Legends of Rebirth Master God in City

Legends of Rebirth Master God in City

2309 Chapters
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The almighty God who had yet to be reborn into the 2009 Earth, because of his relationship with the Chief Sovereign had to slowly climb to the peak.

If he was able to achieve greatness in this world, then would he be able to repay favors and take revenge, becoming the richest man in the world? A king of China? Could this even be considered a goal? The entire earth? Without a doubt, there are hundreds of thousands of human planets in the Milky Way? Hehe, it's all mine, the universe empire that controls dozens of galaxies? It's just our starting point, what's our path? Becoming a Sovereign again, becoming the Chief Sovereign of Charge, becoming an Overgod who controlled everything. In the middle of all this, the school flower factory, the flower factory, the young princess, the Holy Maiden, all of us are happily accepting.

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