Light Spirit Epic/C9 Miracle to Law Table
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Light Spirit Epic/C9 Miracle to Law Table
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C9 Miracle to Law Table

The next day.

"Ha!" Arthur dodged a scorpion-tailed lion's poisonous spike and used his sword to chop off the monster's head. The lion head roared and flew away, its struggling body releasing a dark green poison blood, sprinkling it all over Arthur's body even before it died.

Before the manticore could even react, its face was already covered in poison and blood. Arthur had long circled behind the monster and used his sword to slash at the second manticore's waist!

However, his battle was far from over, and a large group of manticores once again began to attack him.

Countless scorpions with deadly venom on their tails flew at the young man. This venom could instantly kill an elephant. If a normal person were to be lightly scratched by this venom, they would die.

However, the youth was not afraid. There was only anger in his heart.

Anger would cause an ordinary person's IQ to instantly drop to zero, allowing a wise person to suddenly become a boor.

However, this youth had continued to burn with anger over the course of many years. He had long since learned to allow reason and anger to coexist. Not only did his anger not make him stupid, it instead stimulated his thoughts, excited his body and mind, and gave him an extraordinary reaction speed.

The youth avoided death with lightning speed, dancing amidst the myriad poisons. It disrupted the movements of those gods of death with their poisonous tails. The Scorpion-tailed Lions chased after the youth's figure, stabbing it randomly, but they were always a step too slow. They could only watch as the youth slipped past the gap in the Poison Tail Formation. When the monsters' attacks were ineffective and they started to show signs of exhaustion, Arthur swung the light sword in his hand to counterattack.

A green light shined as the sword's shadow swam about.

Flashes, two flashes, five flashes, ten flashes, a hundred flashes!

The monsters' tails were cut off, their hearts were pierced, their arms and legs were chopped off, and their heads were smashed into pieces. In less than ten seconds, the ground was littered with corpses.

"Ha, ha, ha —" The boy gasped and looked coldly at the huge manticore leader twenty yards away. This fellow was as tall as an elephant, and its scorpion tail that was filled with Poison Needle s was standing straight up as it wriggled.

"My little brothers are dead. Are you still alive?" The young man brandished his lightsaber and challenged, "Come to your death!" "

The enraged Scorpion-tailed Lion leapt up, and the nine scorpion-tailed Lion's tails wiggled in a crazy manner as they pierced towards the youth from all directions.

After a round of stabbing, a corpse that was almost completely punctured fell to the ground. But it was only the corpse of a small manticore, a surrogate made by the boy's projective magic.

The scorpion-tailed lion king violently twitched because of the intense pain, and then fell down without a sound. Its body was disintegrated into hundreds of pieces before it hit the ground, and it fell to the ground with a burnt smell.

The youth crawled out from the pile of corpses and nonchalantly wiped the dirt off his face.

"This kid is going too hard today." said the tall masked man watching from the dais.

This was no longer a battle, but a massacre. The other masked man said scornfully, "What a ferocious dragon." "

"Cameron, why are you always targeting this brat? said the tall masked man. "Do you hate him that much?" "

"I'm just telling the truth." The masked man called Cameron said, "The Guild Leader is the one. Why does he always speak up for this kid?" Is he that good? His battle prowess was not ordinary, but it was not at a very outstanding level. From what I see, there are at least a dozen knights who are on par with him.

Furthermore, this was merely a comparison of sword techniques. It was not enough for a Knight to rely on sword arts alone. He would also need to be proficient in riding, defense, shield, strict protection of the path of a Knight, and a firm faith. "

(What else are you talking about [a firm faith] in this world of falling religions?)

"Don't give me those damn rules." The masked man, who had been called the Captain, waved his hand dismissively. "I was just as wet as I was when I started out." He didn't even think about it.

But did you see that? I jumped three steps in five years and finally climbed to the position of captain. This world isn't as complicated as you think. In the end, the strong still decide everything.

Powerful people were powerful no matter what. In the end, they would always send people to surrender. If you see such a person not making good use of him, it will be too late when he becomes so strong that you cannot control him. "

Cameron looked at the tall masked man. "

"So?" the Captain asked with a certain expectation in his voice.

"Watch again." "Cameron insisted on not letting them go." I have one last question. If he cannot satisfy my expectations, Captain, then please stop your willfulness. "

"All right." "Let the Lord of the Abyss go," the Captain said with a sigh, as if he had been talking to him for a long time. "

Hurry up and finish it, I want to go drink.

(In any case, the outcome was already known.)

The youth was still fighting against a giant spirit. The enemy was dozens of feet tall and strong, still strong from the many cuts made by the lightsaber.

"I hate a thick-skinned guy like you." The boy gripped his lightsaber. He planned to pierce the djinni's brain so that it would no longer be able to move — but he was still looking for an opportunity.

However, the door to the pit of death suddenly opened … It did not open, but rather collapsed. What rushed out from within was an incomparably large bone dragon.

It was the resentment of the dead dragon (the remaining innate photons) attached to the dragon bone, transformed over the long years, and finally transformed into a dead spirit.

It had no memories, no thoughts, no emotions, no senses, only pure killing intent.

The Skeleton Dragon rushed forward and stomped its foot on the Giant Spirit. Its hard, furry soles kept twisting to clear the blood from its feet. Then, it roared towards Arthur as if it was trying to demonstrate its might and was preparing to make its next round of sprint!

"That's great," the kid shrugged. "With one thick skin, there's another who doesn't even have one." "

The colossal dragon fiercely devoured the youth!

Arthur used all of his strength to fly, roll, and barely dodged the attack. However, he was blown away by the shockwave and landed heavily on the ground!

"En …!" The instant he got up, he knew that his opponent was not on the same level as his opponent.

It was true that he had fought against dragons before, but that was in a narrow cave. His opponent had only been playing around with him and had not moved at all.

And this arena was huge enough for the Bone Dragon to show off its skills. It was also brazenly making a ruckus in this arena! Even worse was that this dead spirit had no emotions. It did not know its limits and would only attack ferociously, charging again and again!

With this gigantic body, this attack that could sweep away thousands of enemies, it was impossible for a human Dynamic Power to dodge it! Even if he tried to dodge it, he would be blown away by the shockwave and crash into the wall, falling to the ground. He would be seriously injured again and again, and eventually become a meat sauce!

Furthermore, with Arthur's weak, extremely weak physique, he could at most withstand one more shock wave from the Bone Dragon's charge! It was certain that he would die if he was hit directly. Even if he was only blown away by the impact, he would still die without a doubt!

— What to do?

The teenager's nerves tensed up.

One millionth of a second passed.

He would die!

One thousandth of a second passed.

No matter how he thought about it, the answer was the same. He would definitely die.

Another 1% of a second passed.

Without the chance to reverse the situation, at least with the equipment he had, it was impossible!

Another tenth of a second passed.

I'm not going to die in a place like this! I am Arthur. D. Pantolacken, one day, the person who will become the strongest swordsman in the entire world and above, the person who even the Death God has to lower his head to!

Haa!" "Faced with the charge of the enemy, the youth did not run away. Instead, he moved forward to meet it, using all his strength in his lightsaber to slash at the monster!

What happened in that instant was, it could never happen, [miracles].

Just a light sword, even if its Photon Reflector was operating at full power, it would not be able to emit so many photons. Because there aren't so many free photons in the surrounding space to collect and reflect!

That was [the power to create something out of nothing]. It was a violation of the laws of nature, a violation of the Equivalent Exchange, an existence surpassing the forces of nature.

That is, the embodiment of [the Third Miracle], Photon Creation. According to the legends, when the Creation God created the world, he first created the sea of photons from nothingness. It was the origin of all matter, energy, spirit souls, and realms!

Although it was only for a split-second, it was as if the universe was created. The sudden burst of a photon storm not only blocked the fatal blow from the skeleton dragon, but also turned its skull into ashes.

The dragon had no way of resisting and could only watch himself fade away in the light!

A terrifying attack.

If this attack was used on the battlefield, how many lives would be instantly annihilated?

The headless dragon collapsed, its corpse turned to dust by the internal evil fire, and it no longer existed. After seeing this scene, the tense youth finally relaxed. As soon as he relaxed, he fell over.

"Still alive …." "Arthur fell to his knees," The Skeleton Dragon said. That's all. "

The moment he completely collapsed, the scenery around him also rapidly changed. Everything he saw turned out to be an illusion, an optical projection. The real him was actually in a large, spacious, square room surrounded by special steel walls.

He was just fighting against the illusion just now, it was a part of the battle training system that was a form of virtual reality for the Northernmost Knight Organization.

"Has the medical team arrived?" the tall masked man said to the knight beside him.

"Well?" See what you want to see? he asked over his shoulder.

"I didn't expect it." Cameron replied, "But that is indeed an interesting phenomenon." It was worth continuing to observe. "

"Still watching?" There was no enemy in the simulator more powerful than the Master of the Abyss. the Captain said. "What did you expect?" "

"I expect to see him run." Cameron said calmly. "Against - absolutely - yes - unwinnable opponents, normal people would definitely run away. Those who didn't know how to escape didn't have the right to become Knights. His own life was the most precious thing in the world. How can a man who does not know how to cherish life let him go to war? "

However, what he did not know was that the youth had never intended to become a [Knight].

"If he doesn't get away, he'll fail." If he didn't run away, he would be killed. That would be a failure, wouldn't it? "But he didn't run away. He won." What else do you have to say? "

"He looks more like a monster than anything else." Cameron said coldly. "Do you really think you can control this monster, Leon?" "

"God knows." The chivalrous master smiled meaningfully. "It's not the first time I've dealt with [the dragon], but it's definitely the most interesting." Let me have a good time with this [dragon]. "

With that, the captain lifted his cloak and disappeared into the darkness.

The Guild Leader only wanted to make use of this opportunity to have some fun. This was precisely the thing that Cameron was most worried about.

To play with a dragon, one would be bitten sooner or later by the dragon — — Cameron's worries would come true in half a year.

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