Invincible System-I am the Great Devil/C20 Someone Is Smashing the Floor
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Invincible System-I am the Great Devil/C20 Someone Is Smashing the Floor
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C20 Someone Is Smashing the Floor

It had been half a month since Peace Hotel opened its doors …

Business inside the restaurant was getting better and better every day, as if every day was filled to the brim. Chu He had even developed the business of take-out.

Looking at the Silver and Devil's Dot's daily growth, nothing could be happier than this.

Chu He had even used the silver he had earned from this to expand the scale and furnishing of the store. The Peace Hotel had also slowly turned from an obscure little shop into a high-class restaurant that surpassed the "first-rate residence" in terms of scale.

"Manager Mo, this is the restaurant that stole our business."

One of the "First Pin Residence" copper badge thugs led a large group of people and pointed at the Peace Hotel's signboard, speaking aggressively.

"Peace Hotel? "Such arrogant words, I want to see if your crappy shop can still be at peace today!"

Manager Mo, who was standing outside the shop, looked at the signboard of "Peace Hotel". With a wave of his hand, he led a group of people and charged into the Peace Hotel.

"Customer, I'm sorry, but our shop already has no seats left. If you're queuing up, please go to the back of the line …"

Seeing that suddenly a large group of people had barged in, thinking that they were here to eat, Wang Ying smiled and greeted.

Right now, the "Peace Hotel" was really causing trouble for the troops. Even the people who were lining up to eat were almost at the door.

At that moment, the Manager Mo was even more enraged. His current first class residence did not even have a single customer, yet this place was actually so popular!


"F * * k, you don't have any discernment at all. Go and get your manager over here!"

A thug standing beside Sun Mo directly smashed a huge vase at the entrance while being signalled with his eyes, and bellowed.

"Auntie Wang, what happened?"

When Chu He heard the noise, he immediately rushed out from the kitchen to see Manager Mo and the rest.

"Yo, who do I think it is? So it's you, Chu He.

What? Leaving the first class residences, I ran to Peace Hotel to be a waiter … "

Sun Mo saw that the person who came out was none other than Chu He who had just left his residence a few days ago, and spoke with a cold expression.

"What nonsense are you all spouting!?" This is the manager of our Peace Hotel. "

Auntie Wang could also see that the other party did not come with good intentions, so he naturally would not continue to greet him with a smile.

"What!?" You are Peace Hotel's manager?! "

Manager Mo and the rest looked as if they had seen a ghost and could not help but exclaim.

"That is all thanks to Manager Mo's one hundred silver taels. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for me to open this Peace Hotel."

Looking at Sun Mo's face which was almost twisted like a fried dough twist, Chu He laughed lightly.

"Hatred from Sun Mo + 76."

At that moment, Sun Mo's intestines were almost turning green from regret. He thought that even if Chu He had a bit of cultivation, he would not be able to create any big waves, but he never thought that he would become the big boss of the 'Peace Hotel'.

As long as this "Peace Hotel" existed, sooner or later, his "First Rank residence" would be destroyed!

"Shopkeeper Chu, it's really like saying goodbye to another person. I just don't know who are you, the head chef in Peace Hotel, could you please come out and have a look?"

Sun Mo knew that the most important person to support a restaurant was a chef. As long as they were able to poach their chef with a high salary, then the "Peace Hotel" would not be worth mentioning.

The opening of the Peace Hotel was not long, and he was naturally not as wealthy as those with a first-rate residence. He was confident that he would be able to poach from the shadows and succeed.

"You are trying to poach our restaurant's chef, right? But I am afraid I will disappoint you, not only am I Peace Hotel's manager, I am also Peace Hotel's chef!"

Chu He saw through Sun Mo's thoughts with a glance, and revealed his thoughts without any concealment.

"You are the head chef of the Peace Hotel?!"

"Hahaha …" "This is the funniest joke I've ever heard. You're just a kid who doesn't even know how to cook Egg-Fried Rice, and you still dare to call yourself a chef? Aren't you afraid that others will laugh their teeth off?!"

After Chu He had worked in the First Pin Restaurant for such a long time, the Manager Mo was very clear about his culinary skills, it could even be described as unbearable to look at.

"If you don't believe me, then forget it. Auntie Wang, send our guest off!"

After Chu He finished speaking, he was prepared to walk towards the kitchen. It was fine if the other party didn't believe him, but there was no need to prove anything to him.

"Shopkeeper Chu, don't be anxious. Since you said that you are the head chef of the Peace Hotel, then do you dare to compete with our" First Pin Residence "chefs?"

Seeing Chu He turning to leave, the Manager Mo became even more confident in his heart. This was clearly a sign of his guilty conscience, so of course he had to seize this opportunity.

Chu He still ignored him, and continued to walk towards the kitchen area. How could he have the time to compete with others, earning money was more important!

"The loser closes his restaurant and even wants to compensate the loser with a thousand taels of silver. Shopkeeper Chu, what do you think?"

Seeing Chu He completely ignoring him, Sun Mo hurriedly increased the stakes of the bet, and said while clenching his teeth.

"Alright, then I'll agree!"

Chu He finally stopped and turned his head to agree.

If you don't want to earn money, you're a bastard!

Chu He didn't want to be a bastard …

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