Invincible System-I am the Great Devil/C7 Silver Badger
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Invincible System-I am the Great Devil/C7 Silver Badger
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C7 Silver Badger

Three minutes later, a muscular man with a silver identity token tied around his waist, under the guidance of the accountant, arrived at the First Pin residence aggressively.

It was the Sun family's silver medal fighter. The moment he entered the door, he emitted a formidable aura at the third level of the Body Tempering stage.

"Who dares to behave atrociously in a first-rate residence? Get the hell out here!"

This roar was like thunder in a clear sky, causing one's eardrums to hurt.

"Old Ox, you came too slowly. That kid is too crafty. He has already run far away."

At this time, Manager Mo was slumped on the seat, touching his swollen face, he said helplessly.

"You … You are the Manager Mo? "

Old Ox was frightened by the pig-headed face lying on the recliner. Seeing that he was wearing clothes that only Manager Mo would wear, Old Cow asked in suspicion.

"You don't even know me anymore? "Who else could it be other than me?" Manager Mo said weakly.

"How did you get beaten up to such a ghastly state?! So ruthless! Tell me who did this! This brother will definitely avenge you!"

Old Ox was also a first-rate Silver rank fighter. He had long known Manager Mo and had a good relationship with him.

"You might not believe me if I said it, but I was beaten up by a waiter of our store. I thought that he was just a soft persimmon, but I didn't expect him to beat me up like this, not even mentioning that!"

The more Manager Mo spoke, the angrier he got, his fists were clenched so tight that creaking sounds could be heard, as he shouted out angrily.

"A waiter can beat you up to such a state, after all, you're a 5-star Spirit Opening Realm cultivator, could it be that a waiter can also be a cultivator?"

The more Old Ox heard, the more confused he got. He scratched his head in confusion.

"I clearly remember that this kid is just a trash without spiritual roots. His luck must have obtained some treasure, which was why his cultivation suddenly shot up to the seventh level of the Spirit Opening Realm. He definitely can't just let this go!"

Thinking back to everything that happened, the more Manager Mo thought about it, the weirder it was. It was not the first time he bullied Chu He, why did he suddenly have such an attack today, it must be because he had some sort of fortuitous encounter, and obtained some treasure that allowed his cultivation to soar.

Thinking about it, Manager Mo's eyes lit up, thinking that if he could obtain that brat's treasures, even Chu He, who had no talent, would be able to increase his cultivation, and he would be able to soar into the sky.

"Old Cow, this kid must have a treasure on him. If we report it to the Patriarch, then we will have no part in the treasure. Let's suppress this matter and find this kid and finish him off. The treasure should belong to us!"

Manager Mo pulled the old cow to the side excitedly and whispered in his ear.

"Alright, Manager Mo, your brain is better than mine. I will listen to you, but don't forget to share a piece of the treasure with me."

The old cow had a silly smile on his face.

"Of course! I'll send someone to find out where this kid lives. "


After Chu He left the first class residence, he did not immediately return home.

Looking at the tantalizing variety of meat in the deli, there was beef, mutton, pork, and Chu Yu's favorite roast duck.

Chu Yu was Chu He's younger sister. She remembered that her liking eating roast duck was naturally her previous self's memory as well, and her memory of it was extremely firm.

Chu He who had difficulty choosing stood blankly at the entrance of the deli in a short while, unable to make up his mind.

"Hey, if you don't have any money, hurry up and get out of my way. Don't disturb my business."

"A beggar who can't even afford clothes, you still want to eat meat? What a joke!"

Just as Chu He was thinking about what to buy, the shopkeeper's angry shout woke Chu He up from his thoughts.

Chu He did not blame him for his rudeness. After all, he was just like a beggar that could not afford to eat at the moment. No matter how he looked at it, he was not someone who could afford to eat.

There were more than ten patches on his green robe. He reckoned that if he were to rub his face with dirt and beg for food on the street, there would be people who would show benevolence.

"Give me one roast duck, the fattest one!"

Ignoring the boss's rudeness, Chu He pointed to the fattest roast duck and indicated for the owner to wrap it up.

But the owner was indifferent, looking at Chu He like he was an idiot, which made Chu He feel a little awkward.

"Are you afraid I don't have any money?"

"Then let's see if my silver is enough!"

Chu He casually threw a silver ingot to the deli owner.

The boss seemed to have turned into a different person, full of enthusiasm and a smile plastered all over his face.

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