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C12 Be my boyfriend

Just be my boyfriend

"Hello, Mother Wu Tong Supervisor."

I almost cried out in embarrassment.

She immediately recognized my voice and coldly said, "Since you're here, why aren't you rushing over?"


Crack, the phone hung up. I was a little nervous as I stuck it in there. Li Feng also threw me a pitiful look, "Good luck, brother." Come on! We will always support you spiritually! "

I carefully walked to the door of Wu Ruoqi's office and lightly knocked, "Come in!"

I pushed the door open. She was looking out through the French window, her back to me.

"Close the door."

Her tone was the same as it had been in the morning.

I leaned forward and looked at her new black and white Harlan suit. It was loose, yet sexy.

She was such a person, no one could understand why.

She turned around with a smile on her face, sizing me up. "What did Li Feng tell you?"

"Just say that you want me to come back to work, and even promote me to be your team leader." I feel that you need me, that you cannot leave me! "

My courage gradually grew. Ever since Zhao Xue cheated, I had the courage to go all out. I was about to lose my home, so what the hell did I care about? No matter who I love, I was obedient in the past. Today, I want to go crazy too.

He was used to seeing them, but he couldn't bear to see them being pulled down.

She giggled and leaned in close to me, and I felt a little uncomfortable. Her office was made of glass, and if I didn't open the blinds, people outside would be able to see what was going on inside.

I took two steps back, but she kept pressing on me. I looked out the window and saw that quite a few of my colleagues had already noticed the situation over here. They were gathered together in groups of twos and threes, discussing something.

"Wu Tong Supervisor, I think it's necessary to pull the curtains."

I started for the window, but she grabbed my hand and threw herself into my arms!

With a bang, I felt like my heart was about to explode.

God, what a thrill.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that my colleagues outside the office had all exploded, each of them extremely ferocious. The tigress had always been strict in the company, with a straight face, and it was rumored that she had never been in a relationship.

I can foresee that in less than ten minutes, the news about the unspoken rule of the Wu Tong's Office, Zhang Shan, will spread far and wide, spreading throughout the entire Heavenly River Branch and even the Peking University area.

Wu Ruoqi reckoned that she had achieved what she wanted so she broke free from my embrace and slowly walked towards the window, closing the blinds.

"What are you doing?"

I nervously retreated to her desk. She closed the curtain, could it be that she really wanted to take me off?

Oh shit, this is too exciting.

No, no. Isn't it a little too much to do it so blatantly?

"Who let you touch my waist just now?"

She hugged her arms and changed her appearance all of a sudden. The gentle and beautiful drop of light had completely disappeared and was replaced by that thousand year old tiger face.

"I … I was just trying to please you. You were so proactive, yet I didn't react at all. Isn't it just too unattractive?"

"Oily and smooth. When did you become like this? "

She glared at me, scanning me up and down. "Stop poking. Come sit down."

She had set up a tea stand near the window. She liked to drink Pu'er, and every day she would take an hour out of her busy work to drink tea and bask in the sun and think.

After I sat down, I took a sip of the thick tea. It was a bit astringent, but there was a sense of hierarchy in it. "Good tea."

"Look at this."

She handed me a piece of A4 paper. I took it and was stunned when I saw it!

"Temporary boyfriend requisition contract!"

Yes, I read it three times, that's the title.

What the f * ck was this?

"Party A: Wu Ruoqi."

"Party B: Zhang Shan."

"After friendly negotiation, Party B shall be employed by Party A as a temporary boyfriend. During the period of employment, Party B must comply with Party A's arrangement, including but not limited to shopping and attending party hotels. If Party A and B violate the contract unilaterally, the penalty shall be five hundred thousand yuan, the contract shall be tentatively set aside for six months, both parties shall sign and seal the contract, and the final right of interpretation shall belong to Party A. "

I read it seriously and was almost stunned by this bizarre contract. She leaned on the seat with a sense of accomplishment and cast a sidelong glance at the nearby Ferris Wheel. A trace of melancholy flashed in her eyes before it disappeared.

"What are you doing? Buy me? "

I threw the contract on the table, but didn't sign it. Although my weekly salary was 10,000 yuan, which was even higher than my monthly salary, what I lacked the most now was financial security. Looking at the money was even more intimate than looking at Jiang Shu Ying's naked figure, but I still felt that there was something fishy about it.

Now it seems that Wu Ruoqi called me back to the company not because of my work ability, but to recruit me as her temporary boyfriend.

"To be exact, hired."

She fixed her eyes on me. "I know you didn't do anything excessive last night. In that situation, if you can control yourself, it means that you are a person with a bottom line and integrity. There aren't many people who can do that anymore."

"I am very gratified that you are able to return my innocence."

I smiled and said, "Actually, you don't need to use such a method to thank me. In some martial arts novels, this little girl has no way to repay you, so you can only repay me with your body." I am only helping you because I can't bear to watch Zhang Zihao's despicable actions. I have no other intentions. "

"Sign it." I'll give you the money right away. "

Wu Ruoqi acted as if she knew that I was in need of money, she passed the pen over, her expression was indifferent, she liked the feeling of being in control of everything, no matter if it was her company or her feelings.

In the past, it was because I was too obedient that Zhao Xue had the thought of "I was born with an unknowable blessing". But what kind of wild man would take my gentleness and consideration and treat it as the cheapest thing in the world, throwing it away whenever she wants?

Now that Wu Ruoqi is trying to control me again, this made me resist.

"I'm married. How can I be your boyfriend? And since we're both top and bottom, pairing up in the company will certainly affect the work of other colleagues. Haven't you thought about it? "

"No," I said.

"Of course, but none of the other effects are as important as our contract. I need this now. If you feel that it's too little, I can still add more. "

Ten thousand a week, forty thousand a month, two hundred forty thousand six months. To be honest, I didn't even dare to think about earning so much in half a year.

"It's not about money. I just don't understand why you want to do this. At least give me an explanation, right?"

"Last night, Zhang Zihao was introduced to me by my family. I met him for the third time, ate dinner for the second time, and drank wine for the first time. He always performed very well. As for you, your proper appearance can help me temporarily block the urging of my family. Do you understand? "

Wu Ruoqi said, "I make the decision for my feelings. They always want me to exchange for them, so let's not talk about it anymore. In short, you need to be clear about your identity and make others believe that you are real. "

"Isn't this too difficult? I pretended to be your boyfriend to fool your family, didn't I have to expose myself sooner or later? What the hell are you thinking? Since Zhang Zihao couldn't do it, he could find a good man to seriously enter into a relationship and then get married and have kids. Do you have a problem with love? "

I asked, puzzled.

"No, I'd rather not. I'd rather be alone for the rest of my life than wait for the person I really love. This is the creed of my life, and no one can break it! "

she said seriously.

Ah, another Lord who would not turn back without crashing into the south wall.

Stubbornly believing in the magic of love, always thinking that the next one is the one we love the most, but in the process of growing up, we have already lost one beautiful miniature image after another. No one is perfect, the path of pursuing true love is destined to be arduous, it can't tolerate even a little blemish, that's not to find a spouse, it's to find an angel!

However, Wu Ruoqi was such a person, who pursued the limits of everything. Most of the designs she wrote normally had already been signed by her clients, but because she felt that there were flaws in them, changing them again and again, delaying her time and energy, she had to pursue the extremes like this, only when she had achieved perfection would she send her piece of art out.

"Aren't you afraid of me? With all your lies, are you really going to fall in love with me?"

I said in a teasing manner.

"Haha, do you have that charm? The person I fell in love with has not been born yet. "

"Damn, then you are now 27 years old. When you are born and marry you, you will be in your fifties, right?"

I laughed.


She rolled her eyes at me. "Just sign the contract and we'll go out and make a show of ourselves."


"Hold my hand and walk around the company. Let them see. It's mainly to act as a microphone and tell the world that I already have a boyfriend."

"No," she said.

"Zhang Zihao is very rich, right?"

I suddenly asked.

"Yep, the family is involved in financing, and there are many big economic groups behind it. It can be said that if the Zhang family wants any company to live, then it can live, and if they want any company to die, it can die."

Wu Ruoqi said, "Of course, this is only for those large enterprises that do not manage well.

"Oh, oh, how amazing."

"To put it bluntly, I can get the money out."

"He doesn't have any real ability, just trying to rope in more resources. Relying on his grandfather's retirement as a high official in the capital, he left behind so much resources, who would listen to him bluff?"

"Oh, oh, I said. The third generation of government officials. "

"He's not exactly like that. He's just a vice president at a private bank. "If he wasn't born into a good family, with his ability, he probably wouldn't have been able to survive as well as you."

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