Light Spirit Epic/C5 Awakening on Initial Formation(part Iii)
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Light Spirit Epic/C5 Awakening on Initial Formation(part Iii)
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C5 Awakening on Initial Formation(part Iii)

"Huh?" Arthur raised his head and looked. Behind the smoke rising from the Viking's fleet, there was a particularly luxurious ship.

The large ship was three hundred feet long, and its bottom was filled with countless Photon Reflector, allowing it to easily float in the air. Its main cannon had a radius of more than 100 feet, and the projectile fired by this thing could easily cause a huge hole in the castle. Right now, it was using this kind of main cannon to aim and wildly blast at the Edinberge. Even if the castle's protective shield and steel walls were very strong, it probably wouldn't be able to maintain for long!

Just as the youth's attention was focused on that large ship, countless bullets rained down. It was very obvious that the fleet was consciously protecting the ship, and did not allow Arthur's Steel Cavalry to approach. With such tight security, the commander of the Viking fleet must be on that ship.

He had to admit that the scale of this attack was larger than before. Arthur stealing Richard's Steel Cavalry to find opponents for him to train with might be a little reckless. But since they were already here, there was no reason for them not to land on that large ship and do something, right?

"Navigator, eleven o'clock, full speed!" "

The youth brandished his light sword, shuttling through the rain of bullets. The enemy's Photobullet were gradually packed tight, making it hard to dodge, but the Steel Cavalry was already close enough!

Arthur leaped into the air and swayed his body in midair, shuttling lightly in the rain of Photobullet s. From time to time, he would even step on those Photobullet s as a stepping stone to land steadily on the mothership's deck.

Pata! When he landed on the ground, he only made a light and low-pitched sound.

The next second, the Steel Cavalry's head hit the deck, creating a large hole. The explosion and flames dyed the deck red, sending many people flying. The fire field had cleverly blocked the entrance of the deck, preventing the Viking's reinforcements from approaching!

There were dozens of huge men waiting for him on the deck. Their eyes were all filled with a murderous light as they brandished their weapons, wishing that they could tear the youth into a thousand pieces. There were even Viking trying to break the reinforced glass and jump onto the deck from the Warship Bridge. Unfortunately, their unusually robust bodies allowed them to be stuck within the iron window frames of the Warship Bridge. If they wanted to squeeze out of the window frames that were like iron cages, they would still need a bit more time.

Let's kill all the enemies before us. The youth glanced at him. He had about a minute before the reinforcements arrived.

Each of these Viking s were several times taller than Arthur. They could crush the youth with one hand, but the youth did not put them in his eyes.

Arthur calmly made a provocative gesture: "Come on." "

As soon as the giants were provoked, they stormed forward in fury.

"Hey, no energy?" Arthur's light sword had lost its luster. The leading Viking warrior threw himself forward recklessly, the Photon Ax in his hand striking towards the teenager's head.

However, before he could strike the youth, his own head was pierced through by the light sword in the youth's hand. "Deceiving you, stupid." The young man sneered, then caught the axe in the giant's hand and threw it out, striking the other man squarely in the chest.

Haah!" The other two giants charged at the same time from left to right, their spears thrusting out at the same time. The teenager dodged to the side and slashed horizontally at the giant on the left. "With a sword thrust, the giant on the right was split in half.

Another Viking pounced over, planning to smash Arthur to pieces with his giant hammer. But before he could land on the ground, he was pierced to death by the spear that the youth kicked out.

His body flew backwards and crashed into another Viking, falling out of the ship at the same time.

While the other Viking disciples were distracted trying to avoid the flying giant, the young man went forward and stabbed one of them in the throat, then another in the abdomen. Before the other giant could react, he chopped off his weapon hand, kicked out the weapon on the ground, and smashed the other giant's knee.

The Viking soldier on his knee didn't even have time to scream in pain before he was slashed in the throat by the young man.

In less than a minute, some of the nine Viking s died, while others were injured. Their wounds were burning blue from the heat of the lightsabers, and the stench of burnt flesh permeated the air.

Arthur picked up a light sword from the ground to replace the one in his hand that was out of energy, and heaved a sigh of relief.

A minute passed. Not even warm-up.

"It's amazing." Someone clapped their hands and said something in unorthodox English.

Arthur looked over: "Are you the boss of Viking? "

That Viking could no longer be described as huge. It was a giant in the shape of a mountain.

The upper half of his body was exposed, while the Viking's leader, who was only wearing a skirt, had bulging veins all over his body. His skin was carved with blue and blue runes, which made him look rough and terrifying.

It was this guy who ordered everyone inside the Warship Bridge to leave while he himself challenged this youth. Probably to carry out their stupid, dueling spirits.

Giant held a huge anchor with many Photon Reflector s covering it. Only such a huge monster would be able to wield such a terrifying weapon. Only such a terrifying weapon would be able to make it incomparably powerful in the hands of such a monster. Even if it was a standard battleship, it could be easily cut apart by this giant photon anchor … No, [waist cut].

Compared to this giant, the photonic anchor, the young Arthur was like a small blade of grass on top of a giant mountain, a small bug on top of a huge boulder. It was humble and insignificant.

The boy, however, had faced the dragon, a beast much larger than the giant. There was no comparison in tactics between the two, but it gave the youth some psychological comfort.

Little guy, you actually caused such a huge damage to my fleet. You're quite capable!" The leader of the Viking praised him with a disdainful tone. "His great voice was like the roar of an avalanche or the roar of a wild beast, enough to kill a man.

"But your luck is at an end, too." This great anchor will shatter your little body with a single blow. There was no way to dodge it! Even if it didn't come into direct contact with the saber blade, if it was hit by the wind pressure, it would still be badly mutilated!

I'll let you choose. Did he end up dying on his own accord? Or was it I who smashed it to pieces, turning it into mincemeat, and poured it all over the deck of this ship, waiting for the rats to eat it all? However, even if you kill yourself, you will be crushed after death! "

"Why don't I choose the third?" I'll just kill you. Arthur held his light sword and said disapprovingly.

"Haha." Hahahahahaha! The giant laughed, as if he had heard a ridiculous joke. Are you really not afraid of death? "

"Fear is one of the emotions I don't have." So don't worry, even if I had to take out your heart and crush it, I wouldn't hesitate in the slightest. "

The giant laughed even harder. "People always say I'm a monster." Are you a monster too? Interesting! The competition between monsters was really something to look forward to! "

The Wiggin raised his great anchor. "It's time for a bloody storm!" "

It's just that by then you've been hacked into pieces. Arthur pleaded.

"Heh!" The giant was caught off guard.


With a loud noise, the shattered deck was filled with smoke.

The ground was covered in blood. It was clear that something had been smashed into a bloody mess.

However …

A lightsaber had pierced a large hole in the giant's leg. The youth stabbed his opponent and immediately disappeared into the smoke.

"How did you get away from that?" the giant asked.

"It's simple, because I wasn't standing there in the first place." the boy's voice answered.

As the smoke dissipated, six youths were standing on the deck.

There were probably just illusions there, none of them were real. However, every illusion there seemed to be real, and they were all talking at the same time. The sound came from every illusion, so it was impossible to tell if it was real or fake.

"Projection magic?" "Well, you know how to be clever!" "

The youngsters in front of him were all optical projections created by magic. They needed to rely on the corpses on the battlefield to activate it. It was a method commonly used by low-level magicians to hide their eyes.

"Indeed, it's all a matter of concealment. It's not even magic." "Arthur's voice came from all of the projections, and the projections' voices were part of the magic." But it's still enough to protect my life. After all, a monster like you can strangle me with your fingers. "

"Funny!" The giant raised his weapon again. "

The giant smashed down with force. The huge photon anchor heavily smashed down, splitting the deck in two, creating a huge shockwave that indeed sliced all six of the boy's double into pieces in an instant.


Shards of wood and iron flew in all directions. The attack of the giant even split the ship in two. More than half of the shattered deck was blown away. The ship began to tilt and slowly sink!

Viking's battles were always like this, they were just there to be straightforward and never know what to do. He could even smash his own boat.

"To get on a warship for a stinking boy." "The giant replied disdainfully," "Well, anyway, we've got what we want."

Just as he put down his weapon and was about to leave …

The tip of the Light Sword pierced through his abdomen.

"Wh …" "Is that so?" The leader of the Viking opened his eyes wide, staring at the Light Sword Blade that came out from his abdomen in disbelief. The green light from the sword blade illuminated the Viking leader's abdomen from the inside, continuously releasing a burning stench.

"For a bear as big as you, the tip of a lightsaber can't reach the heart." The youth's voice came from behind the giant.

"You've already …" How could that be! the giant muttered in confusion.

"Did anyone ever tell you that the double there must have had my real body?" I'm — I'm standing right behind you, looking for a chance. The young man thrust the sword even deeper and kept cutting upwards.

"He truly deserves to be called that …" Knight. The leader of the Viking started to speak incoherently.

"A knight?" "Just a passing swordsman." "

"Sword …" A... Really … "

"Stop talking and die, please." The boy continued to pull the sword up and through the giant's chest, shattering the giant's heart.

"Ha, ha!" Instead of falling forward, the giant forced himself back.

"What!" The teenager, who had no time to dodge, was caught in the middle of the mountain by the giant.

"Then you won't be able to escape." "Since we are all monsters, we shall all perish here together!" "

The warship was sinking rapidly, leaving a sea of flames everywhere. Before long, the ship would hit the ground and everything would be turned to ash in the explosion.

"Damn it!" The young man struggled to escape, but he knew that with his frail body, there was no way he could escape the giant's ten thousand tons of pressure.

"Is he going to die here?" "My mission, my wish —" The boy closed his eyes in frustration. "Father …" "

Just then, a voice suddenly asked, "You..." Why didn't he transform into a Spirit Body? "

Arthur blinked his eyes and saw a handsome young man with silver hair and silver eyes wearing a black robe. "His face was a typical oval face, with a tall nose and even eyebrows. His pupils were like silver, and his short silver hair gave him a scholarly look.

Although he was handsome, the way he dressed in ancient attire that didn't fit with his generation, and the feeling of his existence, made it hard for people to believe that he was a [human].

"Are you a ghost?" the youth asked the silver-haired youth.

"Ghost?" Why do you compare me to such a low-class thing? The silver-haired youth looked doubtful. "I am an even higher existence." "

"So, I'm really dead?" Become a ghost? Arthur wanted to move his body in confusion, but he was still pressed down by Giant's corpse, unable to escape. It's not scientific. Can't ghosts pass through objects?

"Not really." At the very least, your body cannot die until it is incinerated by fire. the mysterious youth said.

(Isn't this nonsense)

"I'm still alive?" Arthur took a deep breath. The thick smoke from the fire suffocated him. Save me! Help me out! "

"So, I asked you why you don't transform into a Spirit Body." After transforming into a Spirit Body, wouldn't he be able to easily escape? No, wait, don't you know how to transform into a Spirit Body? No way. Don't tell me that you are still a natural person's body and have yet to awaken? "

"Awakening?" Arthur asked, at a loss.

"Crap, I said too much." The silver-haired youth's expression changed. "This ore is surprisingly plain." I may have been just as ordinary as you... Person. In the blink of an eye, so many cycles had been passed. It was touching. "

"If you're free to talk to yourself, can you rescue me first?" "It's getting hotter and hotter here."

"Oh, no problem." When the young man raised his hand, the scenery around Arthur instantly changed.

"This is …" My room? Arthur looked around. Lancelot was probably outside helping to prepare, if not he would be shocked by the scene.

"I thought coming back here would make you feel more comfortable, so I decided to do it myself." said the mysterious youth.

"Indeed." "The boy got up." "Thank you very much —"

Just as he finished speaking, the fire outside the window had already begun to shake the sky. Viking's mother ship hit the ground heavily, causing a huge explosion.

Arthur covered his face to avoid the exploding storm, "If I had run away later, I would have been roasted like a duck." "

"No, I think the explosion would have avoided you. Even the flames would have brushed past you, not daring to hurt you in the slightest." said the mysterious youth.

"Stop joking! How could I use such a vicious protective magic?!" Arthur waved his hands nonchalantly.

"Well, you won't understand it even if you explain it now." "Farewell, Arthur." The mysterious youth raised his staff. Next time, we'll have a good talk. "

"You are —?" "

"Merlin." Call me Merlin. The staff in the young man's hand began to glow with a pale light. "

With a flash of the Intense Light, the youth disappeared into thin air.

"Instantaneous Teleportation Magic." He didn't even need to prepare anything before he was done. Arthur said to himself, "This is the size of the ivory tower." With a mage's level, what was there to say [could be considered a magician]? "

The battle outside the window had gradually come to an end. The Viking lost his leader, and started to run away with his tail between his legs. The knights stopped their pursuit.

"Why don't you give it a final blow?" "If I don't kill them all, they will come back again very soon to cause trouble," Arthur muttered to himself.

"That's impossible." Because it violates the creed of the Knights. a voice behind him said.

"…." Thus, the Knights are really... Stupid creature. Before Arthur could finish, he fell to the ground with a thud.

It was only then that he noticed how tired he was. Within one day, not only did he fight with the huge dragon, he had also killed countless Viking. What a crazy day.

A tall figure walked towards the youth, but the youth's eyes were too tired to open.

"Father …?" "Arthur said some nonsense in his dream.

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