Invincible System-I am the Great Devil/C11 Great Devil Scripture
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Invincible System-I am the Great Devil/C11 Great Devil Scripture
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C11 Great Devil Scripture

Chu He once again opened his own personal attribute interface:

"Host: Chu He

Cultivation Stage: Seventh level of the Spirit Opening Realm

Occupation: None

Skill Path: < The Great Devil Scripture >, Volume 1

Martial Arts: « Eight Inner Hidden Gates »

Devil's Dot: 148


Chu He nodded his head in satisfaction. At the very least, his methods of hitting others would not be as low as slapping others in the future. He wouldn't have an expert slapping others every day, even though that feeling was also pretty good.

"This' Great Devil Scripture 'was given to me by a novice gift. It's definitely trash and it's only volume 1. Isn't this too stingy? Can't you give me the complete version?"

Chu He kept ridiculing her, but he immediately started to look through the cultivation methods in the Demon King's Shop.

"I don't have a Yellow Rank cultivation technique."

"He doesn't have a Xuan Level cultivation technique either."

"I still don't have an Earth Grade cultivation technique."

"Oh my god, could it be that the system is giving me a Heaven Tier cultivation technique?!"

As expected, Chu He finally found the《 Great Devil Scripture》 at the Heaven Ranked Cultivation Method and immediately chose to look through the details:

The first volume of the 'Great Devil Scripture':

The Great Devil King's natal cultivation technique, Heaven rank top grade cultivation technique, was divided into three volumes. Each volume could be cultivated to three great realms, allowing one to absorb the essence of the stars and moon by themselves without needing to independently cultivate it.

Required Devil's Dot: 300

"It really is a Heaven Tier technique, and it's even a Heaven rank top grade cultivation technique. It can automatically absorb the essence of the stars and moon, and there's no need to cultivate it on its own. This thing is suitable for me, a lazy person must have it!"

"System Father, I was wrong. I shouldn't have blamed you. I hope that you can give me more of these treasures in the future!"

Chu He immediately realized his own mistake, and immediately admitted his mistake. Although the Demon King System was a self-contained system, if it had his own consciousness, then it would really be a loss to bear grudges against him in the future.

And then he looked at the price of the volume, which had 3000 written on it.

Chu He rubbed his eyes, suspecting that he was seeing things. After carefully counting, it was still 3 zeros.

"Bullsh * t, why didn't you go steal it!"

Chu He almost went berserk, alright!

He had painstakingly gone everywhere to deceive people, and had finally obtained less than 300 Devil's Dot. This was merely the first volume of the《 Great Devil Scripture》 that cost 3000 Devil's Dot, and the second volume was still a piece of grey fog that he couldn't see. He didn't know what kind of moth it was, but how could Chu He not be driven mad by it?

Even he suspected that the darned system was giving him such a darned cultivation technique. It was like a bottomless pit.

It was fortunate that his current realm was still lower, so he did not have to worry about the problems with the scrolls, or else Chu He would probably close his eyes right where he was.

"There are still 148 Devil's Dot left. Go and take a look at the fruits to see if there is anything good."

Chu He then set aside his worries, the worries for tomorrow were left to tomorrow, he focused on the fruits inside the Demon King Shop.

Although cultivation techniques and martial arts were very important, but the most important magical fruit was still in the fruit column. This was the fastest way to increase one's realm rapidly.

The first few fruits on the row were magic fruits, which were divided into the primary ones, intermediate ones, and high-level ones.

The Beginner Magic Fruit would be sold for 10 Devil's Dot s, Intermediate Magic Fruit would be sold for 100, and High Magic Fruit would be sold for 1000. The Magic Value would be given for 10, 100, and 1000 respectively.

Skipping over these fruits that could raise his cultivation realm, Chu He continued to read. It was good that he did not look at them, but this look almost made Chu He's jaw drop.

"Rubber fruit? Thunderclap Fruit? Vibrating Fruit? "

Chu He almost bit off his chin.

Even the various demon fruits on the sea bandit plane were included in it. However, the price of each fruit immediately made Chu He calm down, and even the cheapest one was worth 10,000 Devil's Dot.

What the heck is he playing at!

Chu He retracted his restless heart. This Demon Fruit was not something that he could covet, so he continued to look at the other fruits.

Following that, the effects of a scarlet fruit instantly attracted Chu He's attention:

Bone Melting Fruit:

It could completely melt a person's broken bones, allowing them to forge anew. Even a shattered bone could be restored in an instant.

Required Devil's Dot: 100

"Buy it!"

Chu He did not hesitate at all and immediately bought the Bone Fusion Fruit, because this fruit could help his sister Chu Yu get rid of the identity of a handicapped person!

"Take it out!"

Immediately, the Blood Fusion Fruit in the inventory disappeared, and a scarlet red fruit appeared in Chu He's hands.

"Yu Er... Yu Er! I found a way to cure your leg! "

Chu He pushed open the bathroom door as if he was crazy and ran out.

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