shamir and the other two had provided Chen Ling with a lot of professional information.

As astronauts who could enter the International Space Station, they had all received survival training.

Some of Chen Ling did not take into account the resources he needed to prepare. They had specially made a list and informed him.

This undoubtedly increased Chen Ling's survival rate by a lot.

It was a win-win situation for each of them taking what they needed.

"Next, I hope to go to a sci-fi world."

After the goods were transported and confirmed that the warehouse door had been locked, welding, chainsaw, and other tools had been removed from the socket. Chen Ling made a gesture of 'Earth Burst: Heavenly Star' and began to pray.

Then, following the steps Shamir and the others taught him, he put on the spacesuit equipment.

He entered the return cabin.

"The second random teleportation, begin."

"Mom, I want to go home and ask questions."

Ask: Who has ever felt this before? It was the kind of feeling where someone used a gun. No, the feeling of having a gun pointed at their head?

At this moment, Chen Ling was' fortunate 'to receive this kind of treatment.

Now, the return cabin that he had exhausted all his energy to modify, along with the cabin door, had been blown away by half of the ceiling.

As for himself, he was being glared at by a woman in a white coat, glasses, and black hair and purple eyes.

"Calm down! Calm Two! 진정하세요! Calm! Calm! Calm!"

He was afraid that the other party would take another step forward and do something terrifying! Chen Ling quickly raised his hands and spoke the four languages he knew in the fastest speed in his life.

Under normal circumstances, Chen Ling thought that if the other party did not have the intention to kill him, then the first thing he should ask was the cliché 'Who are you'.

However, he did not just sit and wait for his death. As he quietly headed towards the nearby animal soldiers, he discovered that this black-haired, purple-eyed female in front of him actually had tears at the corners of her eyes.

"You destroyed my research."

Her body seemed to be constantly trembling, "That is the last hope of all humans on Earth."


Chen Ling was a little confused.

There was no doubt that this place was a sci-fi world just by looking at the giant 'floating' cannon next to the enemy.

However, Chen Ling really didn't know how to respond to the current situation.

"Why did you suddenly put on a show like 'the last hope of mankind'?"

He was rather speechless.

Of course, on the surface, he couldn't just casually say those words.

Because Chen Ling was really worried that with a shake of the other party's hand, his head would be like a shattered watermelon. It splashed everywhere.

Because it came from the heart...

"Don't get excited."

When Chen Ling heard that the other party could speak Japanese, he immediately replied in a comforting tone, "If I accidentally cause any damage, I will definitely be responsible for it."

"If you have any difficulties, I can also help you."

"Please, don't be agitated."

Hearing what he said...

"How can you be of any help? That is the research that I have been working hard to maintain for many years."

The woman in the white coat was very emotional, "I almost succeeded just now, why would you, you would..."

"You suddenly appeared here?"

The other party was unable to say the last half of his sentence.

Because, from Chen Ling's perspective, the other party had already collapsed to the ground as if he had lost all his strength.


At this moment, Chen Ling, who had not even had the time to take off his spacesuit, was completely dumbfounded by the current situation.

He subconsciously looked around and immediately discovered that the return cabin he was in was actually embedded into the wall.

And in the surroundings, a large number of scientific instruments had already been destroyed.

It seemed that the moment he transmigrated to this world, he directly destroyed part of the local research facilities.

To be honest, Chen Ling was already prepared to leave immediately.

However, after carefully looking at the woman in the white coat on the ground, he felt that she looked more and more familiar.


"This giant cannon... Hmm?"

It was based on white, gold, and black. It looks like...

"The fifth holy relic?"

Chen Ling suddenly remembered that during the past few days of rest, when he was playing with the Thunderclap Triple Strike weapon, he accidentally stumbled upon something like this.

At this moment, he looked at the person on the ground...

"Emm ~"

She really looked like a cook.


"Mai doesn't know how to wear a white coat."

Chen Ling's thoughts were quite clear. " So, this is Dr. Mei from the old civilization era?"

"She's... overworked?"


Chen Ling suddenly thought of a very serious problem.

If he remembered correctly, in the original plot of the Triple Collapse, the research that could be called the 'final hope of mankind' in the old civilization era seemed to be the Stigmata Plan that was just completed before the death of Dr. Mei.

"So, at this time, the Law of Destiny is near the moon?"

Chen Ling felt that he had to leave as soon as possible.

But at this moment...


The giant cannon floating in midair still showed no signs of stopping.

It seemed that there was another controller.

"[Prometheus] # 932f681E @ # #@@# # BD4719592783F @ @ # # C51502 Prometheus # #@@##@@## @@# #@@) Judgement: Intruders found. "

"[Warning, intruder, do not act rashly, otherwise this system will not guarantee your personal safety]"

A girl's voice that was devoid of emotion, but somehow smelled like milk, entered Chen Ling's ears.

In the next moment, he saw a passageway opening on one side of the wall of the secret chamber.

Several drones flew out from inside.

They were arranged in an orderly manner. They carefully helped Dr. Meter up from the ground and injected her with something that seemed to be nutrient solution.

Chen Ling really wanted to leave immediately.

However, after many attempts, he could confirm that the teleportation field created by the Infinite Beyond Time and Space Army Commander system needed at least one second to be formed.

Therefore, he really did not dare to move now.

Thus, he waited for a long time.

The woman in the white coat finally woke up.


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