Light Spirit Epic/C10 Miracle Is to the Law in
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Light Spirit Epic/C10 Miracle Is to the Law in
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C10 Miracle Is to the Law in

When Arthur woke up, he felt uncomfortable all over: his body was covered with photonic sensors, and those things stuck to his skin, piece by piece, making him feel itchy and painful. The measuring instrument beside him beeped loudly, as if it was mocking a young man's stupidity.

"Don't move, your physical examination isn't over yet." said a woman's voice, which was very sweet, but not so sweet that it would get tired of it. The scent of the woman's rose perfume was identical to the sweetness in her voice, just right, neither thick nor light.

Arthur did not like this sweet taste, nor did he hate it.

The teenager was still confused. His eyes were covered by a blindfold, and the darkness made him feel even more uncomfortable. Suppressing his anxiety, he asked in a hoarse voice, "Check?" Where is this place? Where should he go next? "

"Fight?" What did you say, little fool? After such an intense simulated battle, he just woke up and now he wants to fight? I don't know what your head is thinking. "No," the sweet-voiced woman replied.

"Simulate battle?" "Wait a minute, where is this?" "

"What nonsense are you talking about?" "This is the Clinic, of course." "

"Clinic?" What Clinic? Which Clinic?! Arthur asked.

"Of course it's Clinic from the Northernmost Knight Organization base, you fool! The woman's voice snickered. "Why do you ask such a stupid question?" "

Arthur was suddenly enlightened. He could not help but be infuriated.

"Fighting skills are good, but not good brains, right?" A man's voice rang out, and at the same time, his footsteps could be heard within the Clinic.

The youth also recognized the voice. It belonged to the masked man who had kidnapped him.

"You …!" Arthur shouted angrily as he jumped up from the bed, enduring the pain.

"Alas, didn't I say that the inspection wasn't over yet?" the woman said quickly.

The youth angrily removed the eye patch with one hand and cursed out loud, ignoring the fact that there was a lady beside him.

After taking off the eyepatch, a knight and a young lady appeared in front of him.

Looking at the Knight's face, the youth retracted his angry expression and swallowed the curse that was about to explode.

This man was tall and sturdy. His slightly aged face revealed a faint mischievous smile. His brown hair was a little gray from the baptism of years, but his eyes were a lively grey-green, and they shone with the cunning of old urchins.

None of this was a good description of the man. In fact, the simplest way to describe him was:

— — He reeked of alcohol.

This guy must be an old alcoholic who was extremely addicted to alcohol. Who would dare to get drunk while on duty? It was worth a try if he wasn't afraid of being expelled.

In the entire Northernmost Knight Organization, there was only one person who could be so arrogant and unrestrained —

The one in front of Arthur was none other than the leader of the Northernmost Knight Organization, the Grand Duke Lyons. Arthur had seen this person from afar during the various ceremony of bestowal for knights in the Northernmost Knight Organization.

An unreachable person.

The girl beside him who had dark brown hair, smooth skin, and bright green eyes was none other than Grand Duke Lyons's precious daughter, a genius in medicine, a woman with vast knowledge and experience, the person whom all of the Knights had dreamed of marrying, the Chief Medical Officer of Northernmost Knight Organization … There was a whole bunch of titles, Guinevere. Miss Leo Dickens.

Another unreachable person.

Never in his dreams did Arthur imagine that he would be surrounded by these two people in such a small Clinic. But now the anger in his heart overshadowed his astonishment and shame.

"Isn't this the Grand Duke Lyons?" "Arthur lowered his voice, afraid that he would accidentally shout out," So you have been making fun of me these past two days? "

"Playing tricks?" Not really! It was just a special isolation for the members of the Knight Regiment, which would allow him to undergo a training simulation as well. "Well, the new simulator needs a tester anyway, hehe." "

Was this damnable [Test] disregarding human life? Arthur cursed angrily in his heart.

"I have always respected Your Grace the Grand Duke …" The boy whispered that he had every reason to be angry. However, in the face of such a powerful figure, he had no choice but to suppress his anger. Otherwise, it would be very easy for him to move his head.

"I've always respected you. It was only today that I realized how much the Grand Duke liked to joke around …" And it was an inappropriate joke. "

Arthur could not help but take this Heavenly Stage Knight and his own master — — Richard. Leo Dickens hung up the hook. Like father, like son?

The Grand Duke Lyons sneered disdainfully: "Hmph, you can't stand a little joke like that?" Young man, don't be so noisy, just consider this as your punishment for killing the leader of the Viking's fleet three days ago. If you kill my fun, I'll have to play with you, fair? "

"You know?!" Arthur was startled, his heart almost stopped beating.

"You think people can't find out about your crime just because you do it so well." It's a pity that the Steel Cavalry you ride out has a monitor. They are small toys specially crafted by this old man for my son. Until it was burned down by the falling ship, I could see the images clearly. including you ruthlessly killing that bunch of Viking s. Past. Cheng. "

He dragged out the last few words.

"Tut." The young man gave a muffled groan. I can only blame myself for being too clumsy to notice this small detail. Next time, he should let the cavalry crash more thoroughly.

"If you want to be a hero, please clarify your surroundings first." Heavenly Stage Knight sneered again.

Arthur was speechless. He got up, pulled out his measuring instruments, and walked a few steps with his body propped up.

"If there is no business with me, please allow me to leave first." Then he fled.

"This kid …" The Grand Duke Lyons muttered. The young man's reaction was much colder and much more boring than he had expected.

"Was that him you were talking about, my lord father?" the girl asked.

"Un, it's [Dragon]." The Grand Duke grinned.

I had no idea he was such a violent man. "There are even fewer photons on him than normal." "

"Miracles, being miracles, are incomprehensible." The Grand Duke Lyons said again.

He saw in the boy the shadow of a great destiny, and he was anxious to master him, to take this great power for himself.

Grand Duke Lyons considered himself to be an outstanding Dragon Master.

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