Light Spirit Epic/C3 Awakening on Initial Formation(part I)
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Light Spirit Epic/C3 Awakening on Initial Formation(part I)
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C3 Awakening on Initial Formation(part I)

The base of Pantolacken, Edinberge.

The castle itself was five hundred feet high. It was built on the ancient Celtic castle, and was reinforced several times with concrete and steel, like a steel king sitting on a cliff.

This castle, reinforced by layers of magic and defensive barriers, could withstand the heavy artillery of a Viking warship. His walls were equipped with thousands of photon cannons, and when he fought, he would draw power from the towns and fire a barrage of bullets that could easily expel thousands of Viking warships. Over a thousand of his Mechanical Warehouse were holding over sixty thousand Steel Cavalry. The Knights rode these high performance small gunboats to fight, possessing powerful Dynamic Power s and powerful firepower.

This was the main base of the Northernmost Knight Organization. It was heavily guarded, with over a hundred thousand Knights stationed here. More than a hundred thousand knights were ordered to defend against the invasion of foreign enemies at any time of the year.

In the afternoon, Arthur walked through the castle's inorganic steel corridors. Finally, he found his way to his master's dorm. The teenager was a knight's servant. He should have lived in the knight's dormitory so that the knight could prepare to attack at any time. Helpless, his master, who despised this youth's rustic character and could not match up with the nobility of a knight, deliberately arranged for the youth to live in another dormitory and only summon him when necessary. Because of this, the youth couldn't help but feel discontented. Every time he made a move, he would take a detour, and it would be very troublesome. As a servant, he had to endure it.

"Young master, I'm back." Arthur entered the room and bowed.

"I didn't expect you to return safely." Your life is so tough. the knight said contemptuously, but he could not hide the surprise on his face.

"No, it's all thanks to you, young master. I'm always in danger. Escaping from a dragon is a common occurrence." Arthur calmly said.

"Well, you can talk." "What did you find?" the knight said, polishing his beautiful shiny armor. "

"This." Arthur took out the Fire Dragon's Scales and humbly kneeled down, offering them to the Knight. "It fell off the Fire Dragon's body," he said. With it, you will be able to prove that you have encountered a colossal dragon before, young master. "

"And prove what a coward you are." The youth added in his heart.

"Idiot!" The knight angrily dropped his helmet, which had been half-wiped, and slapped the boy in the face. "[encountered]?" What's the use of having encountered it? He had to fight before he could use it, only after defeating it would he be able to get back his dragon head, or his dragon chest armour. As for the dragon claw, he had to get powerful weapons that could be used to make weapons, that would be useful, right? "

"Please, young master, don't talk about such a demanding matter." How could this lowly person win against a giant dragon that even Young Master could not injure? Arthur ignored the blood that dripped from the corner of his mouth and said expressionlessly.

If you have the balls, go get it yourself!

"What you said today is full of thorns." the knight said unhappily. He felt that there was no point in bickering with such a foolish servant, so he left it to him. "You can keep that pathetic little scale for yourself, as long as you keep your mouth shut and don't tell anyone what happened today." "

The young man asked again, "Are you sure you don't want it?" Look at this unusual fiery red, it might be a valuable magical prop? "

"Cut the crap, what do you know about magic?" the knight said disdainfully.

[You are truly hopeless.]

Arthur secretly sneered, and took out his light sword from his backpack. "By the way, young master: another discovery." "

"Ah, you got it?" It didn't fall down, did it? the knight asked in surprise.

"Seems so, young master." Arthur clenched his light sword and turned it on. The blade of light shot out from the hilt, and the entire room was instantly illuminated by the green light.

The knight, however, was not satisfied. It was one third shorter than the original! "

"I think that's what the young master meant by 'bad'." Arthur pretended to be stupid and said calmly, "I think it's better if I take it to the workshop to fix it." "

"No, no, no, no!" The knight hastened to stop him. "Well, you can hide it, sell it or break it down as you like." Then he said to the workshop, 'My sword was lost in the fighting. It just so happens that I want an even more powerful lightsaber. I'll find a way to apply to the higher ups. "

"But young master, this sword can still be used."

"This kind of cheap stuff can't even pierce through Dragon Scale. I don't want it even if I can use it!" the knight shouted.

(It's really easy to deceive people.)

Arthur was silent for a moment, on the surface he seemed to obey, but in his heart he was secretly happy: "..." Understood, young master. So be it. Tomorrow morning I'll go to the workshop and report my loss. "

"As long as you understand, you moron." You can go back and rest. the knight said.

Two hours later, in a small dormitory. This spare room was arranged for lower class servants who could not become followers of Knights. The double room was very small and had poor living conditions, but it was free without the care of any other knights.

The teenager was fiddling with the machine on the somewhat dirty bed.

He assembled the light swords and the additional cavalry parts together. The parts of the light sword had already been dismantled, ground up, and reassembled.

"Stealing a knight's sword is a capital offense." You really can do it? said a voice suddenly.

Arthur was so shocked that his heart stopped beating for a moment. He suddenly turned his head to look: "Lancelot? Don't sneak up on me like that! "

"Come out?" I've been watching you from behind for almost an hour! "Are you really so focused that you can't even detect me standing behind you?" Was this the usual Arthur? "

Arthur turned around to look at his roommate. His beautiful blond hair and handsome face did not match his servant's attire, and those who did not know him would think that he was a young lord disguised as a servant who had wandered the knights.

Compared to the plain and ordinary looking Arthur, such a handsome youth simply caused Arthur to feel ashamed. However, it was precisely because of this youth's extraordinary beauty that no knight had dared to use him ever since he had come back from the slave market. The knights were deeply afraid that this youth was some sort of disaster to the palace nobles, if they used him as a servant, they might get into trouble in the future. As a result, Lancelot had been doing all sorts of menial work in the Knight Regiment in a miserable manner. The salary he earned was even lower than Arthur's.

Arthur sighed, and spoke to his friend in a deep voice: "This is very important to me, this is the first time I have a light sword." "

"Did you steal it?" Lancelot said disdainfully.

"Richard said that he wouldn't. "Take it as a waste recycling." "

Lancelot sneered, his bright white teeth almost blinding Arthur's eyes: "Strange, Richard? The miser? "

In Golden Haired Boy's mind, he only thought about the scene when the Knight slapped Arthur. That kind of person would be generous? Unless the sun rose from the west.

"Humph." Arthur disagreed, he held the light sword in his hand, and the light blade shot out from the sword hilt.

"What is this?" A very short light blade... Broken? Lancelot asked, puzzled.

"Take it." Arthur released his hand, and the blade of the light sword disappeared. He handed the hilt to his friend.

Lancelot hesitated.

"Just take it, and don't tell you to wave it!" Arthur urged.

"All right." "Lancelot held the sword unwillingly, and the light blade shot out once again. But it was much longer. This was the normal length.

"What, what's going on?" "

"It's normal." It seems that any Photon Weapon that I have in my hands will decrease the effectiveness of my weapon. Arthur said.

"Like a curse." He knew that the physique of a friend was special, but he had never known that Arthur's body was this special. "Even so, do you still think that you have the qualities to become a swordsman?" "

Arthur laughed disapprovingly: "The length of the sword is actually about the same." With agility, it was enough to use the short sword to deal a fatal blow. In theory, none of the existing photon light armors could block a vertical thrust from the Light Sword's tip, and wearing the photon heavy armor would cause one's movements to become heavy, making it difficult to dodge the attack. Therefore, a Knight in heavy armor would never be able to beat a Swordsman with light and nimble equipment. "

Lancelot shook his head in disdain, his golden bangs continued to float in the air, "That's just theory. Who was really unafraid of death? Who would enter the battlefield without wearing any armor? "

Just by chasing after speed and ignoring Defensive Power, he was putting his life on the line.

"It takes courage to make something big." Arthur explained.

"It seems to me you're just a crazy man who doesn't care for his life." Lancelot sarcastically said.

Even though it was crazy, to Arthur, it was the only chance of victory. It was the only way to turn the tides between him and an ordinary person.

"You don't have to believe it." The usefulness of this theory will one day be shown to you. Arthur stubbornly said. It was to use the Great Way to justify everything, but it could not conceal his helplessness.

Lancelot did not argue. Arthur's life was already difficult enough, so there was no need to expose him.

As the teenagers were still chatting, an alarm bell suddenly rang from the base.

"Looks like we'll have to stay up late again tonight." "looked out of the window at the blazing fire and said sleepily," Viking. "

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