Light Spirit Epic/C16 Because of Silver(part Ii)
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Light Spirit Epic/C16 Because of Silver(part Ii)
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C16 Because of Silver(part Ii)

Just as the Tiger Man leader raised his sword to cut Werewolf Boy's head off, his ear-piercing laughter suddenly stopped.

"How..." How is this possible?! "

The leader glanced at his chest in horror.

The blade emitting green light had already pierced through the Tiger Man leader's chest from behind. The moment he saw the terrifying blade of light pierce through his chest, he almost couldn't believe his eyes. Thus, he turned his head around, wanting to see who it was that had ambushed him from behind.

He saw a young knight. This was not the armor of a Francis Knight, the shape of the armor was much more fancy.

This set of armor, which was silvery-white and only had a few carvings, belonged to a Knight Pantolakun.

"How is this possible!" There is actually a human in this world that can sneak attack me from behind without me noticing?! cried the leader, incredulously.

"Don't be ridiculous, you damned orc." "When you were proud, your body was full of holes. He raised his lightsaber and tried to cut the beastman's head in half!

However, the leader endured the pain of pushing the sword away, falling forward and escaping!

"Smelly brat, who are you?!" The Tiger Man clutched its chest, which had been burnt to a crisp by the light sword, and was flustered and exasperated.

"You're dying. Is there any need to tell you?" Arthur sneered, preparing to kill the Tiger Man at any time. Towards such a vicious enemy, the youth would never show mercy.

The Tiger Man knew that the situation was bad. He had been very confident in his armor and thought that it would be impossible for him to be injured by ordinary blades. However, the light sword of the young man in front of him had accurately pierced through the gap in the armor of the Tiger Man leader and heavily injured it.

As the leader of the special plundering squads, this Tiger Man could be said to have been through hundreds of battles. He had fought countless Knights before. Sometimes, he would win, sometimes he would lose, and sometimes he would flee. However, he would always think of a way to survive. He thought that human knights only had this much skill. He only knew how to rely on excellent equipment to make up for his lack of stamina. There was nothing to be afraid of.

However, the Knight Boy in front of him was completely different from any other opponents he had met before. Such precise swordsmanship, such silent movements, such agility, such ruthlessness!

More importantly... This Knight Boy was emitting a suffocating killing intent all over!

This fellow was definitely not a good person! His attack had not only been a sneak attack by luck, but he had also concealed his aura, finding the best time to strike.

He was clearly just a thin and weak youth. However, the rider in front of the Tiger Man was very calm, had brains, and was extremely proficient at killing! This young man had probably gone through hundreds of battles and defeated countless opponents that were much stronger than him!

The seriously injured Tiger Man knew that he would not be able to defeat this Knight. No. Even if his body was in perfect condition, he still might not be able to win!

The only thing he could do was to escape! Bring back the news that the Silver Wolf Bevilv is here! Before long, a large group of several hundred Ferocious Tooth Race Warriors would be able to level this place up!

The Tiger Man leader made up his mind in that moment. He immediately used Berserk mode, increased his fist in size, and threw a punch towards the Knight.

The Knight dodged to the left and slashed again! The pain from his arm caused a big cut on the Tiger Man's arm!

He retreated, enduring the pain as he punched again!

Scratch! Scratch! There was an intense pain on his arm, the arm of the Tiger Man had been sliced off by the knight!

However, the Tiger Man had already planned to give up on this arm, and only wanted to stay alive! After obstructing his opponent's movement, he immediately took to his heels and ran!

He could escape. With the strength of his feet, he was confident that he would be able to escape even under such heavy injuries!

However, the Tiger Man leader was stunned.

Countless young knights stood in the village that should have been destroyed. Each of them looked exactly the same as the young knight from before.

This was some sort of illusion, Tiger Man knew this in her heart. However, in the midst of his injuries and panic, he was unable to distinguish which one was an illusion and which one was his true body. He hesitated, wondering which way to run.

The hesitation on the battlefield lasted only a moment, but it was fatal.

Arthur had long circled behind the Tiger Man and cut the beastman in half! He then turned the blade of his sword and chopped off the head of his opponent. The opponent didn't even have the chance to resist.

The Tiger Man that landed on the ground rolled for a short distance before it was stopped by the Knight's stomp.

"Well, let's guess?" The fox man who came to collect your corpse later, would he probe you to find out who you were? the young knight said, half sarcastically, half seriously.

The Tiger Man showed a face full of fear. Without his lungs and vocal cords, he could not make a sound. However, the look in his eyes seemed to be begging the young knight to quickly destroy his head so that he could relax.

"Wow, it really can move," Arthur said as he poked the tiger's head. "Legend has it that the Huns can live for a month even if their head is chopped off." Is this true? What a terrifying life force. "

The Tiger Man leader blinked his eyes. The light in his eyes began to fade away. It was the look of someone who had given up hope and resigned himself to his fate.

Originally, he didn't need to help this guy. After all, this bandit was a murderous dregs. Being probed was his most suitable outcome.

However, Arthur felt a tinge of sympathy.

"Go well." With these words, the young knight swung his sword, and with a few strokes, the young man's head was completely destroyed.

(It was just a small effort.)

The stench of charred bodies hung in the air, and the knight knew it was not a good place to stay. Whether it was the Huns or the Knights of the Francis, seeing him here put him in a very bad situation. It was time to slip away.

"And then —" The young knight went to examine the dying Werewolf Boy. "Hey, are you still alive?" "

Werewolf Boy only looked at Arthur quietly, as if he was looking at something inconceivable.

"What's your name?" the Knight Arthur asked emotionlessly.

"Betty..." Bedivere. "The Werewolf Boy answered softly. It was the people of this village … A name for me. "

"Then, Bedivere," the Knight asked, squatting down in front of the werewolf, "I can leave you here without a care in the world. With your injuries, you'll definitely die." I can also take you back to the Order for treatment, but I can't guarantee that the Knights will treat you.

Even if you are cured, they may henceforth put a collar around your neck, like the other orc slaves, and keep you alive — after all, you Huns are such lowly creatures.

— Do you want to die with dignity or do you want to live a lowly life? Answer me. "

Werewolf Boy closed his eyes and thought about it for a moment. The pain in his body made him want to die, but he had already made up his mind. The thing he wanted to protect was too important for him to let go of.

"I …" He wanted to live. Bedivere whispered, "No matter how painful it is... He had to survive. "

[To survive] and [must survive] are two completely different things. The former carried the hope of life, while the latter carried the heaviness of responsibility.

He was alive, but he had never truly lived. He could even throw away his dignity and only wish to live on for every day …

But that was all. How unbearable was that?

Knight Arthur looked at the youth, his face revealing a trace of disdain. He still hated the Huns, and all the orcs were supposed to be his targets. However, there was a similarity between him and the Werewolf Boy, perhaps it was because of this similarity that his heart was moved.

"Good." The young knight took off his cloak, wrapped the wounded Werewolf Boy in it, and dragged him towards the Iron Cavalry.

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