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Man Not Coward/C9 Scratch Award
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C9 Scratch Award

With an empty stomach, I left the room and went to the cafeteria for breakfast. It was free anyway, so I didn't eat it for free.

I kept the charger with me, but I didn't drive when I went out to drink last night. I saw that the girl at the front desk was also using millet, so I went to borrow a charger.

Arriving at the restaurant, he took a glance at the dishes and found that they had a very complete set of patterns.

I fiddled with it a bit, found a place with a socket against the wall, and sat down.

After taking a sip of rice porridge, his stomach felt warm and comfortable.

He hurriedly opened his phone and received a lot of text messages.

They were basically calls and messages from Zhao Xue. They probably called me seven or eight times, neither too many nor too little.

As for the message and WeChat, they were basically asking me why I didn't come home. When I came home, she was so scared and so disgusting. The last message was sent at 2.30am last night. I don't know if she woke up in the middle of the night or if she really didn't fall asleep at that time. I didn't feel like replying.

After the video was played, a loud, heavy metal music sounded out in the entire restaurant. I hurriedly lowered the volume and the dim light inside made it hard to see the person, but I could only see that there was a large booth filled with people. There were men and women, all very young, and the table was filled with foreign wine and fruit plates.

"This girl is quite wild, she's pretty good at playing."

I sighed to myself. "A tiger father doesn't have a dog son. How good can her father be?"

Just as I was about to put down my phone and eat in peace, an image suddenly appeared in my mind. I saw the scene in Xia Xiaofei's video, and I was in it, and I saw Xia Xiaofei leaning on the seat railing above the lobby floor of the nightclub. She seemed to be in a bad mood and drank a lot of wine, and beside her stood a boy, tall and thin, wearing a light green shirt and straight slacks, his hair a little curly, dyed silver, and wearing earrings, looking quite fashionable, "Xia Xiaofei, can't you give me some face in front of my friends? What right do you have to beat the drum and spread the flowers? When it's their place, one of their companions can kiss it. But when it's mine, why don't you even let your hands touch it? "

Xia Xiaofei looked at the boy and snorted disdainfully. "Wu Yi, stop dreaming." The reason I came out to play today is not for your sake, but because I am in a bad mood. If you want to play around with me, please don't think too much of it. "

Wu Yi was annoyed?

When I heard that, I looked embarrassed.

"Little Fei, don't you understand my thoughts? How many girls are sticking to me outside, but I only like you one, what exactly do you want? "

Wu Yi's skin was very white, and his posture was very straight. To be honest, he was quite handsome.

However, Xia Xiaofei didn't seem to like this kind of fresh meat. "The sea of people who like me is gone, you're just a drop in the ocean!"

After that, the scene turned blurry as they parted on bad terms. Wu Yi wanted to say something, but was pulled away by his brothers while Xia Xiaofei and another girl left the nightclub.

The scene disappeared and it took me a while to recover before I was able to walk out of my consciousness. "Oh my god, I can actually see the real scene through my Wechat Moment? How amazing. If a friend posted a video of the hotel, wouldn't I be able to see the scene? "Haha."

I'm not sure what the beggar does, how much energy he gives me.

But now, there's one thing I understand. Super hearing isn't something I can hear when I want to hear it. There was an interruption outside the French Restaurant last night. If I wasn't at the entrance of the restaurant and I could see Zhang Zihao's every move, Wu Ruoqi would have really fallen into a wolf's lair.

It's hard to tell if my superpower can be improved from the beginning to the end, or if it can be improved through leveling up in the future. Sigh, if he had known earlier that he had left a contact method for the beggar, he probably wouldn't have had a phone either.

Such a person could only be met once in his life. Back then, he had been so focused on going home to examine Zhao Xue's evidence of cheating that he had neglected him.

How regretful.

Fine, I am already very pleased that I can see through so many things.

As one writer said, God closes a door for you and will surely open a window for you.

Zhao Xue teased me to the point that I had nothing, but I had a superpower to listen to, to watch, and to create illusions.

Originally, he wanted to call Xia Xiaofei to express his condolences and ask her if she had a good idea of tripping Xia Jun over, but after thinking for a bit, he sent her a WeChat, "Beauty Xia, you have such a rich nightlife. "If you don't go to that nightclub, you might get into trouble."

After the post, I felt very LOW, so I deleted the second sentence.

After exiting the hotel, he suddenly felt that he had nowhere to go.

Now that I quit my job and got annoyed by Wu Ruoqi, she scolded me to scram. There was a hypocritical Zhao Xue at home, and when she saw her face, she panicked. Where should I go?

I don't have much money on hand now.

That's right, no matter if I can still go back to the Leading International, I have to leave myself a way out.

After finding an internet café nearby, I landed in 5-8 Tongcheng and searched for some signboard posts related to advertising design, marketing management and the like. There were probably dozens of companies recruiting people, but after a quick glance, I was quite disappointed, not to mention reaching the environment and treatment of Leading International, even if they were two grades lower, they still wouldn't be able to reach it. They are simply a bunch of skin companies, or else they are just individual studios.

Just as we were about to close the web page, we saw the recruitment index page of Transcendence, "Transcendence? The strongest competitor of our Leading International's Milky Way Company, it is a local enterprise of the Milky Way. The owner is a woman, very powerful. There have been many project bids, and we have all lost to the Transcendents. "

Of course, there were no eternal enemies in the shopping mall, only eternal benefits. We have worked with Transcendent on a tender for the design of a large shopping mall. We worked together to force our way through two large companies from Shanghai, and the final project was jointly completed by the two of us.

Transcendence's treatment is very generous, much higher than what I received in the past. Furthermore, they have already started to dabble in real estate, and their own office buildings and Transcendence Building are used by the company. In the past, people of Leading International like me received generous treatment.

After some consideration, I still submitted my resume.

In my opinion, this should not be considered a betrayal. First, I was a superb candidate after my normal departure. Second, I did not take with me any of the business information that I had developed.

I have a clear conscience.

But I did not expect that such an electronic resume letter, in the future has caused me a lot of trouble!

After leaving the Internet Cafe, it was already noon.

I was strolling around with a cigarette in my mouth when I saw a lottery booth on the side of the road.

A diaosi like me, who doesn't have a good family background, basically have the habit of buying lottery tickets. At the beginning, I was really looking forward to buying two yuan a week, but when the lottery opened, I would be sitting nervously in front of the TV waiting for it. Later, I would slowly calm down and buy a bet when I thought of it. However, all these years, I've also gotten into a big one. Blind Cat got into trouble and made a third-class prize. It was over 5,000 yuan. Overall, it didn't make much of a loss.

After a few bets on the hero meeting 11 to 5, and a few big games, all lost.

After losing seventy to eighty credits, he no longer had the mood to play.

When I got up to leave, I saw that the lottery booth had just delivered a bunch of music, which were all thrown onto a table by the lottery booth owner. I leaned over, gave them a casual glance, and was about to leave when I suddenly froze!

I found myself able to see the pattern or numbers on the back of the Scratch Area!

My God.

It was real!

I took in a cold breath and forced myself to calm down. I have a superpower, I can listen to other people, I can read messages, I can even create illusions. I am already a heaven-defying existence.

If that was true, wouldn't I be rich?

"Boss, give me ten dollars."

I threw away the money and skillfully pulled out two scrolls. In the past, I used to scratch them when I had nothing better to do. In general, the rate of return was 40%.

This episode is a game of "size to size". If the word "big" appears in my Scratch Area and there are three "big" characters in the contrast area, then I will receive a medium 1 prize with a prize of 1000. If it was 2 "big" words, it would be a 3 grade prize with a prize of 300 RMB. If it was a "big" word, it would be a 5 grade prize with a prize of 60. If the word "small" appears in my Scratch Area and if 3 "small" appear in the Contrast Area (also known as Scratch Area), I will receive the second prize and the prize will be 600. If there are 2 "small" words, then you will receive a moderate level 4 award, and a bonus of 100 yuan. If there is 1 "small" word, then you will receive a moderate level 6 prize, and a reward of 5 yuan. "If the three words in the comparison area were big or small, but they were different from the words in the reward area, they would not win.

The first scroll I read was "Small" at the reward area, and "Big, Small, Big" at the comparison area, corresponding to a "Small" word. According to the rules, I rushed towards the 6 level prize and received a reward of 5 yuan. A single scroll is 5 yuan. This time, I won't be able to earn anything.

In the second scroll, I saw that the bottom of the reward area was "Big" while the bottom of the reward area was "Small".

I was in a hurry to scrape the two scrolls apart, and it turned out to be as I had expected.

I threw two hundred yuan to the boss, "Give me a board."

The boss was nervously staring at the recent episodes of the Twin Balls on his computer. Seeing me throw down 200 yuan, he smiled and said, "Brother, is this your first time playing? "Scratching is the process of scraping. Don't be discouraged.

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