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He carried on a string of stories, "So, when faced with such a big project, what peace? That's all bullshit. We can respect each other, but they are going too far."

"Right, right. These kinds of people can't be too casual. We have a British relationship, and we're afraid of losing a customer."

"Stop bullshitting, there's nothing wrong with those eight words. This matter must be kept a secret." Right now, no one knew the minimum bid price. It would be great if someone was a spy among the transcendent. "Sigh."

Wu Ruoqi immediately shook her head. "Forget it. We won't do such a sinister thing. Everything depends on our strength."

Hearing her say this, I had an embarrassed look on my face.

After a moment of silence, I decided to tell her. "There's something I don't know whether to say or not."

"What is it?" We have already talked about everything. I have told you the most important secret, what else do you not dare to say? "Could it be that you've fallen in love with me and don't dare to confess to me?"

Wu Ruoqi said with a smile as she took a sip of Gaddo's wine.

"No, no."

I shook my head and said, "Didn't I resign after arguing with you at the company? I was just thinking that if I couldn't sit at home eating and waiting for death to come, I would go find a job and submit my resume. "

"Oh, that's also normal. You're an experienced technical staff in the industry, and you also have a pioneering working experience. It's not a problem to find a white-collar job."

Wu Ruoqi did not find it strange, "How is it? Is there a response? If there's somewhere else to hire you as a technical director, don't be embarrassed, I'll definitely let you go. There's no contradiction in how we execute our contracts. "

"No. In the other companies, I didn't have much interest in any of them. Coincidentally, I saw Transcendence recruiting people so I submitted my resume. "

I said timidly.

If I go to Transcendence, it would be a taboo for the leader, because I know that there are too many cards to be played, including the amount of profit points to be allocated for the project design. I can directly calculate the starting bid price for the project, which is very dangerous in a shopping mall, and if I can really do that, the Transcendent would pay me three times the price, and they wouldn't lose anything.

"Aiyo, you did remind me."

When Wu Ruoqi heard this, she was wild with joy. "Did you get a reply from Transcendent?" If they invite you, you go. "


When I heard this, I was stunned for a moment. "No, no, I can't leave you."


"No, I can't leave the world without you. I've been working here for so long, and you even mentioned me being the team leader when you valued me so much. I can't choose to escape at the most critical moment. Even if Transcendence were to ask me for a high salary, I would still definitely be able to live here."

I was anxious to show my sincerity.

"You idiot, I mean let you be a spy. Know yourself and know your enemy and be victorious in every battle! "

Wu Ruoqi raised her eyebrows and smiled sinisterly.

"Undercover? F * * k, can't you do it? It's so exciting! Would I be found and beaten to death on the street? "

I said excitedly.

"Do you think you can become a spy in the Golden Triangle? "It's not that strange. Just give me the starting price at the critical moment."

Wu Ruoqi smirked. "Originally, I didn't want to play such a dirty game, but the transcendent has already extended her hand to our neck. It just so happens that we can return the favor back to him."

"What you mean is that there's an extraordinary inner strength to it?"

After hearing that, I felt a chill on my back. Doing business is really difficult. It isn't just a competition of the strength of the company, but also of one's wrist.

These days, those ethics are just for the law to see. As long as you don't go against the law, the conduct of the industry, professional ethics, they are all bullshit. If you execute them, but others don't, then you will suffer.

"Of course, but I'm not sure who exactly it is. I can't reveal it to you right now, so as to not affect your work."

Wu Ruoqi said, "Actually, I am indeed very tired. I have to worry about too many things every day, but now that you are here, I have someone I can talk to. Hur Hur, it's a big hope that I can vent."

"I didn't expect you to have to endure so much. It's really hard on you."

I said pitifully.

"Alright, let's not talk about it anymore. We'll talk about it after the Transcendent gives you an answer."

Wu Ruoqi glanced at the mess on the table and said, "Look, I ate so many kebabs. It's all your fault. I'm going to get fat again after ordering so many."

"How much did you eat? I ate 40 to 50 kebabs."

I smiled and said, "It doesn't matter. Someone like you is probably born to be a beauty. If you see someone fat, you will be able to walk in a roundabout way."

"Let's go to sleep."

"Ah?" You want me to keep you company on this? "

I was so shocked that I almost cried out.

It was already past ten at night. There were only a few people in the shop, most of whom were young lovers, who rented a room nearby, replenished their room when they were hungry, and then went back to their rooms to continue exercising.

"What are you thinking?" Send me home! "

Wu Ruoqi rolled her eyes at me, "I already made you eat tofu last night. Haven't you eaten enough? Haven't you seen enough? "

"I've seen enough, I've seen enough."

I nodded my head anxiously. However, thinking about it, I felt that what I said wasn't right. "I didn't see enough. I didn't see enough. "No, I didn't. I didn't even look at it."

"Alright, the more I wipe, the darker it gets. It's not like I'm going to take your eye off. "

When we walked out of the shop, the night breeze was very cold. I handed her a tissue and said, "Wipe the sweat off your forehead and stop blowing on your head."

"You're quite considerate."

Wu Ruoqi looked me up and down. "Let me ask you a question. You got laughed at."


"When you looked at me last night, did I have a good figure? Where is there a need to strengthen it? "

Wu Ruoqi's words almost made me burst out into laughter. I didn't expect that such a cold tigress would have her own body to express doubt. I said anxiously, "Definitely good, it's about the same as a super famous model, every place is perfect. It's a pity that I didn't have the guts to watch it, I was afraid that you would hit me."

"You idiot, you don't know how to grasp opportunities that you should have. How can a girl like you like such a thing?"

Wu Ruoqi got into the car and said, "Golden Radiance Garden."

"Hehe, I don't know how to be confident, but you don't seem to dislike me too much right?"

"No," I said.

"That's true. If you were like them, I would truly look down on you."

After getting on the car, Wu Ruoqi seemed to be sleepy, so she didn't pay attention to me anymore. She crossed her arms over her chest and quickly closed her eyes.

I turned off the radio and quietly drove the night train, my mind was filled with endless thoughts. Tonight, I unexpectedly came into contact with too many things, causing me to suddenly become the most sensitive person behind the scenes. I felt a little regretful that I shouldn't have waded into this muddy water.

Of course, Zhao Xue's misunderstanding was mixed in with it. She would definitely make use of this opportunity and make a big fuss about Wu Ruoqi and me. I wonder what kind of comments she would make that would affect Wu Ruoqi's reputation.

She lived in a duplex, two floors up and down, with a beautiful courtyard, the yard was full of lavender, I helped her to the car, she yawned and was about to head home.

"Do you need me to go up?"

"What are you going up for?"

she retorted, reaching for my chin. "I don't think you will be able to satisfy me. Keep practicing."

With that, she closed the door and said, "Remember to come pick me up tomorrow morning."

"I'll take a taxi back. My own car is still at the company. Why don't you drive your Q5 to work? "

"This is bad!" "You're my boyfriend, it's your job to pick me up from work!"

Having said so, she did not pick up the key, but instead turned around and left.

Looking at her tired back, I was a little perturbed. "This guy really has a big heart. It's a six or seven hundred thousand car. If you give it to me, just give it to me."

Then he thought about it, and that made sense. She was Wu Tong Xue's daughter, not to mention a small Audi, even Maybach would be able to take her out.


I wanted to go home, but halfway there I changed my mind.

If I go back now, I still have to argue with Zhao Xue. Tomorrow, I have to go to work, and I might even get a call from the Transcendence Department. If they inform me to go for an interview, I'll drag back two dark circles under my eyes.

He had to find a place to sleep. He had to pick her up tomorrow to go to work, so he decided to find a nearby hotel.

When I saw a hotel chain on the side of the road, I went in. I didn't expect that although the exterior looked very formal and the interior was decorated in a style similar to how one would look at a house, the interior was no different from a personal hostel.

I wanted to change places, but it was too late, and there weren't many hotels around, so I forced myself to get a room.

The room was clean, but the TV was old-fashioned and the carpet was dirty. Luckily, the water in the water heater was warm. Just as he took off his clothes and was about to take a bath, a knock came on the door.

"Who is it?"

It's eleven o'clock. Who is this party? Could he have walked into the wrong room?

"Hello mister, you left something at the front desk."

The one who spoke was a girl, and her voice sounded very young. Even though I couldn't remember what I had lost, I still instinctively opened the door.

As soon as the door opened a crack, she rushed in. She was wearing a revealing dress that didn't even cover her butt, and the business lines on her chest were shining brightly. She was wearing heavy makeup, and her body was exuding a bad perfume, the moment she entered the door, she threw herself at me, "Handsome, Handsome, I want to, I want to …"

"Who are you? What are you doing! "

I was confused by her sudden enthusiasm and resisted instinctively, but she was like a piece of dog skin plaster that was plastered on my body, "I want to be like you, I like you, so hurry up and get me. You're already like this, can't you wait?"

I know this kind of informal hotel, many part-time girls thought that she went through the wrong door, and hurriedly reprimanded her, "Don't be like this, I didn't call for a service, did you go to the wrong room?"

"No. No. "I just want to find you. Serve me. I really want it."

She grabbed at me, and when I screamed, my legs went numb.

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