Light Spirit Epic/C14 Silver Chapter Beginning
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Light Spirit Epic/C14 Silver Chapter Beginning
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C14 Silver Chapter Beginning

The next morning.

"It is, isn't it?" Arthur looked around at the arrangements, the doubt in his heart growing.

The so-called [Special Operations Unit] should sound like an independent cavalry unit, right? But its headquarters was a pitifully small place, just a small courtyard in the Northernmost Knight Organization base.

The lush and ancient courtyard, which had been deserted for a hundred years, was small and deserted. No matter how one looked at it, it didn't look like a place that could accommodate a whole cavalry unit, let alone a cavalry unit.

Thus, the youth checked the map in his hand. Unfortunately, there was nothing wrong with the map.

Arthur hesitated to knock on the door.

"Coming?" Too late! The guy who was late on the first day! someone called from behind the boy.

The youth turned around and saw a tall knight in black armor. I'm sorry to say that we can't give any description of this knight, because he looks so ordinary. If he were to mix in the crowd, his sense of existence would disappear immediately. He was such a person.

"This is the headquarters, isn't it?" The young Arthur asked doubtfully, "Why do you look so small and dirty?" "

"You —" Anger appeared on the knight's face. "It's not good to look at things on the surface, little friend." It was true that the headquarters was small and dirty with a poor appearance, but this had nothing to do with the combat ability of the unmoving troops. This place was originally a special army formed by a small number of Knights who possessed special abilities or excellent combat abilities. In total, there were only ten people here. Including you, there are only eleven of you. "

"Oh, that's something to look forward to." Arthur said coldly, he felt that it was impossible for him to join this army.

"But you don't have to be afraid." The black knight pushed open the door of the headquarters. "I heard from the Captain that you are a man of [special ability]." I don't know what special ability it is, but in the future, let us have the battle part. Just watch until you know how this unit works. "

The youth was silent, wondering why he was evaluated as a "person with special abilities". If his combat abilities were not considered to be the main fighting force among the other teams, then how unfathomable would the Knights, who were considered to be the main fighting force, be?

"I'll introduce you." the black-armored knight said, pushing open the door.

"To be able to use a long-range photon sniper rifle to snipe a target ten kilometers away, Golden Knight nicknamed [Eagle Eye], Sir Boken. "

"Formerly captain of the Concealed Forces of the Kingdom of Pandelux, any heavily fortified fortress could easily have infiltrated, Ser Burrich." "

"The Master of Weapon, the Viscount of Golden Knight, the expert in swordsmanship and proficient in using all sorts of weapons." "

"Cannon master, able to use telekinesis to operate a hundred cannon emplacements at the same time, [Rain of Death], Silver Knight Viscount Raymond. "

"Mechanic, responsible for the development of new weapons and the maintenance of the Steel Cavalry, Darksteel Knight Fagor." "

"Golden Knight Gurov - [Giant]. With great strength, a special photon hammer could smash a city gate in one blow. "

"Battle arcane master, Silver Knight Hershey, can fight one against a hundred with a special magic sword skill." This guy was actually sent by the Ivory Tower's Sorcerer Association to monitor us -- it was just a joke. "

"Star Spiritualist Allie, Golden Knight." In charge of searching, communicating, and analyzing information using the Star Spirits. She was the busiest person in the team for the number of hours she had to do a task. "

, Golden Knight. Working together with Allie as the command center of the team. He was the wisest fool in the army, if you didn't count his frivolous sneers. "

"Well, that's it." the black-armored knight said.

"Hey, Captain, you missed it." Jack said.

"Oh, I'm sorry." "Zack," the black armored knight said. Swordsman Zack. "

Arthur was stunned for a while. "

"That's it." The Knight Zack said. I don't have much experience. I'm just a bit more warlike and experienced. That was it. "

"Is that all?" Arthur was confused, "It can't be that simple?" "

"Well, God knows." "Perhaps my luck is better?" If that's special. "

"I'm sorry to interrupt your conversation," Jack said suddenly. "Captain, there's movement at the border." "

"Border?" the boy asked.

"The eastern border." The Black Knight said, "The team was commissioned by the Easternmost Knight Organization to destroy the Huns' Thief Association, which had recently been operating near the English Channel." Don't ask so much, get on the ship first. "

They quickly entered the warehouse and a small airship took off.

"Hunga?" The boy stared out the window at the sky.

"What have you got against the Huns?" the captain asked.

"Nothing." Arthur said disapprovingly.

"Your eyes don't look like they're going to say [nothing]." "

"That's the past." "Don't worry, it won't affect the mission." "

"Better." I didn't plan on letting you do the first quest, so I'll just watch how the team cooperates from the side. You will be a member of the team in the future, and you will have to learn to work with other team members. Well, in any case, there were plenty of opportunities. It was enough to study slowly. "

Arthur remained silent. What he really cared about was not the hatred from the past, but the fact that the Huns had actually run all the way to the border between Pantolacken and the Pantolacken. Logically speaking, it was impossible for these beasts to cross half of the continent to come here and cause trouble, so they could only take the water route. But the Huns also had to pass through the borders of Rome, and the great power could not sit idly by.

Could the Romans, in collusion with the Huns, turn a blind eye to the behavior of the beasts?

In any case, it would soon be known — if only one of the Huns were captured.

One hour later. On the coastline.

"Captain, we have detected a large number of enemy reactions ahead." About two hundred. "Jack looked at the messy information on his photon radar, and easily came to a conclusion.

"The Dark Knight, Zack, raised his binoculars and took a look." Very good. The damned beasts not only looted the village, but also murdered and set fire to it. No need to pity these beasts, kill every single one of them. "

"That," Arthur said as he looked at the smoking village on the other side of the river. "The other side was also attacked. "

"It's a pity that we can't interfere in matters on the other side," the captain said with a disapproving chuckle. "That is the border of the Francis, so if we, the knights of the Pantolacken, were to enter the borders of other countries, it would create quite a diplomatic problem." "

"So you're not going to save him?" "

"Don't mind it too much. The Order has a duty to protect only our own people. Other nations don't care." The knights of Francis should arrive soon, that village will be saved. "

"That's not the point." "The orcs are killing the unarmed villagers!" "If you don't do anything —"

Arthur thought quickly.

"Did you say that I was not included in today's battle?" he asked in a low voice, fearing that there might be an instrument in the ship that would record their conversation. "So, I can move freely?" "

"What are you going to do?" Stop it, you want to go alone and fight those beastmen? Do you want to die? Zack quickly stopped his.

Arthur took off his own Knight's shoulder badge and shoved it into the party leader's hands. "If I'm the only one, no matter what happens, it'll be my own responsibility. "

"Indeed not." However, the beastmen's physical abilities were tens of times stronger than humans. Fighting them alone was very dangerous, let alone fighting a large group of beastmen alone. "

The teenager did not listen to his captain's advice. He jumped onto one of the Steel Cavalry without saying a word.

"I really can't do anything about you," Zack said as he looked at his teammates and shook his head, signalling them to release him. You did not come with the troops today, and I have not seen you. I have no idea where you're going for a spin. If anyone asks, this is all I can do. "

"Stupid lie." The boy gave a cold laugh and stepped on the speeder of his steed.

With a swoosh, the Steel Cavalry burst into a streak of silver and galloped away on the other side of the English Channel.

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