Invincible System-I am the Great Devil/C8 Even If You Have Money You Can't Get away with It
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Invincible System-I am the Great Devil/C8 Even If You Have Money You Can't Get away with It
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C8 Even If You Have Money You Can't Get away with It

"My apologies, sir. This little one has eyes but is unable to see. This is the fattest one, right? Then I'll help you wrap it up."

Following which, the boss immediately wrapped up the fattest duck. A rich person like Chu He who could afford a tael of silver was a big shot who squandered a lot of money.

"Wait a moment, my sister doesn't like duck skin. You should peel the duck skin completely off the roast duck."

Seeing that the boss was prepared to directly wrap the whole roast duck up, Chu He immediately tried to stop him.

It was just that she remembered that Chu Yu did not like eating duck skin. Even if she did not eat meat for a long time, she was definitely not willing to eat duck skin.

However, the boss didn't think so. He felt that he must have offended this customer, which was why he purposely made things difficult for him. However, for the sake of one tael of silver, he still helped the roast duck peel with a face full of smiles.

"Resentment from Qian San + 10."

Chu He immediately sucked in a breath of cold air, feeling unhappy in his heart. It's just letting you peel off a piece of skin, why is there so much resentment!

However, thinking about it, it was actually a good thing. As the saying went, if there were less and less, there would be more. Although this small amount of amount might not seem to be much, if he slowly accumulated it, he would be able to exchange it for a large amount of income.

Since you already hate me, then I might as well make this resentment even more intense!

"Can I trouble you to help me peel off my skin and get my bones back?" Chu He saw that the other party had just finished flaying his skin, and so he asked immediately.

"Resentment from Qian San + 23, + 5, + 5, + 5 …"

Looking at the deli store owner's gradually frozen smile, even the fierce flesh on his face was constantly trembling, while Chu He was looking at his own continuously increasing resentment value, his heart was extremely excited.

An hour later, the tired Chu He was woken up by a resentful voice.

"Customer, your roast duck has already been prepared according to your request. I'll help you wrap it up now."

The shop owner's face was drenched in sweat. He forced a smile and said.

"Help me put in some more green onions. It'll be more fragrant that way."

Chu He who had just woken up from his sleep glanced at his Devil's Dot. Although Owner Qian did not have much grudges, they were still lasting for a long time.

Right now there were twenty more Devil's Dot than before, and his Devil's Dot had already passed the one hundred mark.

This owner is really too... So cute!

"Boss, put more on it. How much can scallion cost?" Chu He continued.

+ 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5...

The Devil's Dot that was slowly ceasing to grow was rising at an astonishing speed once again.

"Customer, your roast duck is ready."

The boss sounded a bit weak and even gritted his teeth as he spoke. If it wasn't for the fact that he gave a tael of silver, he would have already attacked.

Chu He took the roast duck from the owner's hands, but did not immediately leave. Instead, he slowly opened his right palm and looked at the owner with a face full of smiles.

"What are you doing?" The owner was also confused.

"You haven't asked for my money yet. This roast duck of yours is only worth 10 taels of silver, but I gave you one tael of silver!"

All of this money is my hard-earned money. Even if I have money now, I can't let it go!

"Resentment from Qian San + 99."

"The current balance of the Devil's Dot is 142."

If the speed at which his resentment value was increasing was from a train, then the speed at which his resentment value was increasing could be said to be like a rocket now.

How could the owner of this deli be a boss? He was simply a god of wealth, looking at the rapidly growing Devil's Dot, Chu He could no longer hide the smile on his face.

"I'll kill you …!"

Originally, the reason the Owner Qian could endure Chu He's strange request was completely out of consideration for one tael of silver. In the end, not all of the silver was given to him!

Instantly, he was prepared to grab the kitchen knife beside him and rush forward to fight with Chu He.

"Eh …"

Chu He silently emitted the might of an expert at the seventh level of the Spirit Opening Realm, immediately causing Owner Qian, who was prepared to go all out, to forcefully pause his blade in the air for a moment, and then silently retract it.

"Fear from Qian San + 88"

Seeing that the resentment value directly rose to the fear value, Chu He's smiling face became even more adorable as he watched the Owner Qian.

"Master, this is money for you. Take it."

The speed at which the Owner Qian's attitude changed was comparable to his face changing. He respectfully handed over the money he was looking for to Chu He.

There was nothing he could do. He couldn't scold her either, nor could he beat her in a fight!

Only then did Chu He carry the roast duck away from the deli in satisfaction, feeling a little reluctant to part with it.

If the conditions allowed, Chu He would like to find a place to stay near the deli. This way, the Owner Qian would be able to provide him with a grudge value every day.

"Take care, milord. Come often if you're free!"

Owner Qian subconsciously shouted. This was already his occupational disease and he would shout every time he sent a customer away.

"Don't worry Owner Qian, I will frequently visit your shop in the future!"

Chu He thought to himself, this Owner Qian is not bad, it's already like this, and he still called me over often, could it be that he was inclined to being abused?

When Owner Qian reacted, he fiercely slapped himself a few times.

Looking at his constantly increasing number of Devil's Dot, when Chu He finally left the Owner Qian's line of sight, it fixed itself at 188.

Not long later, Chu He disappeared from the streets of Anyang.

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