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Man Not Coward/C11 Reentry lead
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C11 Reentry lead


I stood in the street like a fool, bouncing like I was when I was a child carrying my schoolbag.

I had a hobby, like to eat cold drinks as soon as I got excited. I went to a McDonald's not far away and ordered two wheat tornadoes. The second one was half-priced. Sitting inside, I slowly calmed down.

"Wu Ruoqi, for you to bring me back, it must not be that simple. Furthermore, to make me your team leader, this is completely illogical."

I thought as I ate. "She's not trying to get me back to the office and get even with me, is she?"

It was a pity that I didn't have the ability to read minds. If only I could see through her heart and see what she was thinking.

I took a taxi home after the cold drinks.

Since he had to go to work, he definitely couldn't wear casual clothes. Furthermore, all of his office supplies had been thrown into the trunk of his car. I'll change my clothes when I get back to the car.

As for Zhao Xue, I didn't care from the start. Right now, even if she was at home passionate with Xia Jun, I don't care.

But even so, when I got back to my house, I lay on my stomach in front of the security door and listened for a while. I opened the door after I was sure no one was there.

Zhao Xue was selling men's clothing at the Guihe Merchant Shop, which was located diagonally opposite to the residential area. It was a high-end brand, and the people she met were basically the rich leaders. For a moment I wondered where the hell their money had come from. She was dressed in a suit of tens of thousands of yuan, and she didn't even blink.

It was precisely because this world was so unfair that Zhao Xue had long ago become accustomed to spending lavishly. It was probably also probably because of work relations that she got to know Xia Jun.

She was on the morning shift, from nine in the morning to three in the afternoon, and the evening shift was from three in the afternoon to nine in the evening.

I looked at my watch.

When I came out of the bathroom, I couldn't help but go to the master bedroom where Zhao Xue and I used to sleep, with the curtains closed and the room under pressure. She said she liked the feeling, it was very ambiguous and emotional, and when I looked at the bed where we had been through hundreds of times, I felt my heart lurch and kept thinking of the way she hummed on me or under my body. Obviously, she wasn't satisfied with my gentleness every time, and she repeatedly asked me to be a little wild, or even to pinch her. Especially for girls like Zhao Xue, who had suffered the enticement of all kinds of bald rich men outside. If the men in their family weren't strong enough, they really wouldn't be able to control their hearts …

"Forget it, what is there to think about now!" What's the use? She betrayed me, so there's no need for me to reprimand her! "

Glancing at the wedding photo hanging on the bed, we kissed in the peach orchard, dressed in our romantic outfits, and turned to leave.

Just as I was about to go downstairs and start my pony, there was a knock on the window.

Glancing at the side, it was Zhao Xue.

She was wearing a multicolored Bosamiya dress that fell to her ankles, and her 10 cm tall heels made her tall and straight body even more slender. She was especially good at makeup, had been good at it since she was young, and her beautiful big red lips were what I liked.

Heh heh, am I second?

He pressed down the window and exhaled some smoke. He gave her a cold glance and was speechless.

"Hubby, you're back? Look, I've bought a lot of vegetables, let's go home? "In the evening, I will make the chicken wings with braised pork ribs."

I used to do all this work, but now I can see her walking home from the market after a day's work, with so many things on her heels, and she's going to have to walk a mile from here. Her heels are going to hurt again, and I should have been gloating, but now I'm not happy at all.

My pupils dilated and my mouth opened a few times. I didn't know what to say.

"I'm going to work."

With that, I press D and slowly walk away.

In the rearview mirror, I could see her standing there, looking forlorn. I didn't know what she was thinking, but at this moment, I looked at her face with regret and sadness, as if it were real.

I let out a long sigh and shook my head before fiercely slapping myself in the face. I shouted, "How can she be worthy of sympathy? She wanted to partner with Xia Jun to kill me, I heard it myself. If it's already like this, then what kind of special relationship do you have with her? "I was still hurt by her fake appearance. Did I f * cking go home?"

He ran all the way, feeling upset.

Soon, we arrived at the Leading International. The company bought the 5A Class office, which is located in the center of the city. The Qilin Building's tenth and eleventh floors are on the tenth floor.

When I entered the company, Xiao Qian, who was at the front desk, had a face full of shock, "Sanjong, why did you come back?"

I leaned over to her and looked down at the line of work under her shirt. "Put on airs!"


Little Qian rolled her eyes and whispered, "Sanjong, you came here to apologize to me? "She's inside. He seemed to have gotten angry just now. Be careful."

"Fuck, who are you scolding now?"

"It looks like he was on the phone in his office, cursing over the phone. Xiaoyu, who had just gone over to pour her coffee, was scolded and asked, "Why don't you add sugar?" Her coffee was never sugar-free! "" No, no! The aggrieved Xiao Yu came back with red eyes. Now I went to the bathroom to wash my face. "

Xiao Qian said.

"This old maid!"

I strode into the company and went straight to the design department. In fact, we designed three groups, all in one office, but the group and the group is separated by a separation.

Pushing the door open and seeing me, Li Feng got up, "Aiya, aiya, who is this? Group Leader Zhang? "Return victorious?"

His three colleagues behind him stood up and applauded at the same time. It could be seen that everyone was looking forward to my return; in order to be honest, my design ability was absolutely unheard-of in the company. Not only was I familiar with all sorts of design skills, but more importantly, I could add some man-made aspects to the design according to the characteristics and concepts of each project.

"Welcome back Group Zhang. We must congratulate you tonight."

Zhou Gang from the same group said.

"No problem, I'll treat them to dinner tonight. We'll have a good drink together."

I put the office supplies back on my desk and whispered, "Is the tigress mad?"

"There was quite a commotion just now. It has now stopped."

Li Feng said, "It doesn't seem to be a job matter, do you want to go in and take a look?"

"I'm just afraid of being implicated."

I was a little perturbed, just as the cat was about to go to her office to investigate, Group Two's leader, Jia Gui, walked in, dressed in a flowery shirt, seven- part pants, with a ponytail, looking like a third-rate barber. He had never been on good terms with us before, he always tried to steal from us, Latitude for his projects, but every time he would ruin it due to his inadequate design.

"Oh, who else could it be? How come you're free to come to the company today? Did he switch to take-out? To send business cards? "

Jia Gui did not know about what I had been recruited for, his face was full of smiles, in the past, he had been defeated by me seven or eight times. When I left, he was naturally happy, this brat had always been diligent, he had played tricks behind his back, and everyone knew who he was, but he seemed to have a relative who was on the board of directors, so even if tigress did not like him, she could not do anything to him.

"Ah, Eunuch Jia is here. Haha, it's been a long time since we last met. "I miss you so much. I came to see everyone."

In the past, when I saw him, I was also very nervous. After all, he had a powerful relative and was also the team leader, so I did not dare to offend him, but now that the group leader had been transferred to the Peking University area, I would take over as the team leader. In the future, I would have to face off against the group as a team leader, and I had to remain unyielding.

Jia Gui was startled for a moment, this form of address, is limited to the level of the company and those of the upper echelons joking with him, and the employees below have never called them this before. He put away the smile on his face, and coldly stared at me, "Who are you? To whom? "

"Hehe, then what are you? During the work period, you came to join my group. Don't you know how to knock on the door? I'm going to tell the director that if you peek at our plans, it'll be enough for you to have a drink. "

I have always been submissive and careful in my actions, not to mention talking back to the group leader, even my colleagues have to be polite with each other, but today, I have not given Jia Gui any face at all. In front of a group of brothers, I have to take back everything I have, do you really think that after the group leader is transferred away, we will become a group of powerless people who will be trampled upon?

His face was red from anger. He looked at Lan Finger who was pointing at me and gasped, "You … you …"

He couldn't even finish his sentence before he turned around and left in anger, "Just you wait!"

I looked at his ecstatic back and snorted disdainfully. "He's so used to his stinky habits."

The group chat once again broke out into warm applause, "F * * k, you are awesome, Zhang Duo. You have guts!" That's how it will be in the future. We're in the same group, so it's only right for us to take the lead. Why should we be afraid of him!? "

At this moment, the intercom rang. It was from the female tiger.

Li Feng wanted to pick it up, but I directly grabbed the microphone.

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