Light Spirit Epic/C17 An Omen of Evil in the Presence of Darkness Watch
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Light Spirit Epic/C17 An Omen of Evil in the Presence of Darkness Watch
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C17 An Omen of Evil in the Presence of Darkness Watch

Darkness gradually descended. It devoured everything the youth knew.

His past, present, and future were all unknown. There was only a boundless darkness and a boundless void.

Being alive turned into never being alive, denying all existence, pure chaos and silence.

This kind of world was truly too terrifying (Sad).

"Ah!" After a nightmare, Werewolf Boy suddenly opened his eyes. His forehead was filled with sweat, which seeped out from the ends of his hair and stuck his hair into balls, making it look messy and messy.

"Wake up?" a voice asked.

Werewolf Boy was still confused. He stared at the young knight in front of him who was slightly older than him and stared blankly for a few minutes.

"This is …?" "

"The base of Pantolacken. The Knight Arthur replied quickly.

"How long have I been out?" "

"A week." "

"A week?!" The Werewolf Boy jumped up from the bed. The pain forced him back.

"…." In the village. What about the situation in the village? "

"I'm sorry, but there are no survivors other than you." The knight's face was impassive, as if the death of the villagers had nothing to do with him. "

"Is that so?" "Thank you, young knight." I owe you one. "

"No, I am not a young knight. I am the Silver Knight, Arthur. Kelton. "Take a good rest." Therapist said that your bones had successfully regenerated, but if you were to move around randomly, there was a possibility that your bones would be broken. "

"No," the Werewolf Boy said, struggling to get up. "I want to see your boss." "

Arthur laughed disdainfully: "Oh, you think the Heavenly Stage Knight will see you that easily? "

"Don't laugh!" This is very important! "The Ferocious Tooth Race people are planning to activate [the Grand Wall]!" "

"Universal Wall?" Arthur looked out of the window. "You mean [the end of the world]?" "

At the far end of the horizon, an ancient wall rose from the ground and extended into the deep sky. It also continued on the endless horizon. It separates all life on Earth from this walled land and divides the entire planet in half.

Arthur looked out of the window at the vague shadow of the wall far away.

Is there really an end to the world?

"No matter what you call it, that thing is [Universal Wall]. "Since you know about the World's Wall, then you should also know that due to that, there is such a large area of [Dark Domain] in Eastern Europe. There are only six hours of sun that can be seen from there every day. "

I know. The conditions in which the Huns live are harsh indeed, and that is why you keep invading the Glorious Region (the Western European countries), robbing them of food and weapons. said the young knight.

"No!" What they stole was only Ferocious Tooth Race, the rest of the races all lived their lives in peace within the Dark Domain! Bedivere explained to the beastmen. "Although life is hard, everyone has to be honest and live forever with their limited resources." "Until —"

"Until?" "

"Until one day, Romani was able to discover the remains of an ancient era. They had deciphered the information inside the relic and discovered a fact that made them extremely angry.

[Universal Wall] did not exist in the first place. It was your ancestors, the Angnou, the Celts, the Romans, the Egyptians... and other ancient people, working together to build it. The Beastmen were originally the slaves of the ancient people, and were forced to undergo genetic modification. Their goal was to have them rest in the Dark Domain and manage it. "

"Why?" It was just a broken wall. Was it that important? Arthur asked, puzzled.

"No one knows." Some people said that outside the Universal Wall, was the end of the world, and the Universal Wall was used to block the prehistoric era that came from the end of the world. On the other side of the Universal Wall, there was the golden continent in the east. That place was covered with gold, and food and wine were everywhere. "

Both assumptions sound like a lie. Arthur laughed disdainfully.

"No matter what the facts are," Bedivere continued, "there are many among the Beastmen who believe that we should activate the Universal Wall." What was on the other side of the wall didn't matter; what was important was that as long as the wall didn't exist anymore, Dark Domain would have more sunlight, and everyone's lives wouldn't be so difficult. "

"Good idea." However, this kind of thinking was originally impossible. Are you talking about -- that -- the Universal Wall? No matter how powerful the attack was, it could not leave a single scratch on the incredibly hard giant wall. We probably won't be able to surpass the technology of the ancient people in another thousand years. "

"I can't open it by force, of course." Bedivere said mysteriously. "But if I tell you there's a key to it?" "

"Key?" "

The magic medallion, guarded by the seven orc clans and passed down through generations among the patriarchs. That was the key fragment that opened the Universal Wall seal. When the seven fragments were combined, it was a complete key. "

Arthur used his sharp eyes to look at Werewolf Boy's heart. "That is the reason why the Tiger Man are chasing you, right? "

"Well, you know." My clan has been exterminated, and I am probably the only survivor. I am unable to tell you where my clan's key fragment is, but the other key fragments have already fallen into the hands of the Ferocious Tooth Race.

Originally, four of the seven great clans did not agree to open Universal Wall. But those despicable Ferocious Tooth Race people! — They plotted against the clan leaders when they were at the Clan Assembly, and their key fragments were stolen away just like that.

My father... The patriarch of our clan, who predicted that he would be killed before the gathering, gave the final key fragment to me for safekeeping, thus preventing the final key fragment from falling into Ferocious Tooth Race's hands. However, our clan was immediately surrounded and attacked by the Ferocious Tooth Race and was exterminated in the end. "

"So that's how it is." You've had a hard time, too. He showed no mercy, or did not know what mercy was. "So, as long as you keep the key fragments in your hand, the Huns' plan will never work?" "Isn't that simple? If I keep you hidden in the Knight Pantolakun, you'll end up like this."

"Will it go so well?" Bedivere sighed in despair. "The Beastmen, including the three Great Clans who supported the plan in the first place, and the Clan Chief, were afraid of being exterminated. They had no choice but to support the other three Great Clans in the plan.

Every single Beastman is stronger than you humans.

Even if you and the other European countries form an alliance, the number will not exceed two million, and you will still not be able to balance this huge gap in power.

In the past, they had not done anything particularly conspicuous to the Western European countries in order not to alert the enemy. But now that they have detected my presence, they will attack at all costs in order to get the last of my keys. — What would you do then? "

Arthur looked at Bedivere, not a hint of emotion on his face. "At that time, I could only kill all of them. "

Are you serious? Are you crazy?! "

Arthur did not say anything. But Werewolf Boy could see from the Knight's eyes, the other party was definitely not just speaking casually.

This Knight Boy, at least, had once seriously considered fighting against a army of millions of Beastmen by himself.


The knight in front of him had easily killed the Tiger Man leader in one hit.

The leader who Bedivere himself didn't have the slightest chance of winning was indeed killed instantly by this seemingly powerless young knight in an extremely simple and boring manner.

— — Who in the world was this person? The trump card of the Knight Pantolakun?

— — Or could it be that, all the Knights of Pantolacken were this strong, as strong as monsters?!

Perhaps, there really was still a sliver of hope.

Perhaps, everything was not as bad as he had imagined.

Werewolf Boy crawled out of the bed and knelt on the ground. I want to be strong, no, I have to be strong, I have to stop the orcs. "

Arthur was at a loss: "Even if you want me to teach you, I don't know how to do it. My swordsmanship is... What is more special is the technique that I developed to complement my physique. Even if someone else forced themselves to learn it, they wouldn't be able to display the effects it should have. "

The knight paused.

"Oh, yes." I cannot teach you [my] sword techniques, but I know a person who can teach you a sword technique [which only belongs to you]. "

"It belongs only to me …" A sword technique? "

"Yes." That person was a genius [to instruct others in martial arts]. Arthur replied.

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