Millionaire Suddenly Appears/C12 Face-smacking
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Millionaire Suddenly Appears/C12 Face-smacking
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C12 Face-smacking

Just because Wu Tian answered two questions correctly, he instantly became the role model of the class and was praised by Teacher Gao.

Wu Tian didn't take it seriously. To be honest, he was only able to answer those two questions by a fluke.

If he had not read the books on strategic investment last night, he would not have been able to answer them.

Now, he firmly believed that he must work and study hard to increase his knowledge and make himself stronger.

After taking Teacher Gao's class, Wu Tian was not interested in the next elective class, so he got up and left the classroom.

Lee Meng's gaze followed Wu Tian's back.

Suddenly, Wu Tian, who was previously useless, seemed to have become a lot stronger than Zhao Yang in all aspects.

Seeing the boy she had once disdained and humiliated become stronger, she felt very displeased in her heart.

Wu Tian didn't know what Lee Meng was thinking. At noon, he left the school and went to a Sichuan cuisine restaurant on West Street.

He had been here a few times before. The dishes in this restaurant were exceptionally delicious and the owner was very enthusiastic.

"Young man, what do you want to eat?" The boss was a simple middle-aged uncle. He poured Wu Tian a glass of water and asked with a smile.

Wu Tian drank a mouthful of water and replied, "Red braised pork, mapo tofu, and a bottle of beer."

"Alright!" After the uncle answered, he excitedly walked towards the kitchen.

Just as he took two steps, a few thugs barged into the restaurant.

The leader of the thugs kicked over a chair and pointed at the restaurant owner's nose, shouting, "You old bastard, quickly return the money!"

"Masters, I have no money right now." The middle-aged uncle looked at the thugs with a face full of fear, his legs secretly trembling.

"No money? Then give us your restaurant." The leader glanced at the small restaurant and sat down at one of the seats. He didn't intend to leave easily.

"This …"

The middle-aged man was on the verge of tears. His family was living off the restaurant. If the restaurant was gone, how would they survive?

Wu Tian noticed the restaurant owner's difficulties and asked with concern, "Uncle, why do you owe them money?"


The middle-aged man let out a long sigh, rubbed his eyes and said, "My wife was sick not long ago, and we didn't have the money for her to see a doctor, so I borrowed two hundred thousand yuan. But they ..."

"What's wrong?"

"They asked me for seven hundred thousand for the principal plus interest. Seven hundred thousand. How could I have that much money …" As he spoke, the middle-aged man began to cry.

After hearing this, Wu Tian's heart shook as his nose turned sour.

He had lived a life of poverty before, and he knew what it was like to have no money. He was also deeply moved by the old man's situation.

"Dad …"

At that moment, a beautiful girl in a school uniform ran into the dining room.

Wu Tian recognized this girl. Her name was Lin Weiwei, and she was the top student at one of Luzhou's top universities. She was also cited as a role model by several universities.

Not only did Lin Weiwei study well, she was also very beautiful. She had a round face, big eyes, and a sweet and cute appearance that was especially enchanting.

"Dad, are you alright?"

Lin Weiwei ran into the restaurant and held the boss's arm, asking in concern.

"Dad's fine."

Father Lin rubbed his reddened eyes. He did not want his daughter to see his weak side.

"It's good that you're fine."

Lin Weiwei relaxed a little and turned around to glare at the thugs. "Are they here to collect our debt again?"

"Don't worry about it. Hurry up and go." Father Lin pushed his daughter out of the restaurant.

"Where are you going?" The delinquents blocked the entrance of the restaurant like a greedy cat seeing a fish. They stared at Lin Weiwei greedily with green light shining in their eyes.

The leader of the thugs slowly approached Lin Weiwei and said with an evil smile, "Old man, your daughter is very pretty. How about you hand her over to us?"

"You beasts, don't even think about touching my daughter." At the critical moment, Father Lin used his small and frail body to protect his daughter.

"Old fellow, it seems you don't know how to appreciate a favor." The leader of the thugs gave a gentle push, causing Father Lin to stumble back a few steps, almost falling to the ground.

Fortunately, Lin Weiwei reacted quickly and rushed over to support her father's arm.

The leader of the thugs lost his patience and ordered his subordinates, "Father's debt shall be repaid by his daughter. Bring this girl back as interest."

"Yes." A few of the thugs received the order and pounced towards Lin Weiwei.

The little girl was so frightened that she continuously retreated, and her body was about to curl into a ball.


At the critical moment, Wu Tian shouted angrily and stood in front of Lin Weiwei. "I will pay the money they owe you."



The thugs couldn't stop laughing as if they had heard the biggest joke in the world.

After laughing, the leader used his hand to poke at Wu Tian's old clothes and mocked, "If you want to be the hero saving the beauty, you must have the ability to do so. You look like a pauper. What are you going to use to save beauties?"

"Cut the crap, how much do they owe you?" Wu Tian raised his head slightly. He was determined to deal with this matter today.

From this father and daughter pair, he saw the image of himself from his past. If he just sat there and did nothing, the father and daughter pair would most likely end up in a miserable state.

"Seven hundred thousand yuan, do you have them?" The thug put his hands in his pockets and looked at Wu Tian provocatively, as if he was looking at a beggar.

The thugs behind him could not help but mock him, "Boss, let alone seven hundred thousand, I don't think this kid can even afford seventy thousand."


Following which, the thugs burst out in laughter.

"Give me your card number, I'll transfer the amount to you right now." Wu Tian did not care about these taunts at all.

"Alright, I would like to see how you keep this up." After the leader of the thugs said this, he instructed one of his subordinates behind him, "Give your card number to this brat."

"Yes sir!" The thug obediently gave his card number to Wu Tian.

After Wu Tian received the card number, he took out his phone and operated it. Then, he put it away and looked at the thugs, "I've transferred seven hundred thousand to you. Now, get lost!"

The few thugs were stunned at first, but then burst into laughter together.


The leader clapped a few times, then stuck out his thumb and praised, "Brat, your acting is so good. You're too good to not be an actor —"

Before he could finish, he was interrupted by a subordinate behind him, "Boss, a text message has been sent. The card has received seven hundred thousand yuan."

"How much?" The smile on the thug's face suddenly disappeared as he looked at his subordinate behind him with a face full of shock.

"Seven hundred thousand."

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