Man Not Coward/C6 Wu Ruoqi's Identity
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Man Not Coward/C6 Wu Ruoqi's Identity
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C6 Wu Ruoqi's Identity

Thinking of this, I was secretly delighted. "Haha, this old virgin is acting haughty in the company. If there's nothing to do, she would just hug her arms and yell at me. There will also be times of trouble today."

After having a supernatural ability called hearing, I suddenly realized that life is pretty good. I'm really confused now, at least there's someone willing to accompany me in this predicament!


I lit a cigarette and leaned against a tree, watching Wu Ruoqi and the kid through the glass window not far away.

They didn't seem to be very familiar with each other. It had always been that kid speaking frankly. On the other hand, Wu Ruoqi had a straight face as if she was reluctant to drink. However, after that kid mentioned about the company's financing, Wu Ruoqi's expression softened a little.

The alcohol I was drinking had started to go up in reverse. I bought a bottle of Everlasting Ice Spring on the roadside and washed my face before finally waking up a little.

He could finally continue listening to them speak.

"Ruoqi, when I was in England, I chased after you. You see, I was going to develop in America, and for you, I went back to the Tianhe City. "To be honest, I've given up so many opportunities for you. You know, my family is not short on money. My family is casual."

Before the man could finish his words, Wu Ruoqi interrupted him impatiently, "Alright, alright, you don't have to involve money in every word, okay? I know you're rich. You have a lot of money, okay? But I can tell you for sure that it's their business whether the group is financing or not. It has nothing to do with me. Don't use this to pressure me, I'm just a director of Leading International Group's Tian He Branch.

"Heh heh, Wu Ruoqi, it must be boring if you say that, right? We both came back from England. Others don't know your background, but I do. I have been watching you every single moment, and I have seen every single move of yours. The boss of the Leading International, Wu Tiangang, is your father, and you are his only daughter. In other words, you are the heir to the top 500 businesses in the entire kingdom.

The man spoke with confidence, his bright eyes seemingly trying to see through Wu Ruoqi's thoughts!

When I heard this, I was dumbfounded.

It can't be?

Oh my god!

This was a huge piece of news.

Wu Ruoqi was actually the daughter of the chairman of the board of directors, while she was actually living in a branch office in a second-tier city like Tianhe as the director? Although to ordinary people, it was already considered a high position, but to her, it was practically the lowest level of work.

He still wanted to continue listening, but he suddenly realized that his super hearing ability had failed!

What a f * cking dog. He dropped the chain at the critical moment.

I shook my head and rubbed my ears. I could only feel the buzzing in my eardrums, but I couldn't hear what they were saying anymore.

Wu Ruoqi's expression changed slightly, and from the look of it, this man's back was no weaker than a tigress. He smiled smugly, as if he was holding Wu Ruoqi in his arms. From his proud expression, it could be seen that Wu Ruoqi had agreed to drink.

At that moment, a waiter arrived. It seemed to be a steak.

The man asked the waiter to open the red wine he had brought with him. Sure enough, Wu Ruoqi didn't reject the man's offer as she watched him pour wine for her.

Looking at this scene, a chill suddenly went through my mind. "Don't tell me you've really fallen for it?" Why is this old spinster so stupid! "

Thinking back to what Li Feng said tonight, it actually makes sense. In my conscience, although Wu Ruoqi was a bit more powerful in the company, she was indeed pretty good to me and Li Feng, she took a lot of money and directly transferred a lot of hard work to other teams. There were a few times when people in my team were excluded by other groups, and she was always at the front.

Tonight, there was definitely something that restricted her from agreeing to the man's request! In addition, it should be a major event.

I don't know why, but seeing her "soft" side, I suddenly felt a bit unhappy.

She was used to being forceful in the past, and even when she talked to the Regional Chief of the Azure Cloud Province, she had never suffered a loss. But today, there was actually someone who was able to subdue her.

Although this is something that I've been thinking about for a long time, and finally someone is able to restrain her, when I saw her expression of suppressed unhappiness, for some reason, I felt uncomfortable in my heart!

She is my head, she can bully me, I can flirt with her, slap her face, but others can't!

With that in mind, I strode toward the door of the restaurant, and just as I entered, she clinked glasses with the man and took a sip of red wine.

"Sir, hello. I'm sorry, but our restaurant is full. Please leave tomorrow."

The waiter respectfully bowed to me. However, before he could finish his words, I interrupted him. "Is there a Erguotou [2]?"

The waiter was stunned for a moment, then he shook his head. "Sorry, we are of French upscale."

"Mm, I'll go to that table. That's my friend."

After saying that, I pointed to Wu Ruoqi's table and took out fifty yuan from my pocket. "Help me buy two bottles of Erguotou from the supermarket nearby. Thank you."

The waiter was speechless for a moment, but during their training, he was fed with the mindset of accepting all requests from the customers. Although the wine I asked for was terrible, after communicating with the supervisor, he still left the restaurant.

I walked to Wu Ruoqi's table, kicking at my pockets and smoking, and she caught me by surprise. A look of surprise first appeared on her face, then disappeared, and she tried to keep a straight face, trying to get herself back to the tiger-like state, but two blush patches on her cheeks betrayed her. "What a coincidence," she said.

I plopped down beside her. "Wu Tong, can I sit like this?"

Wu Ruoqi was speechless. She glared at me. "You should go somewhere else. I don't have a seat for you."

I ignored her and looked towards the man opposite me. I stretched out my hand to greet him, "Hello. I'm a colleague of Supervisor Wu Tong. To be more accurate, I'm your subordinate. It's a pleasure to meet you."

The limited edition Myriad Kingdom Watch on his wrist was estimated to be around 500,000 yuan. Out of respect for Wu Ruoqi, he extended his hand to shake mine slightly, then withdrew it, "Friend, Ruoqi and I need to talk about something. I'll ask the waiter to arrange another table for you, then you can swipe my card. "

Yes, a typical fuerdai style. Everything is marked with money.

"I'm not here to beg for food. I, Wu Tong, don't drink at all. I don't drink at all. I'll drink with you. "

At this moment, the waiter brought over two bottles of 2 kgs each. With only 10 or so yuan left, I threw it to him, "Take it and treat it as your errand fee." "Thank you."

Naturally, the waiter would not accept it. Throwing away the money, he left.

The man in front of him almost laughed out loud when he saw this scene.

I knew that he despised me for drinking such crude, cheap things, and for running errands for a dozen or so dollars. In a restaurant of this size, it was a bit of a joke.

I'm afraid some waiters recommend a bottle of French red wine to their customers, with a commission of a few hundred dollars.

Wu Ruoqi saw my reaction and was speechless, "Zhang Shan, are you drunk? Are you crazy? "

I know that my actions have disgraced her, but I'm here to save her. She will understand soon enough!

I unscrewed the second pot and gulped down two full cups. The cup was pushed to the side of the man opposite me. One of us will go? "

He didn't move at all and only cast a contemptuous glance at me before looking at Wu Ruoqi. "Ruqi, this subordinate of yours is a little …"

Actually, I can't drink anymore either. The one catty of wine from before is already the limit for me, but if he dares to drink it, I definitely won't be afraid to do so.

Finally, it annoyed him.

What I want is this kind of scene. I pulled my throat and said with a bit of alcohol in my voice, "What do you mean? You look down on people, don't you? Why would I drink with you? "He's a man after all!"


This is the first time I've said this word.

When I was young, I liked to wear my cousin's skirt and dye my nails, and when I was in primary school, I was even isolated by my male classmates. I didn't play any games with me, and instead asked me to find a female student and get her to jump skin and tendons. When I grew up, I didn't have any womanly hobbies, but my soft personality and gentle disposition were indeed my natural temperament, and the reason why I was betrayed by Zhao Xue was because of my softness, my control, and my ability to bully.

He really agreed with what Ye Xiao said, 'A good person gets bullied by others'.

If I want to change the status quo, I have to be tough myself. I have to learn how to stand up against others and how to suppress all evil by relying on my aura!

Wu Ruoqi and the man in front of her were both stunned.

I continued to say, "I'm a very good drinker, so I don't have any other problems. After drinking too much, I like to find people and get drunk. I don't care who he is, I just want to drink to my heart's content!"

After saying that, my body deliberately quivered and I knocked the ashtray down to the ground.

Crash, splinters, the whole restaurant looked this way, my shabbiness seemed out of place with the elegance of the place, and not far away a French man who was playing the piano stopped.

But that's what I want, only then will this man explode, only then will I disrupt their plans, only then will I be able to save Wu Ruoqi.

"Zhang Zihao, I'm so sorry, he's drunk. I'll get someone to take him back. "

Having said so, Wu Ruoqi took out her phone and started to call Li Feng.

I snatched the phone away from him and held it in my hand. Such a beautiful sight in the morning, let's drink first and then talk! "


Zhang Zihao stood up and said to Wu Ruoqi, "Ruqi, let's go and destroy him."

Wu Ruoqi was blocked by me and sat on the sofa. If I didn't get up, she wouldn't be able to get out.

"Give me the phone."

Wu Ruoqi turned around and stared at me angrily, "You drunkard, don't you realize that drinking horse urine is pretty wild? You're not a member of the company right now, so I won't give you face. If you dare be rude again, do you believe that I'll call the police?"

"Call the police? Good. I haven't been in a police station yet, so I'm just experiencing it. "

"Don't, don't, don't. Let's just ignore this kind of drunkard."

Zhang Zihao was naturally afraid of calling the police. If the police came, the matter of him putting drugs in the wine might be exposed. At that time, where would he hide his face?

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