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C10 Beautiful Teacher

Li Qing has always been very cordial, showing the professional quality of a salesperson.

She didn't know if Wu Tian had the money to buy this villa, so she wasn't sure if he was teasing her.

However, she treated every customer with this attitude. Even if they didn't want to buy it, she was still very patient.

On the other hand, Liu Li walked in front of Wu Tian and sneered, "Are you really thinking of buying this riverside mansion?"

"Of course." Wu Tian nodded forcefully, he didn't seem to be joking at all.

"This house costs over ten million yuan."

"I know."

"Do you want a mortgage or a full payment?" Liu Li crossed her arms across her chest with a playful smile on her face.

"I will pay in full."

Liu Li burst into laughter when she heard this.

He was wearing clothes that were worth dozens of yuan, yet he came here to buy a whole house.

As she laughed, the other salespeople could not help but laugh secretly as well.

After laughing for a long time, Liu Li pretended to be polite as she stretched out her right hand. "Here, please pay up."

After that, she retreated to the side and stood with a few other salespeople to watch the show. She wanted to see how this pretentious brat would end up today.

"I'll swipe my card!" Wu Tian took out his bank card from his pocket and handed it to Li Qing, "Please help me with the procedures."

"Alright!" Li Qing took the bank card with both hands. At this moment, she was very nervous as she didn't know if there was any money on the card.

She took out her POS machine and entered the 10 million quota before putting the bank card in it.

Liu Li and the sales staff all stretched their necks to look. They couldn't wait to see the show.

After swiping the card, the POS machine beeped, signifying that the payment was successful, before printing out the transaction receipt.

Seeing that the card was swiped successfully, Liu Li and the sales staff were all dumbfounded. They didn't expect that there really were ten million yuan on the card.

The sales staff couldn't laugh now. They stared at Wu Tian as if they were looking at a monster, their expressions extremely exaggerated.

They didn't think that the kid in front of them wasn't a poor bloke, but rather a rich person with a lot of money.

To be able to buy such a riverside mansion worth ten million, how rich must he be? He must at least have over one hundred million yuan.

Li Qing was also very surprised. She did not expect Wu Tian to be so rich. She was surprised, but pleasantly so.

She was an intern salesperson and had never accepted a large payment before. This was her first time coming into contact with such a large payment. The commission alone was comparable to several months of her salary.

"Mr Wu, the credit card has been successfully swiped. Here is your bank card." After swiping the card, Li Qing handed the card back to Wu Tian with both hands. Her arms were trembling with excitement.

"Alright then!"

Wu Tian put away his bank card and instructed with a smile, "Hurry up and help me with the paperwork. The sooner the better."

To be honest, he had a good impression of this girl in front of him, unlike the other salespeople who looked down on him.

He felt comfortable letting Li Qing earn the commission.

"Alright, I'll do the paperwork for you right now." Li Qing was so happy that she could not even close her mouth as she started doing the paperwork.

The other salespeople were very envious of Li Qing. She sealed such a big deal with ease.

Especially Li Liu, it was her who pushed this large deal onto Li Qing. Just thinking about it made her feel regret and heartache.

If she knew Wu Tian was so rich, she would have received him properly.

After a moment of surprise, a few salespeople surrounded him, changing their attitude from before and fawning on Wu Tian.

Now that they knew Wu Tian was a rich and unscrupulous person, even if he lent them 120 times the courage, they still wouldn't dare to offend him.

After completing the procedures, it was already afternoon. Under the warm farewells from the sales staff, Wu Tian left the sales center with his certificate of title. From now on, he was also someone who owned a house.

After he bought the house, he called Loong Yun and arranged for her to buy furniture.

Loong Yun was indeed the secretary chosen by the old master. She did everything cleanly and properly on the same day.

Wu Tian moved into his new house overnight. Looking at the huge room filled with brand-new furniture and the beautiful secretary, he felt extremely comfortable.

After checking every room, Wu Tian finally stopped at the study room.

Looking at the shelves filled with books on economics, he couldn't help but furrow his brows and question, "Why are there so many books in the study?"

"This is old master's order. After all, you will have to manage billions of yuan in assets in the future, and you need professional knowledge of the industry to manage them." Loong Yun explained with an expressionless face.

"But …"

"The old master also said that he wants me to supervise your studies."

"That won't be necessary." Wu Tian scratched his head and looked at Loong Yun with a slight headache. "With a great beauty like you staying here, how could I be in the mood to study? You should leave, I will slowly learn by myself."

"Alright!" Loong Yun smiled embarrassedly before turning around and walking out.

Wu Tian slumped on the chair and let out a long breath. It seems like inheriting billions of yuan wasn't as easy as he thought.

Soon, he pulled himself together and started reading the books seriously.

He used to be very poor. He must think of a way to enrich himself and make himself strong. He must not let his grandfather down.

After reading a book, he once again thought of that host girl called Masked Lady.

The platform that she was on was called Seafood TV, and it was very small. There were few famous hosts, but the platform itself was very well made.

Just now, as he was reading, he had received some insight. If he could invest a little in a live broadcasting platform like this one, he might be able to earn a lot of money.

Thinking about Seafood TV, Wu Tian did not go to sleep until very late.

The next day, he woke up and went to school. He met Zhao Yang and Lee Meng at the entrance to the classroom.

After the brutal scene yesterday, there were some bruises on Zhao Yang's face. When he saw Wu Tian, his neck shrunk and his eyes filled with fear.

Lee Meng was also frightened to the point of jumping.

The two of them were shocked by the four bodyguards from yesterday. Even now, they still had lingering fear.

Wu Tian didn't say anything. He glanced at the two of them before walking into the classroom.

"I …"

The corner of Lee Meng's mouth quivered. She watched Wu Tian's back as he walked further and further away. In the end, she didn't say what she wanted to say.

Only now did she understand that Wu Tian, who had been chasing after her, was gone forever.

Now that Wu Tian was no longer interested in her, she couldn't do anything.

The moment Wu Tian entered the classroom, the students started to talk among themselves. Everyone was talking about the relationship between him and Liu Yueyao.

When they saw Wu Tian get in Liu Yueyao's car, they were extremely envious.

As everyone was discussing, Mu Ran's sudden appearance scared all of the students into silence.

Mu Ran was the most brutal teacher in the entire department, and she was secretly treated as a female devil by her students.

No one dared to be distracted during her lessons.

Mu Ran was fierce, but she was very pretty. She was wearing a long dress, and her beauty could not be described in words.

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