Man Not Coward/C15 The winery enters the battlefield
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Man Not Coward/C15 The winery enters the battlefield
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C15 The winery enters the battlefield

"Tsk, what's there to be embarrassed about?"

She paused, then said, "I guess you two only make it three times a week. And they don't have much passion, so they should be like handing in homework to each other, right? "


I sighed and didn't answer.

At this moment, the Fragrant River Hotel arrived.

After we stopped the car, we went straight to the hall, following that, Wu Ruoqi's guests arrived.

There were three men and one woman, all from Taihe Real Estate Company. Inside the company, there was the Director of Operations, the Project Manager, Advertising Department Director, and the Vice President of the Sales.

We had been working with Tai He for a long time, and the first year I came to the company, we designed Tai He's high-rise apartment in Fengyang region, and I had a deep impression of it. In order to win this business, Wu Ruoqi tried to defeat all the other people, and almost got into a fight with the head of business of the rival Transcendence Company at the auction. In the end, we won the bid with a slight advantage, and of course, Tai He's people didn't "spare" Wu Ruoqi.

Of course, I was just a small intern at that time, and these things were listened to by Li Feng. At that time, I had a special admiration towards Wu Ruoqi, even if she was a little girl, but the arrogance and tenacity in her bones is something many men can't compare to.

"Director Zhang, you're getting more and more handsome. When you walk, the wind billows beneath your feet. You're almost catching up to Peng Yuyan."

"Sister Li, your skin is really enviable. I also bought all the skincare products you recommended to me. Why is it that I'm not as good as you?" Sigh, there's really no way for us to compare ourselves to others. "

"Brother Li, I've got two ten-year-old bottles of Maotai. I won't return until I'm drunk tonight."

"Brother Zhou, we are alumni after all. Can you give me a hug?" Look at you as if I owe you money. I hate it! "

He had to say that Wu Ruoqi's acting skills were really too good, she was definitely a good person when she came out to run a business, when people said what she said, she would say what the hell would they say, and with just a few words she had already tricked Tai He's four best men, who wouldn't like to hear good words? She could instantly grasp her vitals, and her grip was neither deep nor shallow, allowing her to freely move in and out.

I could only giggle, unable to speak, not knowing what to say.

Entering the "Peony Hall", the beautifully decorated and luxurious private room already had waiters waiting for them.

"Serve the dishes, you have the highest standards. Give me two bottles of the Chilean Lafite that I saved last time, help me wake up."

After Wu Ruoqi finished making the arrangements, she then began to formally introduce me, "Let me focus on the main points. This is my boyfriend, Zhang Shan. She is also the elite of our Leading International's Tianhe Branch, and is currently the leader of the design team. She's the one who asked me to team up on today's trap. She said that she's been working behind the scenes and didn't have the chance to contact everyone.


I was extremely nervous, but I knew that I couldn't continue to smile like a fool. I had to show some kind of attitude that would allow me to take charge of my own affairs. I stepped forward to shake hands with everyone one by one, and then, I officially entered their eyes.

I reckon these people used me as their driver.

From the slightly astonished expressions on their faces, it can be seen that no one would have thought that the extremely capable and astute Wu Ruoqi would find such a boyfriend like me.

I still know this much, but anyone who isn't blind will be able to tell the difference at a glance when they're outside. If it's true from the perspective of love, then I really can't match up to her.

She pushed me from the back, then I took the initiative to walk towards the center of the table and sat down at the main seat. Wu Ruoqi rolled her eyes at me, but then walked over to help me smooth things over, only then did I realize, I should first arrange for the guests to be seated, and then I would be able to sit down by myself.

These four people are the middle management of Tai He. However, they are all part of the 'core department'. Thus, their positions are extremely important. Naturally, I do not understand the slight differences between them.

"Come, it's as usual. Boss Zhang, you deserve to be the guest of honor."

"Brother Li works hard at the construction site and eats dirt every day. Since he's here, he should sit as a deputy guest and have a good drink."

"Sister Li and I are good sisters. If we want to sit together and talk about women, then let's condescend to be three."

"Old Zhou is my school friend, and is also considered to be a relative. I hope that he can be my third companion today, haha." Back and forth at the home field, how about it? "

After they were done with their arrangements, they all sat down. Wu Ruoqi walked over to the vice partner's seat and sat opposite to me.

I sat down nervously. The heck, I don't know much about the relationships among the classes here. Making me sit at the seat of honor to accompany you is really cheating me to death!

But he had no choice, since things had gotten to this point, he could not withdraw, even if it meant that he had to survive the meal for his own sake in Wu Ruoqi's eyes!

And just at this moment, a few words suddenly surfaced in my mind, "I, Zhang Yulong, am Tai He's business director, and is in charge of the core affairs of Tai He. How can these people compare to me? At least Wu Ruoqi is sensible, it is only natural for me to be the guest of honor! "

"Dammit, he's been suppressed by that old brat Zhang Yulong again. He's already in the top 40 and he's still so eye-catching! I, Li Shengda, am in charge of three project departments, what the hell is he? This Wu Ruoqi always talked about matters with his age. Should he really be the host? "I've been thinking about this little girl for a long time. I'll try my best to get drunk tonight, then go upstairs to get a room later. Hum, hmph, it'll relieve the itch in my heart!"

"The people from Transcendence sent me 20,000 yuan in the afternoon, and I'm here to participate in Wu Ruoqi's match again tonight. It's not really appropriate. Look at her performance tonight. She bought so many skincare products recommended by me, and I got more than 10,000 commission, but it's still not enough. I have to get more from her. "

"You always have to be my alumni. We're still seven or eight levels apart, not to mention that I'm just a mature online student of Yanzhou University. You're an authentic master's student, can you stop bringing shame to me?"

After reading these words, my mind exploded. It turned out that all four of them had ulterior motives. Furthermore, this is only the most superficial part. I am certain that there are definitely conflicts of interest and conflict between them.

"Cough … That …"

Soon, the first dish arrived, and I calmed myself down. I picked up the glass of Wuliangye and started the conversation, "It's my honor to invite all of you Taihe company's bosses today, I'm sitting here in fear, I've just thought about how to talk to you, and I'm very grateful for your trust, today I will be the host, and I have the opportunity to interact with you, I'm very excited, and at the end of the week, please forgive me. Let's drink a round wine together, and hope that we can meet frequently, just like old friends, we won't meet for three days, and we'll have a good drink."

Having said so, I tentatively looked at the guest of honor, "How about we have our first cup and four mouthfuls? "Come from all directions and make a fortune in all four seasons."

"Alright, alright."

Everyone gave him some face and drank without a care in the world.

I glanced at Wu Ruoqi's expression, and there was a smile on my face the entire time, it should be because I was satisfied with my performance.

At this time, another sentence popped up, "This Zhang Shan, looking at how he's so dazed, it seems like he's still okay to give him a chance. Not restricted at all.


Who was the one that was stunned?

As soon as they settled down, they started to chat, and started to brag in all sorts of ways.

From the international situation to the domestic environment, from the war in the Middle East to the price of crude oil, from the national action of catching tigers and beating flies to the subtle changes in the leaders of the different levels of Tianhe City, all of these discussions were about how Leading International wanted to continue to take over Tai He and the next round of advertisements. I was a little anxious, wanting to help Wu Ruoqi with this matter.

Wu Ruoqi, on the other hand, was much calmer and calmer, talking and laughing merrily.

"Why is this girl so heartless?" If you don't hurry up, the transcendent will snatch it away! "

I had to drink a few more cups with Li Xiaoxiang, the head of the Advertising Department. With such a woman holding such great authority, her leading opinion is very important, so as long as she nods her head, I am sure that Taihang's and the tens of thousands of level next season's advertisement will be close.

"Ruoqi, when did you two do this? I haven't heard you say it before? "

After three bites, the assistant's project manager, Li Shengda, opened his mouth and said, "It's not okay for you to do this, you should have greeted us in advance, it's my first time seeing you brother, and I haven't made any preparations."

"Old Li, what do you want to prepare? Should I prepare some tools for the couple to handle that matter? "

Zhang Yulong, the business director of the main guest group, quickly replied and teased.


Everyone roared with laughter, my embarrassed face was about to turn red, but Wu Ruoqi who was beside her shouted excitedly, "We were already prepared long ago, we bought it according to the style of Island Nation's large scale."


Everyone was laughing their heads off, the entire atmosphere of the room had reached its climax. When I blended in with it, I felt that I couldn't catch my breath, Wu Ruoqi's words were real and fake, fake and real. This caused my impression of her to become indecisive, what kind of girl was she?

Why is he getting more and more confused?


At the last sip of the first cup, I had just opened my mouth to bring some wine, but was stopped by Zhang Yulong, "If you still want to call me that, then I won't be drinking this wine. Ruoqi is our blood sister, you and her together, then we are your brother, ah! To call him a leader or to make fun of him? "

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