Invincible System-I am the Great Devil/C2 The Counterattack of the Waiter
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Invincible System-I am the Great Devil/C2 The Counterattack of the Waiter
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C2 The Counterattack of the Waiter

Chu He who was floating in the air looked at the indifferent faces around him. Not only the three of them, even the Manager Mo and the other employees at the hotel not far away were like this. What was even more, he could vaguely see the undisguised smile on their faces.

This first class residence of the Anping City was the number one tavern. Its background was extremely powerful, and no one dared to come knocking on their door to cause trouble. Not only did this man come over to eat an overbearing meal, he even dared to hurt others.

The point was that the Manager Mo and the thugs in charge of security could clearly see that this group of people were causing trouble, but they turned a deaf ear. If they said that there was no trick to it, he would not believe it even if he was beaten to death.

"Damn it, these people must be colluding with the Manager Mo, since you are heartless, then don't blame me for being unjust!" Chu He cursed angrily in his heart.

"Kid, are you not convinced!?" Do you believe that I won't kill you right now! " Seeing Chu He's clenching and clenching of her fingers, it was clear that Zhang Lai was not convinced, and she shouted angrily.

"Put me down first, we have something to talk about." Chu He suddenly had a bright idea, and was prepared to feign fear first.

"Kid, you're quite tactful. Speak!" Which way do you want to go, kid? "

Seeing that Chu He had submitted, Zhang Lai put Chu He down, with a face full of pride, the people around him started to laugh.

Chu He leisurely walked to the side of the table, then picked out the fly from the bowl of fish soup and placed it on his right index finger nail with a troubled expression.

"I thought you were a tough guy, but you're also a soft egg, hahaha …"

"Not only is he a coward, he's also a pauper. I'm afraid he doesn't have the money to pay for his meal!"

"A mere waiter. He's only a mere ant. Yet he dares to be so impudent before us? Truly laughable."


In an instant, mocking voices rang out from the surroundings. It wasn't just the four drunken guests, but even the staff of the First Pin Residence had joined in.

Chu He only smiled slightly, his right index finger quickly bent, following that, the dead fly turned into a shooting star, and with lightning speed, it flew into Zhang Lai's mouth who was still laughing.

"Goo …"

Zhang Lai subconsciously swallowed his saliva, and the fat dead fly was swallowed by him. He could even clearly see his throat move a little as well.

For a moment, the entire audience's gaze was focused on Chu He, and looked at him with a face full of shock. It was obvious that they couldn't believe that he was the one who did everything that had happened.

"Let me eat a dead fly and shit you!"

"Hatred from Zhang Lai + 66."

This time, the increase in the resentment value was much greater than last time. It seemed that the increase in the resentment value was related to the degree of the resentment.

"You arrogant thing, today I'll show you what a punching bag is!"

Zhang Lai finally reacted, his face was now between red and white, it was extremely interesting, raising his huge fist high into the air, he rushed towards Chu He.

According to the Manager Mo's intelligence network, Chu He was just a piece of trash who didn't have the qualifications to cultivate, and his body was weak.

Moreover, Chu He was just a mere waiter. Even if he accidentally killed him, no one would stand up for him.

As such, this upstart had no intention of holding back. The onlookers all thought that they would see a bloody scene and they all subconsciously closed their eyes.

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