Invincible System-I am the Great Devil/C17 Peace Hotel
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Invincible System-I am the Great Devil/C17 Peace Hotel
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C17 Peace Hotel

"Little River, you made this stinky tofu, take these 10 taels of silver."

Wang Ying took the 10 taels of silver and immediately passed the money to Chu He. He knew that Chu He and his sister had a difficult life, and this money was not a small amount for them.

"Auntie Wang, you keep it. After all, it was made using your tofu. Moreover, we came here today to discuss a matter with you."

Chu He then gave the silver in his hands to Auntie Wang, he knew clearly that Auntie Wang's family was living a poor life.

"Little River, uncle didn't mean it that way just now. You can't be blaming uncle …"

"If you have anything to say, just say it. As long as it's something we can do, we will definitely do it!"

Li An had a guilty expression. Thinking back to how he had always looked down on Chu He's dishes, although Chu He did not care about it, he still felt ashamed.

"I heard that you want to transfer this shop to us, is that okay?"

Before Chu He could say anything, Chu Yu asked first.

"You want to take over this shop?"

Wang Ying and Li An said in unison, their eyes filled with disbelief.

"Of course, if you want to take over, there's no problem. However, let me tell you the truth, our location is too poor and our business has never been very good. If you take over, Auntie is afraid of harming you …"

Wang Ying had grown up looking at these two children, looking at Chu He, who was like her own children. If it was any other person who took over, she would definitely not hesitate at all.

"Auntie Wang, I know you are doing this for our own good. As the saying goes, wine is not afraid of deep alleys. I have the confidence to run this shop well!"

Of course, Chu He understood what the Auntie Wang meant, but he believed that with his culinary skills and his unique dishes, he would be able to stomp the "First Ranking" beneath his feet.

"The child naturally has his own thoughts, you don't have to worry about it. Let's not talk about other things, I have already accepted Chu He's culinary skills."

Li An looked at Chu He in admiration. Only a chef would know how excellent Chu He's cooking skills were, such a cooking expert would definitely be able to open a shop no matter where they were.

Seeing that Uncle Li agreed, Auntie Wang naturally agreed as well. Following that, Chu Yu handed over a total of 30 silver taels to Auntie Wang.

In addition, he also made the Auntie Wang and the Uncle Li stay in the shop to help out. Every month, they would be paid fifteen silver coins.

Chu He spent the rest of his money on decorating the restaurant. After spending three days, he turned the restaurant into a western-style restaurant. It was also considered a unique restaurant in Anping City.

"Brother, why did you change the name of the restaurant to Peace Hotel?"

Chu Yu stood at the entrance of the restaurant and instructed Chu He to hang the signboard, seeing the strange name, he asked curiously.

"My wish is for the world to be destroyed, so I named it Peace Hotel."

After Chu He hung up the Peace Hotel's signboard, he came down to take a look. Only then did he nod his head in satisfaction.

"Hatred from Chu Yu + 66."

"Current Devil's Dot: 142."

"What the hell are you doing, bro!" "Wait for me …"

Seeing Chu He walking straight into the shop, Chu Yu quickly followed him.

"It's opening for business tomorrow. I have to hurry up and research a menu."

Chu He opened this restaurant with the purpose of destroying a first-rate residence on one hand, and the most important thing was to earn a Devil's Dot!

A normal restaurant's menu was naturally very ordinary, but was Chu He a normal person?

Obviously not!

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