Invincible System-I am the Great Devil/C10 A Product Made by the Infernal King must be of the Highest Quality
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Invincible System-I am the Great Devil/C10 A Product Made by the Infernal King must be of the Highest Quality
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C10 A Product Made by the Infernal King must be of the Highest Quality

Chu He laid down in the bathtub leisurely, his mind was completely captivated by the Demon King's Shop's interface.

Seeing that there was a personal attribute option in the upper right corner of the Demon King's Shop, he clicked on it.

Immediately, Chu He's personal information appeared in front of him:

"Host: Chu He

Cultivation Stage: Seventh level of the Spirit Opening Realm

Occupation: None

Skill Path: < The Great Devil Scripture >, Volume 1

Martial Arts: None

Devil's Dot: 248


"The attributes seem a little pitiful …"

Chu He sighed helplessly in his heart, and immediately closed the page on personal information, returning back to the interface of the Demon King's Shop.

The next moment, he was blinded by the dazzling array of goods on the Demon King's Shop.

"Greater Teleportation of the Universe!" My god, you even have such a divine skill! " When Chu He was browsing through the martial arts section of the Demon King's Shop, he was shocked by the name written on it.

He then focused his consciousness onto the martial arts technique. Immediately, a detailed introduction appeared before his eyes.

"Universal Teleportation: Golden Consecutive Planar Martial Arts. Can be converted into yin and yang energies. Borrowing strength to fight, can be divided into seven levels."

"Evaluation: Middle Huang Level Martial Arts, 10 Devil's Dot required to purchase."

"This godly skill is actually a middle Huang class martial art. In the future, wouldn't it be heaven-defying?!"

The martial arts he was currently in in were divided into four levels, the Sky, Earth, Black Yellow, and the Earth. Each level could be subdivided into four levels, namely the Low High School and the Exquisite Tier.

Chu He controlled his impulsive thoughts and continued to browse.

"The Supreme Mystery Scripture, a low-level dark class martial art. It doesn't feel cool enough."

"Thousand Splitting Fist, my name is Earth, no!"

"Mountain Splitter Fist, Descend Wand …"

"None of these sounds impressive enough!"

In the beginning, Chu He still looked through the details of the martial arts one by one, but the later on, the more impatient he got.

Until the very end, he had only looked at the name of the martial arts. As long as one was not domineering enough, he would be able to sweep through everything in one glance.

"[Rachel], [Spiral Pill], [Thunder God] …"

Chu He couldn't help but exclaim. There was actually a Fire Shadow Dimension's S rank ninja technique here, and it was also an Earth Rank Low Rank martial art.

"Heavens! If I'm not invincible, then who is?!"

Chu He suppressed the excitement in his heart and continued to read. He realized how powerful the Demon King's Shop was, and it contained all the martial arts from all over the place. He looked at them in detail and felt very familiar with them:

《 Eight Inner Hidden Gates》:

Martial arts from the Fire Shadow Plane, Earth Stage Low Rank. The eight gates were Open, Rest, Life, Wound, Du, Scene, Shock and Death. Each of these gates doubled the strength of the martial arts.

Required Devil's Dot: 100

"Little Li Flying Daggers":

It was a martial art from the ancient dragon novel's plane. It was a low-rank Earth Realm martial art. Little Li's throwing knife was truly astonishing!

Required Devil's Dot: 120

< Blind >:

It came from the Shadow Fire Eye technique, Earth Stage Mid Rank. It had a nearly omnidirectional view, and could observe far away eyes and see through objects.

Required Devil's Dot: 150


Looking at the powerful martial arts that he had read one by one, Chu He was dazzled. He had to resist the urge to buy them immediately.

Every single martial art here made Chu He's heart palpitate, but he could not do anything about it as his Devil's Dot s were limited. He had to buy the most powerful martial art in a short period of time.

After a long mental struggle, Chu He finally made the choice to purchase the < Eight Inner Hidden Gates >, a low level local martial arts.

In the Fire Shadow Realm, the Fire Emperor was a man who had almost kicked out a big ending. Chu He had been yearning for that "Ye Kai" kick the entire time.

He had originally wanted to purchase some other martial arts, but after considering the fact that the Demon King's Shop had a few other goods besides the martial arts section, he decided to take a look at the other items first.

If there was something even more powerful behind him, he would cry himself to death.

"Ding … Congratulations on purchasing < Eight Inner Hidden Gates >, would you like to learn it?"

"Yes sir!" Chu He shouted in his heart.

Immediately after, the Eight Inner Hidden Gates disappeared from the inventory and transformed into a golden light that entered between Chu He's eyebrows.

"Congratulations on successfully comprehending the low rank Earth Realm martial art" Eight Inner Hidden Gates "."

Suddenly, Chu He completely grasped the profound Eight Inner Hidden Gates technique, the feeling was like he had created this technique, he did not need to adapt to it.

"I thought that I would have to slowly experience my proficiency myself, but in the end, I managed to completely grasp it?"

"It looks like the product of the Infernal King is definitely top quality!"

Chu He secretly clenched his fist, his heart was extremely excited!

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