Invincible System-I am the Great Devil/C12 Bone-melting Fruit
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Invincible System-I am the Great Devil/C12 Bone-melting Fruit
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C12 Bone-melting Fruit

At this moment, Chu Yu had just finished half of the roast duck, and was carefully wrapping up the rest of the ordinary roast duck …

Suddenly hearing Chu He rush out naked from the bathroom, she immediately covered her eyes in embarrassment.

"Brother, you're naked!" Chu Yu said in embarrassment and anger.

"Hatred from Chu Yu + 88."

Only then did Chu He realize this, and casually pulled up Chu Yu's tattered pants that had not been repaired.

"Why are you being shy? We're siblings, and we even had a bath together when we were younger."

Chu He did not have the slightest shyness, and spoke carelessly.

"When we were young, we weren't young anymore. Why are you still so shameless? Besides, we're not siblings …"

Chu Yu's face became even redder as she said angrily.

He was already sixteen years old this year, and he had already become a slender and elegant young lady.

Due to the fact that his legs were disabled, he stayed in the house all year round, causing his skin to be extremely white and smooth.

If not for his legs, his looks would be considered one of the top beauties in the entire Anping City.

"Aiya! Don't care about these details, quickly eat this fruit. "

With that, Chu He shoved the Bone Fusion Fruit into Chu Yu's hands, signalling him to quickly eat it.

Chu Yu did not ask any further, and accepted the Blood Fusion Fruit from Chu He's hands.

"What did you give me to eat? Why did it melt in my mouth?"

Just as Chu Yu was about to bite the Blood Fusion Fruit, it turned into a ball of liquid and was completely absorbed by her.

"How are you feeling?"

Chu He's face was filled with anticipation at the change that had occurred to Chu Yu, and asked anxiously.

"I don't feel anything. I just feel that my legs are a bit hot and comfortable."

Chu Yu replied in a somewhat baffled manner.

Hearing Chu Yu say that his legs were hot, Chu He was overjoyed for a moment. Maybe Chu Yu had not realized anything yet.

Because his legs were disabled, he could no longer feel the warmth and the pain. At this time, he felt that the temperature meant that the Blood Fusion Fruit had begun to take effect!

"It hurts, bro, why did you suddenly pinch me?"

Suddenly, Chu Yu couldn't help but cry out from the pain he felt coming from his own leg.

"Hatred from Chu Yu + 23."

"Silly girl, have you not reacted yet?"

Seeing that Chu Yu had not reacted, Chu He asked gently.

"I... My leg actually has an intuition?! "

Only then did Chu Yu react, he had to pinch his own leg until it was almost purple before he could stop.

This was the first time she tried to stand up. Her originally useless legs now firmly supported her body. They were much stronger than her normal legs.

"Brother …" Brother! I stood up. Did you see that? I've stood up! "

At this moment, Chu Yu was hugging Chu He excitedly and was spinning and jumping around Chu He, he was so excited that it was a mess.

"Quickly stop! Brother is about to be strangled to death by you!"

Seeing that Chu Yu's legs were healed, Chu He revealed a genuine smile, Chu He was extremely excited.

In fact, when Chu Yu was picked up by the Chu Family, he was born with a handicap in both his legs. Although he would often smile in front of his older brother, Chu He knew that it was only to force himself to smile.

Every time he saw Chu Yu giggling foolishly at the world outside the window, Chu He, the elder brother, would feel extremely pained in his heart.

Chu Yu excitedly kissed Chu He on the side, and said excitedly: "Big Brother, you're really too awesome! How did you do it."

"That's amazing? This brother has something even more amazing to show you! "

With that said, Chu He started to emit the seventh level of the Spirit Opening Realm's spirit energy.

"Brother, you're actually a cultivator now!" But don't you have no talent for cultivation? "

Chu Yu looked at Chu He with an expression of disbelief.

"Talent is nothing. I have something even more powerful than talent. From now on, not only me, you can also become a powerful cultivator!"

Chu He patted his chest, and said sincerely.

"En, I believe brother, we will definitely become the most powerful cultivators. When that happens, no one will dare to bully us anymore."

Chu Yu clenched her fist in excitement and smiled.

"Definitely. I haven't finished bathing yet, so I'm going to take a shower first."

"Then forget about embroidery. If your eyes are injured and your hands are injured, then bro will raise you in the future."

With that said, Chu He walked towards the bathroom.

"Alright, bro, you still haven't eaten, right? I'll go make you a bowl of tomato and egg noodles."

After saying that, Chu Yu excitedly walked towards the kitchen. Before this, he was constantly pacing around the living room, and from time to time, he would even jump a few times.

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